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英语必修5人教版单元同步测试#英语:unit1 great scientists单元同步测试.doc
Unit1 Great scientists单元同步测试
I. 单项选择
The invention of steam engine greatly sped up the industrial revolution, which _____ a lot to the take-off of the world.
A. led B. contributed C. constructed D. exposed
2. From my point of view, the theory that ______ by the scientist is not quite scientific.
A. was risen B. brought up C. had been raised D. was put forward
3. It is clear that no use can be made ______radium _____ we don’t know clearly the characteristics of it.
A. from; if B. of; unless C. from; unless D. of; if
4. We have to ______ everything question in detail ______ we take action.
A. conclude; before B. make analysis of; when C. expose; until D. analyze; before
5. It will be many years ______the doctors and medical scientists can find _____ for cancer.
A. since; cures B. when; treatments C. before; cures D. until; treatments
6. After several years of observation, the research group ______ the conclusion that language acquisition is faster when students ______ to the situation where it is spoken.
A. has come to; expose B. have arrived at; are exposed
C. has concluded; are exposed D. have reached; expose
7. Samples of blood from Cholera infected patients have been sent to the blood center _______.
A. to be checked B. to be examined C. to test D. being tested
8. It has been announced by our provincial government that another two medical teams will be sent to ______ the injured people in the severe earthquake.
A. join to B. join in C. take part in D. attend
9. ______ the aids from the outside, the positive attitude of the disaster-stricken people _____ the key role in the reconstruction of their destroyed towns and villages.
A. Except for; plays B. Besides; play C. Apart from; plays D. Except; play
10. By careful observation and precise calculation, Nicolaus Copernicus _____ that there is no one center in the universe and the sun is the center of the solar system.
A. believed B. thought C. concluded D. imagined
11. Through thorough investigation, Dr. John Snow was finally able to prove that the outbreak of Cholera _____ people’s drinking of polluted water.
A. was close linked with B. closely linked to C. was close connected with D. was closely linked with
12. Only when people have enough to eat and plenty to wear _______ to talk about environmental protection.
A. it makes sense B. does it make sense C. that it makes sense D. do they make sense
13. The local police were______ by their authorities to _____ the situation as soon as possible.
A. said to; control B. ordered; manage C. instructed; handle D. told; hold
14. People should be cautious ______their personal information when surfing the Internet so as to prevent certain computer viruses ______ it.
A. about; to steal B. of; stealing C. with; to steal D. to; from stealing
15. We the Chinese are not to be ______, ________the situation is.
A. won; however disastrous B. defeated; whatever disastrous
C. beaten; whatever disastrous D. lost; however disastrous
16. Nicolaus Copernicus’ discovery about the universe is ______, which ______later achievements in astronomy science.
A. ambitious; gave birth to B. enthusiastic; resulted in C. obvious; resulted in D. revolutionary; led to
17. The manager and general engineer _____ very strict _____ his employees and ____ his work as well.
A. is; with; in B. are; with; in C. is; with; with C. are; in; in
18. When you are ______ about something, you are ______ to do whatever you can to get it.
A. anxious; likely B. eager; possible C. enthusiastic; likely D. concerned; probable
19. I privately told him that he should not have ______ the offer of his former wife to come together again.
A. given in B. rejected C. turned back D. refuse
20. The driver’s wrong gearing(挂档) was________ for the backward movement of the car, which accidentally knocked down the old woman.
A. to be blamed B. blamed C. to blame D. blaming
21. So ______ was he in his work that he didn’t notice that it was raining hard.
A. taken B. devoted C. absorbed D. interesting
22. Every day Mother sets about her housework ______ she returns from work. Which of the following is NOT OK?
A. immediately B. the moment C. the minute D. in no time
23. The gold loop discovered in the ancient tomb _____ to be _____ in studying the history of the Jin Dynasty.
A. was turned out; valuable B. proved; of great value
C. was proved; of great valuable D. proved; much valuable
24. ______addition to being creative, perseverance and diligence are necessary qualities to be a good scientist. A. With B. Of C. In D. For
25. The heart is believed to _____blood into veins(血管) which are netted all over the body, thus keeping a person alive.
A. give B. donate C. circulate D. pump
II. 完形填空
When sailors are allowed ashore after a long time at sea, they sometimes get drunk and cause trouble. For this reason, the navy ___26___ has its police in big ports. Whenever sailors cause trouble, the police come and ___27___ them.
One day, the police in a big seaport received a telephone call ___28___ a bar in the town. The barman said that a big sailor had got drunk and ___29___ the furniture in the bar. The officer in charge
of the police guard that evening said that he would come immediately.
