英语必修4人教版同步练习及答案#高中英语:Unit 5 Theme parks Grammar(新人教必修4).doc

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英语必修4人教版同步练习及答案#高中英语:Unit 5 Theme parks Grammar(新人教必修4).doc
必修4 Unit 5 Theme parks
第3课时Grammar --- Word Formation
一: 拆分下列单词
International= ________+_________    
telephone= ________+___________
Mankind= ________+__________
broadband= ________+___________
Hi- tech= _________+_________ IT=_________+______________
二: 总结构词法的类型:
一: 画出下列词中的前缀和后缀,并在词后括号中写出该词词性:
International ( ) disappearance( ) interaction( )  freedom( )
disagreement( ) transportation( )   illogical( )     farming( )
unexpected ( ) dishonesty ( ) unforgettable ( )   bloody( )
unsuccessful( )  strengthen( ) replacement ( ) successfully( )
friendship( ) assistant( ) popularity( ) anxious( )
classical ( ) enlarge( )     
scientist( ) farmer( )
二: 结合上面练习,归纳拓展出不同词性常跟哪些词缀连用:
construct express celebrate combine
connect invent communicate admire
attract product educate examine
act protect graduate transport
collect suggest
pollute explore
direct impress contribute imagine
四: 请给下列名词加合适的后缀:
-ant - ess -er
-or -ist -ian
assis politics
employ sell
visit prince
design travel
act drive
dive win
write history explore work
sing music
farm comedy
dance science
foreign library
paint play
teach manage
piano clean
lead office
cycle print
speak own
journal direct
invent perform
conduct inspect
serve translate
五: 给下列单词加合适的否定前缀:
appear ability agreement capable convenient lucky correct fair usual mature expected willing smoker happy logical legal regular responsible familiar fold possible polite believable satisfied
Dis- ____________________________________________________________________
In-(im-, ir-,il-)
六 : 根据所给前后缀含义选出所给单词英文含义
Mis- = wrong
ex-= former
inter-= between
sub-= under
Under-= below
over-= too much
dis- = not
-marine= sea
a. not like
b. work too much
c. acting or having an effect on each other
d. put in the wrong place
e. a ship that can travel underwater
g. former President
f. below the surface of the earth
1. ____ submarine
2. ____ underground
3. ____ overwork
4. ____ interactive
5. ____ misplace
6. ____ dislike
7. ____ ex-President
七. 猜测下列单词汉意:
1. __________ Mum told me not to misbehave at my grandparents’ house.
The Chinese subtitles at the bottom of the screen help us understand films better.
All your luggage will be transported to the destination by train.
In many cases, the words “story” and “novel” are interchangeable.
5. __________
People like to take the subway because it is faster than buses and cheaper than taxis.
6. __________
He looks very tired because he has been working overtime all week.
7. __________
People will think you are mad if you walk in public in your underpants.
八. 组合单词与词缀填空:
Extra- Over- Under-
Mis- Re- Tele-
Water ordinary tell
communication seas understand

1. Her talent is ______________, which is why many people admire her.
2. The teacher asked her to ___________ the story in class.
3. Modern _____________ technology, such as cellphones and the internet, has made the world much smaller.
4. You have ___________ me. I didn’t mean that.
5. Zhang Yan, an __________ student at Cambridge University, said she would return to China after graduation.
He is a good swimmer and he can stay ___________ for a long time.
一: 单项选择
Two __________ and three __________ attend the meeting.
A. Englishmans; Germen
B. Englishmen; Germen
C. Englishmen; Germans
D. Englishmans; Germans
2. In Britain ________ are all painted red.
A. letter boxes
B. letters boxes
C. letter box
D. letters box
3. He found a lot of _______ were ________.
A. passers-by; grown-ups
B. passer-bys; growns-up
C. passer-bys; grown-ups
D. passers-by; growns-up
4. She is the only one among the _______ writers who _______ stories for children.
A. woman; writes
B. women; write
C. women; writes
D. woman; write
5. My sister has two ________.
A. tooth-brushes
B. tooth-brush
C. teeth-brushes
D. teeth-brush
6. We have two ________ in our town and a new chemical _______ is to open soon.
A. iron works; works
B. iron works; work
C. iron work; works
D. iron work; work
7. She broke a ________ while washing up.
A. glass wine
B. wine glass
C. glass of wine
D. glass for wine
8. _________ of the students in our class are from the north.
