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高中英语人教版选修7练习 unit 2 section 1 .doc
Unit 2  Section Ⅰ
1.The whole community felt great ________(同情) for the family's bad luck.
2.David really has a thick skin! He said such ________(可笑的) and unreasonable words after his mistake.
3.We ________(宣布) that these decisions shall not be put into practice.
4.Almost all black people have a great voice; I really ________(羡慕) them.
5.You are late again. Your ________(奖金) will be reduced by fifty percent.
6.Children enjoy reading science f________.
7.The students have strong d________to discuss the question.
8.The mother was a________when her baby fell onto the ground and began to cry.
9.Playing tennis is one of his greatest s________.
10.Would you please do me a f________to push the car to start?
答案:1.sympathy 2.absurd 3.declare 4.envy 5.bonus
6.fiction 7.desire 8.alarmed 9.satisfactions 10.favour
1.“We must take ________ measures to solve the problem.” the manager said ________. (firm)
2.What ________ the women most was that when they were talking about the ________ news about the girl, she became ________ so that she ran away as soon as she heard this.(embarrass)
3.He ________ to his friends why he was late but none of them thought his ________ believable. (explain)
4.Coco is a ________ singer. She is a singer of great ________ for music and dancing. (talent)
5.Anne was sleeping when the phone ________ her awake. She was even ________ to hear the ________ news that another bombing had hit Birmingham. (alarm)
6.Everything went on ________ after they ________ away all these difficulties. (smooth)
7.He didn't get ________ to her until he was 36 years old but their ________ only lasted 5 years. After their divorce he decided to ________. This time he chose a woman who was kindhearted though not beautiful. (marry)
答案:1.firm; firmly 2.embarrassed; embarrassing; embarrassed 3.explained; explanation 4.talented; talents 5.alarmed; alarmed; alarming 6.smoothly; smoothed 7.married; marriage; remarry
1.________ ________ ________(让我满意的是), we have settled everything in connection with this.
2.Some people ________ ________ ________ ________(渴望……)a nicer car and a bigger house.
3.Please ask him to________ ________ ________(给我打电话)before nine tomorrow morning.
4.The woman dare not ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(把她的婴儿独自留在房子里)even for five minutes.
5.Do you think he will __________ __________ ________ ________(声明反对这项计划)?
1.To my satisfaction 2.have a desire for 3.ring me up 4.leave her baby alone in the house 5.declare against the plan
1.The teacher allowed us 5 minutes to ________ the text through to get a general idea of the whole passage.
答案:D 句意为“老师给了我们5分钟时间来浏览(scan)全文,掌握其大意”。
2.—Do you know when Britain ________ war on Germany during the Second World War?
—In 1939,I suppose.
答案:B declare通常指正式地“公布,宣布,宣告”;declare war on“对……宣战”。
3.Do you know that every man here ________ you your freedom to do what you want?
答案:A 考查动词词义。envy“忌妒”;like“喜欢”;appreciate“感激,欣赏”;enjoy“喜欢”。由句意可知A项正确。
4.—Ring me ________ every day,will you?
—With pleasure. Do ring ________, please.
A.up; backB.back; back
C.back; upD.on; for
答案:A 句意为——“每天给我打电话,好吗?”——“好的,请给我回电话。”ring up“打电话”;ring back“回电话”。
5.It is none of your business ________ other people think about you. Believe yourself.
答案:B 分析句子结构可知,it作形式主语,而真正的主语应为后面的从句,且从句中缺少动词think的宾语,故用what引导。
6.This new product,________, this new style of shirt, is not very attractive to young people.
A.rather thanB.other than
C.or ratherD.or else
答案:C 考查动词辨析。or rather“更确切地说”,常用作插入语,修正前面所说的话,符合题意。rather than“宁愿;而不是”;other than“除……之外”;or else“否则;要不然”,皆与句意不符。故选C。
7.The accident happened on such an evening with strong winds ________ by heavy rain.
答案:C 考查动词辨析。句意:那场事故发生在这样一个夜晚——强风伴随着大雨。with strong winds accompanied by heavy rain为with复合结构作定语。accompanied by...“由……陪伴”,符合语境。mixed应与介词with搭配才对。
8.The old woman ________ her sons and daughters ________ and see her from time to time.
A.suggested; to comeB.hoped; to come
C.desired; comingD.desired; to come
答案:D 考查动词辨析。句意:这位老妇人渴望她的儿女儿们不时地来看望她。suggest doing sth.“建议做某事”;hope to do sth.“希望做某事”;desire sb. to do sth.“渴望某人做某事”。
9.It's unnatural for a mother to leave her child ________ to enjoy herself.
答案:A 考查leave的短语。句意:作为母亲,让孩子独自一个人玩是不合常理的。leave... alone表示“丢下……不管”,是固定短语,故选A。
10.The patient is seriously ill. Better have him ________ on in no time.
