2018版高中英语(人教版)必修4同步练习题:Unit 4 学业分层测评10.doc

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2018版高中英语(人教版)必修4同步练习题:Unit 4 学业分层测评10.doc
1.It's nearly nine o'clock and the teacher is likely ________ (walk) into the classroom at any moment.
2.Property insurance helps you to defend ________ natural disasters,in front of which humans appear too small.
3.Bill opened the door for Harold and ________ (greet) him with cries of “welcome”.
4.At the meeting they discussed three different ________ (approach) to the study of maths.
5.Mr.Mohammed was elected __________ (represent) the company to the international conference.
6.________ general,the northerners are keen on dumplings while the southerners are fond of rice.
7.Women are in the ________ (major) in the company.
8.________ curiosity,he followed the man in the dark.
9.There has always been a close ________ (associate) between the two school.
10.Not ________ his parents are teachers.
【答案】 1.to walk 2.against 3.greeted
4.approaches 5.to represent 6.In 7.majority
8.With 9.association 10.both
1.They are trying to find a new approach of cancer treatment.
2.In generally,her work has been good,but this essay is dreadful.
3.The boy opened the door out of curious,and found nothing.
4.He is the first student to arriving.
5.She is very possible to ring me tonight.
【答案】 1.of→to 2.generally→general 3.curious→curiosity 4.arriving→arrive 5.possible→likely
Ⅲ.阅读理解 【导学号:10642035】
The way that people sit in chairs isn't the same.If you're sitting with arms and legs hanging freely,it's probably a sign that you're relaxed and feeling comfortable.If you stay on the edge of the chair with your legs stretched (伸直) before you and your feet crossed,it can signal unconcern.
In a country where rules of behavior in court were very strict,a witness sat as described above,with his huge boots placed on top of each other,wearing a big coat and with his arms crossed.The judge said: “Sit up straight and take your coat off,or I'll hold you in contempt (藐视法庭).”The man got his posture straightened out immediately.
Someone waiting for a job interview might be seated on the edge of the chair with his or her feet together.If it's a woman she'll probably be hugging her handbag.Body tension (紧张) forces yourbreathing system and makes you sound short of breath.When you're in such a position it's easy to lose your head and simply run away if things take a turn for the worse.
On television it's interesting to watch people on quiz shows like “Who wants to be a millionaire”.You can notice their understandable tension from the way they hold their hands till their knuckles (指关节) turn white and also from their quickened breathing.
We don't believe that you can teach people to control their body language completely;they'll lose control at some point or other—when they become too eager or too angry.Take a discussion between politicians,for example.The control is there,even when they get angry but there'll be a small muscle by the mouth that is shaking.Cheeks turn red in women who are angry while men's ears often turn red when they are angry.
【语篇解读】 本文说明了人们就座时不同姿势所反映出的心理。
1.In the first example,why did the judge warn the witness?
A.The judge was too strict.
B.The witness was against the law.
C.The judge was only nervous.
D.The witness didn't respect the court.
【解析】 细节理解题。根据文章第二段可知,由于这个目击证人的姿势不端正,给人一种藐视法庭的感觉,因此,法官对此提出警告,促其改变姿势,故选D项。
【答案】 D
2.Which of the following postures show that one is nervous in a job interview?
a.Crossing one's arms.
b.Sitting with one's feet together.
c.Hugging one's handbag.
d.Sitting straight.
【解析】 细节理解题。根据文章第三段的叙述可知,一个人在面试时感到紧张会双脚并拢或紧抱手提包,故选B项。
【答案】 B
3.Which of the following picture can describe that you don't care about anything?
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【解析】 细节理解题。根据文章第一段最后一句话可知A选项正确。
【答案】 A
4.The last paragraph is mainly to tell us that ______.
A.body language can't be controlled completely
B.your body language may give you away
C.anger has different effects on men and women
D.politicians can completely control their body
【解析】 段落大意题。文章最后一段的第一句为主旨句,主要是表达身体语言有时是很难控制的,接着举了政治家演讲的例子进行说明。
【答案】 A
Last August,I flew to Colombia to continue my education at the University of Missouri.At first I thought I was brave to deal with any __1__ in a foreign country.__2__ during my first semester here,I always felt so __3__.Being silent was my __4__ to interact (互动) with Americans.Although I wanted to make __5__ ,I didn't know how to approach (接近) them.I was afraid that they wouldn't understand my English and I __6__ to be careful not to make anyone angry.Therefore,I always __7__ others to talk to me.