Now, officers who ___30___ and punish the sailors ___31___ drunk usually chose ___32___ policeman they could find to go with them. ___33___this particular officer did not do this. ___34___,he chose the smallest and ___35___ man he could find to go to the bar with him and ___36___ the sailor.
Another officer who ___37___ there was surprised when he saw the officer of the guard chose such a small man. ___38___he said to him, “Why___39___you take a big man with you? You have to fight the sailor who ___40___.”
“Yes, you are ___41___ right,” answered the officer of the guard. “That is exactly ___42___ I am taking this small man. If you see two policemen coming ___43___ you, and one is ___44___ the other, which one ___45___ you attack?”
26. A. alwaysB. seldomC. foreverD. sometimes
27. A. meet withB. deal withC. seeD. judge
28. A. aboutB. fromC. inD. of
29. A. was breakingB. was orderingC. was movingD. was dusting
30. A. would goB. might beatC. dared to fightD. had to go
31. A. slightlyB. not at allC. heavilyD. much more
32. A. the biggestB. the youngestC. the bravestD. the experienced
33. A. In factB. ButC. SoD. And
34 A. InsteadB. ThereforeC. AlthoughD. Then
35. A. good-lookingB. weakest-lookingC. ugly-lookingD. strongest-looking
36. A. seizeB. killC. get rid ofD. catch up with
37. A. will goB. had comeC. would start off      D. happened to be
38. A. YetB. ButC. SoD. Then
39. A. don’tB. couldn’tC. can’tD. do
40. A. looks strongB. is drunkC. seems rudeD. is dangerous
41. A. allB. veryC. tooD. quite
42. A. howB. whatC. whyD. that
43. A. upB. atC. beforeD. towards
44. A. not smaller thanB. as big as C. as small asD. much smaller than
45. A. couldB. willC. doD. can
III 阅读理解
Very old people do raise moral problems for almost everyone who comes in contact with them. Their values—this can’t be repeated too often—are not necessarily our values. Physical comfort, cleanness and order are not necessarily the most important things. The social services from time to time find themselves faced with a flat with decaying food covered by small worms, and an old person lying alone in bed, taking no notice of the worms. But is it interfering(干涉) with personal freedom to insist that they go to live with some of their relatives so that they might be taken better care of? Some social workers, the ones who clear up the worms, think we are in danger of carrying this concept of personal freedom to the point where serious risks are being taken with the health and safety of the old.
Indeed, the old can be easily hurt or harmed. The body is like a car, it needs more mechanical maintenance(机械维修,保养) as it gets older. You can carry this comparison right through to the provision of spare parts. But never forget that such operations are painful experiences, HYPERLINK " /" \t "_blank"however good the results will be. And at what point should you stop to treat the old body? Is it morally right to try to push off death by seeking the development of drugs to excite the forgetful old mind and to activate the old body, knowing that it is designed to die? You can’t ask doctors or scientists to decide, because so long as they can see the technical opportunities, they will feel bound to give them a try, on the principle that while there’s life, there’s hope.
When you talk to the old people, HYPERLINK " /" \t "_blank"however, you are forced to the conclusion that whether age is happy or unpleasant depends less on money or on health than it does on your ability to have fun.
46. What does the passage mainly tell us?
A. The values are different between the old and the young.
B. The moral problems raised by old people.
C. The personal freedom for the old.
D. Old people’s viewpoint on life.
47. We can know from the first paragraph that __________.
A. Very old people would like to live alone to have more personal freedom.
B. Very old people are able to keep their room clean.
C. Very old people like to live with their children.
D. Social services have nothing to do with very old people.
48. HYPERLINK " /" \t "_blank"according to the author, which of the following is right?
A. The older a person, the more care he needs.
B. Too much emphasis has been put on old people’s values.
C. The human body can’t be compared to a car.
D. It is easy to provide spare parts for old people.
49. The underlined word “it” in the last paragraph refers to “_________”.
A. their money or their health
B. the conclusion you come to
C. your talk to the old people
D. whether age is happy or unpleasant
Toyota Motor Corp, Japan’s biggest carmaker, said on Friday it will recall 1,489 Lexus sedans (高级轿车) sold in China. “It will take us some time to ship the fuel tanks and vent pipes to China to change those in these Lexus sedans for customers free of charge, if problems are found,” said Yang Hongjian, a spokes- woman of Toyota’s China representative office.
The expected recall will affect Lexus LS430 sedans made in Japan from July 29, 2003 to January 14, 2004, the representative office said in a statement. Toyota has not received complaints from Chinese customers, HYPERLINK " /" \t "_blank"according to the statement. The move will be part of Toyota’s global recall of 18,200 Lexus LS430s. It will be the third car recall in China in two weeks. Although automobile recall is a common practice in developed markets, it remains new to Chinese customers. The Chinese government published long-awaited automobile recall rules on March 15, which will be officially carried out at the beginning of October.
