高二英语人教必修5练习:unit5 first aid section ⅰ word版含解析 .docx

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高二英语人教必修5练习:unit5 first aid section ⅰ word版含解析 .docx
Section Ⅰ— Warming Up,Pre-reading,
Reading & Comprehending
1)Tom was touched deeply and tears        down his cheeks. 
答案:1)poured 2)Can I pour you another cup of tea?
1)There are hundreds of         spiders and snakes. 
答案:1)poisonous 2)He tried to kill himself by taking poison.
1)She has 12         of old-fashioned roses. 
答案:1)varieties 2)He has a variety of interests.
答案:A video is useful aid in the classroom.
5.fall ill
答案:He fell ill and died soon after.
答案:You’ll fail in French unless you work harder.
1.—What’s the matter with him?
—He hurt himself and his leg is bleeding.
2.—Can you recommend a cupboard for me?
—You can buy a wood cupboard,in my opinion.
3.—Can you explain the word “organ”?
—Yes,I can.An organ is a part of your body that has a particular purpose or function,for example your heart or lungs.
4.—What’s the biggest barrier now?
—Some people are always making loud noise.
5.—Can you tell me the symptoms of the disease?
—The sick people may have a high fever and can’t sleep well.
make a list of fall ill depend on act as be close to squeeze out stick to prevent...from
1.The lemon looks dry,but you may be able to          a few drops. 
答案:squeeze out
2.He might         or meet with some other disasters,so it is always better to be prepared. 
答案:fall ill
3.A trained dog can        a guide to a blind person. 
答案:act as
4.Before going shopping,you’d better           the things you have to buy. 
答案:make a list of
5.His back injury may        him      playing in tomorrow’s game. 
6.You can’t go to the party because it          your exams. 
答案:is close to
7.Whether we need more food         how many people turn up. 
答案:depends on
8.It’s very hot in the room,so I can feel my shirt           my back. 
答案:sticking to
1.Let’s give first aid to those who suddenly fall ill or get injuring.
2.There are other times when give first aid quickly can save lives.
3.Your skin prevents your body from lose too much water.
4.You can get burned by variety of things.
5.He will be in the place of our manager.
6.It is vital that the operation is carried out immediately.
答案:第二个is→be/should be
7.When he took off his wet shirt,he squeezes the water out of the shirt.
8.The sick old man has been lying in bed for two months and he hopes to sit down.
9.His singing career took on after his TV appearance.
10.My baby never cries unless he isn’t hungry.
1.他停止了呼吸,我们必须马上对他进行急救。(first aid)
答案:He has stopped breathing.We must give him first aid at once.
2.我听说张明生病了。(fall ill)
答案:I heard that Zhang Ming fell ill.
答案:We must take measures to stop the river(from)being poisoned.
答案:His left arm is swollen.
5.我许诺我将要坚持真理。(stick to)
答案:I promise that I will stick to the truth.
答案:This kind of fruit is vital for our health.
7.她一再告诉我关于她孩子的事情。(over and over again)
答案:She told me about her child over and over again.
答案:There are varieties/a variety of toys in that shop/store.
Doctors in hospital emergency rooms(急诊室) often see accidental poisonings.A frightened parent arrives with a child who swallowed the cleaning liquid.Or perhaps the harmful substance is a medicine.Or it might be a product meant to kill insects.These are common causes of accidental poisoning.
In cases like this,seek medical help as soon as possible.Save the container of whatever caused the poisoning.And look on the container for information about anything that stops the effects of the poison.Save anything expelled from the mouth of the victim.That way,doctors can examine it.
Millions of people know how to give abdominal thrusts(腹部按压)to save a person choking on something trapped in the throat.The American Red Cross says a rescuer should first hit the person on the back five times between the shoulder bones.If the airway is still blocked,the Red Cross suggests pushing hard five times along the victim’s abdomen.You can do these abdominal thrusts by getting directly behind a sitting or standing person.