A. Two- nineth
B. Two- nine
C. Two- ninths
D. Two- nineths
9. I have to write a _________ composition every other week.
A. two-thousand-word
B. two-thousands-word
C. two-thousand-words
D. two-thousands-words
10. Many students signed up for the ______ race in the sports meeting to be held next week.
A. 800-metre-long
B. 800-metres-long
C. 800 metre long
D. 800 metres long
二. 用单词的适当形式填空:
1. Annie Sullivan was a lively young woman with __________(耐心)and imagination.
2. Mike’s family used to live in a __________(欧洲的) country.
3. I think you can sit on this newly bought chair very c__________.
4. Don’t be frightened by the television camera, Just speak _________.(自然地)
5. They quarreled once, but they were quite ___________(友好) now.
6. Wang Ying’s father is a famous ______(音乐家), and he teaches music in Central Music College.
7. Will it be ________(方便) for you to start work tomorrow?
8. After these days’ climbing, they reached the top of the mountain __________(成功地).
9. He wants to come but he’s ________(不能) to.
10. Do you know about the ________(非洲) history
11. I want to be an _______(工程师), when I grow up.
12. We have a great ________ (钦佩) for the people’s heroes.
13. There will be an _________(展览) next week in our city.
14. Mr. Li studied law at college and became a ___________(律师) after graduation.
15. Madame Curie made an __________(重要的) discovery.
16. Poets often use their _________ (想象力) to write poems
17. He offered his ________(祝贺) on our victory.
18. On our _________(毕业) from college, he entered the government office.
19. The islands were ________(发现) by an English Army Captain
20. I was ________ (震惊) at his conduct.
21. His job is to do ______(科学)research.
22. He has made several _______(发现)in science.
23. Her health is _________ (逐渐)
24. Hard work leads to success and f________ lies in laziness.
25. Water was found at a ________(深度) of 25 feet.
一: 拆分单词:
International= inter +national    
telephone= tele + phone
Mankind= man +kind
broadband= broad +band
Hi-tech= High + technology
IT= information + technology
二: 构词法的类型主要有:
international(adj.) disappearance(n.) interaction(n.)   freedom(n.)
disagreement(n.) transportation(n.)   illogical(adj.)     farming(n.)
unexpected (adj.) dishonesty (n.) unforgettable (adj.)   bloody(n.)
unsuccessful(adj.)  strengthen(v.) replacement (n.) successfully(adv.)
friendship(n.) assistant(n.) popularity(n.) anxious(adj.)
classical (adj.) enlarge(v.)     scientist(n. ) farmer(n. )
二. 结合上面练习,归纳拓展出不同词性常跟哪些词缀连用:
名词词缀: -er -dom -hood - ing -ship -ance -ment -tion -ty -ant -ee -ness
形容词词缀: - cal -ic -ful -ous -able -ed -ish -less
副词词缀: -ly  -ward
动词词缀: -en -ize
construction expression
celebration combination
connection invention communication admiration
attraction production education examination
action protection graduation transportation
collection suggestion pollution exploration
direction impression contribution imagination
-ant - ess -er
-or -ist -ian
Assisant politician employer seller
Visitor princess designer traveller
Actor driver
diver winner
Writer historian explorer worker
singer musician
farmer comedist
dancer scientist foreigner librarian
painter player
teacher manager
pianist cleaner
leader officer
cyclist printer
speaker owner
journalist director inventor performer
conductor inspector
servant translator
Dis- : disappear disability disagreement dissatisfied
In-(im-, ir-, il-):
incapable inconvenient incorrect immature illogical illegal irregular irresponsible impossible impolite
Non-: non-smoker
Un- : unlucky unfair unusual unexpected unwilling unhappy unfamiliar unfold unbelievable
六. 根据所给前后缀含义连线
1. e 2. f 3. b 4.c 5. d 6. a 7. g
七. 猜测下列单词词义:
1. 举止不当 2. 字幕 3. 运输 4. 可互换的 5. 地铁 6. 超时工作 7. 内裤
八. 组合单词填空:
1. extraordinary 2. retell 3. tele-communication 4. misunderstood 5. overseas6. underwater
1-5: CAACA 6-10:ABCAA
1. patience 2. European 3. comfortable 4. naturally 5. friendly 6. musician 7. convenient 8. successfully 9. unable 10. African 11. engineer 12. admiration 13. exhibition 14. lawyer 15. important 16. imagination 17. congratulations 18. graduation 19. discovered 20.shocked 21. scientific 22.discoveries 23. gradually 24. failure 25. depth