China’s auto market is forecast to reach 10 million units by 2010. Automakers, especially Chinese producers, will face greater pressure from automobile recalls, which could be very costly sometimes, and should be in full preparations, according to the expert. The Japanese carmaker sold 1, 549 Lexus vehicles on the Chinese mainland during the first five months of this year, HYPERLINK " /" \t "_blank"according to Yang. Lexus sales on the mainland reached 4,000 units last year, up from 1,600 units in 2002.
50. What can we learn from the text?
A. Chinese customers are not satisfied with Toyota Lexus LS430 sedans.
B. Chinese car market has seen car recalls three times so far.
C. Toyota will have a worldwide recall of Lexus LS430 sedans.
D. Toyota Motor start to recall Lexus Sedans due to the problems with fuel tanks.
51. The carmakers were unwilling to recall their cars in the past mainly because ______.
A. they were not fully prepared
B. they couldn’t afford the cost for their car recalls
C. their products could not meet the required standard
D. there were no related rules and little pressure
52. It is implied in the passage that ______.
A. sales of homemade automobiles will grow even faster
B. automobile recalls will take place in China more frequently
C. China’s car market is forecast to be the biggest by 2010 in the world
D. Toyota is likely to sell the most Lexus Sedans in China in the future
53. Which of the following is the best tide of this passage?
A. Toyota to Recall Its Lexus Sedans Sold in China
B. China Prepares to Recall Cars
C. The Problems in China’s Car Market
D. Costly Japanese Car Recalls
第二节 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项.选项中有两项为多余选项
In general , people talk about two groups of colors : warm colors and cool colors . 54_________ : people who prefer warm colors and people who prefer cool colors .
55______. Where there are warm colors and a lot of light , people usually want to be active . People think that red , for example , is exciting. Sociable people , those who like to be with others , like red . The cool colors are green , blue and violet . These colors , unlike warm colors are relaxing . Where there are cool colors , people are usually quiet . 56_________.
Red may be exciting , but one researcher says that time seems to pass more slowly in a room with warm colors than in a room with cool colors . He suggests that a warm color , such as red or orange is a good color for a living room or restaurant . People who are relaxing or eating do not want time to pass quickly.57_______Researchers do not know why people think some colors are warm and other colors are cool . However , almost everyone agrees that red , orange , and yellow are warm and that green , blue , and violet are cool .58 ____. Because in the north the sun is higher during summer , the hot summer sunlight appears yellow .
A. People who like to spend time alone often prefer blue
B. people who like every kind of color is not possible.
C. Cool colors are better for offices or factories if the people who are working there want time to pass quickly .
D. The warm colors are red , orange and yellow
E. Perhaps warm colors remind people of warm days and the cool colors remind them of cool days .
F. Researchers in psychology think that there are also two groups of people
G. for example, in my childhood I didn’t know which color is worm
IV 短文改错:
The children next door often play the football in the garden after my house and
sometimes break my windows. Last Saturday afternoon I stay at home and read a book. After while,
I closed my eyes and went to sleep. A loud knock on the door made me wake up suddenly.
Soon a little boy turned out. “You haven’t broken one of my window again?” I asked. “Oh, no!”
answered the boy. “Your windows are all opened this time and our football was in your bedroom.
Could you mind getting in to get our ball?” I was at a loss at the moment.
Unit one Great scientists 答案
I. 单项选择
1—5 BDDDC 6—10 BBDCC 11—15 DBCBA 16—20 DBCBC 21—25 CDBCD
II. 完形填空
26-30ABBAD 31-35CABAB 36-40ADCAB 41-45DCBDB
III. 阅读理解
46—49 BAAD 50—53 CDBA 54—58 FDACE
IV 短文改错:1. 去掉the     2. after→behind     3. stay→stayed     4. after while-----after a while        5. out→up    
6. window→windows     7. opened→open    8.was---is 9. Could→Would     10. getting前加me或myV 书面表达:
We middle school students have many tests or exams. We have both achieved success and suffered from failure. Different students take different attitudes to failure. Some fall in low spirits when they don’t do well in the exams. They often lose heart and no longer study as hard as before. But most students take an active attitude towards failure. They encourage themselves to be self-confident. They find out and analyze the causes so that they will no longer make similar mistakes.
I agree with those with active attitudes. As we all know, failure is the mother of success. Even great men may have failed many times before they succeeded. So we must deal with our failure correctly.