In fact,I found that a lot of American students are __8__ me.They also don't know how to interact with international students,so they choose not to be __9__ .Obviously,two passive persons __10__ have a chance to communicate with each other.And that's why people from the same country like to __11__ themselves from others.They feel more __12__ with their own people and they are used to their own ways of behaving.__13__,they build barriers(障碍) for themselves.
However,I __14__ to approach Americans gradually.Since I had the __15__ to come to this country,I told myself,there was no reason for me to be __16__ of approaching and communicating with Americans.When I showed kindness to them,most of them __17__ my kindness.I found Americans are actually fun and __18__.Now I am glad that I've made some good American friends here.I try hard to __19__ my attitudes and my world has become brighter.Being an openminded and brave person makes my life more joyful.I was __20__,but I found my way.
【语篇解读】 本文是夹叙夹议文。文章讲述了初入美国的作者是如何与美国人交朋友的。
【解析】 由下文初入美国的“我”不知如何与美国人互动可知,起初“我”认为自己可以勇敢地处理在异国他乡遇到的各种“挑战(challenge)”。
【答案】 B
2. A.ForB.So
【解析】 “起初我的信心”与“第一学期之后我的境遇”之间是转折关系,故选but。
【答案】 C
【解析】 由下文的Being silent可知,第一学期之后,“我”感到“孤独(lonely)”。
【答案】 C
【解析】 因为“我”不知该如何接近美国人,所以沉默就成了“我”与他们互动的“方式(way)”。
【答案】 B
【解析】 与美国人接近,是为了跟他们交“朋友(friends)”。下文的“I've made some good American friends here”也是提示。
【答案】 D
【解析】 由于胆怯,“我”“想(wanted)”处处小心不惹怒任何人。
【答案】 D
7.A.sent forB.waited for
C.called onD.depended on
【解析】 正因为“我”的胆怯和不知该如何与美国人相处,于是“我”就“等待(waited for)”别人跟“我”说话。这与下段提到的“two passive persons”相呼应。
【答案】 B
8. A.likeB.against
【解析】 由下文的“They also don't know how to interact with international students”可知,“我”发现美国学生也“像(like)”“我”一样(不知道该如何跟国际留学生相处)。
【答案】 A
【解析】 由下文的passive可知,美国学生也不“主动(active)”。
【答案】 A
【解析】 见下题解析。
【答案】 C
【解析】 两个被动的人自然“没有(never)”机会相互交流。这也是为什么来自同一国家的人喜欢使他们与其他人“脱离(separate)”的原因。
【答案】 C
【解析】 由下文的“they are used to their own ways of behaving”可知,有着相同行为方式的人在一起更“自在(comfortable)”。
【答案】 B
13.A.At firstB.At present
C.By the wayD.In the end
【解析】 正如上文所述,“最终(In the end)”,他们自己给自己设置了障碍。
【答案】 D
【解析】 从“我”现在有一些美国朋友可知,“我”逐渐“开始(started)”接近美国人。
【答案】 D
【解析】 从上文的“I was brave to...”可知,最初来到美国时,“我”是有“勇气(courage)”的。
【答案】 C
【解析】 由上文的“I was afraid that...”可知。
【答案】 A
【解析】 由“‘我’开始接近美国人”和“现在‘我’有一些美国朋友”可知,“我”向美国人示好,他们也向“我”示好。repay有“偿还;回报”之意。
【答案】 D
【解析】 由fun一词对美国人性格的描述可知,与“我”成为朋友的美国人很“随和(easygoing)”。
【答案】 B
【解析】 从最初“我”用沉默的方式与美国人互动到后来自己主动去接近他们可知,“我”努力去“改变(change)”自己的处事态度。
【答案】 D
20.A.lost B.hurt
【解析】 与I found my way对比的是“迷路(lost)”。此处作者用迷路一词形容他初入美国不会与人交流、倍感孤独的状态。
【答案】 A