The Mayo Clinic health centers suggest several steps if bleeding is severe.First,if possible,remove dirt from the wound and press on it with a clean cloth or piece of clothing.In the past,people were advised to stop severe bleeding with a tourniquet(止血带).But experts now say tourniquets are dangerous because they can crush(挤压) major arteries and nerves.If a wound seems infected,let the victim rest.Physical activity can spread the infection.Treat the wound with a mixture of salt and water until medical help arrives.
To learn more about first aid,ask a hospital or an organization like a Red Cross or a Red Crescent Society for information.Training may be offered in your area.
If you know first aid methods,you can be calmer and more helpful in case of emergency.
1.What does the underlined word “expelled” mean?
A.come out        B.taken up
C.gone awayD.got down
2.If there is severe bleeding,you should    . 
A.cover the wound with a tourniquet
B.clean the wound and try to stop bleeding
C.treat the infected wound with salt
D.help the victim do physical activity
解析:细节理解题。根据第四段中的“First,if possible,remove dirt from the wound and press on it with a clean cloth or piece of clothing.”可知答案为B项。
3.Where can you learn more about first aid?
A.A hospital or a Red Cross.
B.A hospital or a magazine.
C.A Red Cross or a patient.
D.A Red Crescent Society or a book.
解析:细节理解题。根据倒数第二段中的“To learn more about first aid...for information.”可知答案为A项。
4.From the passage,we can know   . 
A.now people still use a tourniquet to stop bleeding
B.the container of poison is not helpful to doctors
C.rest can do good to a wound infected
D.abdominal thrusts are for the unconscious
答案:5.In cases like this,seek medical help as soon as possible.
6.First,if possible,remove dirt from the wound and press on it with a clean cloth or piece of clothing.
Early risers are most likely to be healthy,wealthy and wise,according to the old saying. But those who are early to bed and early to rise do not always have advantages,researchers say. They have found that night owls(夜猫子) are generally brighter and wealthier than those who are able to get up early in the morning.
Experts from the University of Madrid carried out tests on around 1,000 teenagers and found that those who preferred to stay up late showed the kind of intelligence to find good jobs and earn much money.Larks or “morning people”,however,often get better exam results,possibly because lessons are held at the wrong time of day for night owls.
The researchers examined the habits and body clocks of the young people to determine whether they liked to stay up late and sleep later in the morning,or preferred to go to bed early and were at their best state in the morning. School performance and problem solving ability were judged and test grades in the major subjects were also taken into consideration.
Jim Horne,professor of psychophysiology at Loughborough University,said,“Evening types tend(倾向) to be the more creative types,the poets,artists and inventors,while the morning types are considered to be civil servants and accountants(会计).”
7.The researchers from the University of Madrid found    . 
A.morning people would probably find good jobs and earn a lot
B.morning people showed higher intelligence from an early age
C.night owls might earn more money than morning people
D.night owls might be healthier than morning people
解析:细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句“They have found that night owls(夜猫子) are generally brighter and wealthier than those who are able to get up early in the morning.”可知C项为最佳答案。
8.Early risers often do well in exams possibly because    . 
A.they go to bed by 10 pm regularly
B.they make full preparations before exam
C.lessons are held at the right time for them
D.they have longer time to prepare for their lessons
解析:推理判断题。根据第二段最后一句“Larks or ‘morning people’,however,often get better exam results,possibly because lessons are held at the wrong time of day for night owls.”可推知C项为最佳答案。
9.The research may include questions about the following EXCEPT   . 
A.favourite sports
B.grades in main subjects
C.living habits and body clocks
D.school performance
10.In Jim Horne’s opinion,Larks may choose to be    in the future. 
C.poetsD.civil servants
解析:细节理解题。根据最后一段的最后一句“...while the morning types are considered to be civil servants and accountants(会计).”可知那些起得早的人可以成为公务员和会计,而Larks是早上起得早的人,故D项为最佳答案。