A.operateB.to operate
答案:D 考查have的用法。have sb. do sth.“让某人做某事”;have sb. doing sth.“让某人持续做某事”;have sb. done“遭遇到某事”。句意:这个病人病得很严重,最好立刻给他动手术。此句中him与operate为被动关系。故D项正确。
Norah had a cottage on a cliff(悬崖)above a big bay. In winter it could be very unpleasant because of strong winds and sea waves. In fact, when a gale was blowing, Norah and her husband got used to sleeping in a small room downstairs, because their bedroom upstairs, which faced the gales, had a very big window, and they were afraid that an extra violent wind might break it and blow pieces of broken glass over them.
Also, the salt wave from the sea put an end to many of the colorful plants Norah planted in her garden. She tried putting up a fence to protect them, but the wind just hit it, went up over the top and then down the other side, so in the end she filled the garden with trees and bushes that liked salt.
But most of the summer Norah enjoyed her cottage and garden very much. At weekends she could sit outofdoors in the sun, looking at the beautiful view, with interesting ships and boats passing by, and she could very easily cycle down to the sea for a swim.
Now, Norah and her husband had plenty of friends and relations. In the summer lots of them used to come to enjoy the beautiful place, and in the end it really became quite annoying for the couple. When they were at home, they found friends and relations arriving, expecting to be given unlimited drinks and meals, sitting in the sun for hours, and talking as if Norah and her husband had nothing else to do but entertain and listen to them.
This went on for several years. Norah didn't wish to appear rude by refusing to let her friends and relations but on the other hand, she was getting tired every summer. Then one day Norah was complaining about this to her hairdresser while she was doing her hair. “You're disturbed by too many uninvited guests, aren't you?” said the hairdresser. “Why don't you try my way of escaping?”
“What's that?” asked Norah.
“Well,” the hairdresser answered, “when the bell rings, I will put on my coat and take my shopping bag. If it's someone I don't want to see, I will say innocently, ‘ I' m sorry, but I've got to go out. ’ But...”
1.The underlined word “gale” in Paragraph One can be replaced by “________”.
答案:A 考查词义猜测。根据上文中的“because of strong winds”,以及句子谓浯“was blowing”可推知该词的意思为“风”,故选A。
2.How did Norah go to the sea for a swim?
A.She went there by ship.
B.She walked there.
C.She swam there.
D.She went there by bicycle.
答案:D 考查细节理解。根据第三段中的“she could very easily cycle down to the sea for a swim”,可知,应选D。
3.We can infer that ________.
A.lots of friends came to visit them in winter
B.few friends came to visit them in winter
C.friends came to visit them only for drinks and meals
D.Norah was a good cook
答案:B 考查推理判断。根据第一段中的第二句及第四段中的第二句和第五段中的第二句可推知答案应为B。
4.Which of the following is the best title?
A.A Good Place for Enjoying the Sea
B.A Visit to Norah
C.A Clever Way of Escaping
D.A Warmhearted Couple
答案:C 考查标题判断。这篇文章主要讲了每年夏天,总有许多亲戚和朋友来Norah夫妇的家,他们已经厌倦了这样的不速之客,理发师告诉了Norah一个逃避的好方法。文章的精彩之处在于理发师提出的方法,故选C。
A 1.6meter tall robot may soon become the best friend for lonely elderly people, as Chinese scientists are making the final sprint(冲刺)toward its market launch(投放), said a senior researcher on the robot project on Saturday.
“We are working on testing the exact functions and ways to reduce the cost in preparations for an expected market launch of the robot in two to three years,” said Li Ruifeng, a member of the project.
He said the team hoped to reduce the cost so that the robot can be priced at 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, which is expected to be an affordable price for most of China's betteroff families.
The robot has been developed with the functions of fetching food, medicine, sounding alarms in case of water or gas leakage, sending texts or video images via wireless communications, and even singing a song or playing chess to entertain its masters.
Li said that the robot, developed independently in China, has technology at the same level as those in western labs.
China set about the research of the robot in 2007, when it was listed as a national key project. It is backed by government funding(拨款). China has the world's largest elderly population with 159 million people over 60, accounting for 12 percent of its total population. According to a survey by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, more than 10 million caregivers and nurses are needed to attend the elderly population, as most of Chinese elderly prefer to live their retired lives at home.
5.The passage mainly talked about________.
A.the problems of Chinese elderly population
B.the advantages of the Robot caregivers
C.robot caregivers for the elderly to the market
D.the government's attention to the elderly
答案:C 主旨大意题。由第一段首句“A 1.6meter tall robot may soon become the best friend for lonely elderly people, as Chinese scientists are making the final sprint toward its market launch”可知。
6.The underlined word “backed”in the last paragraph means________.
答案:A 词义猜测题。由前一句的“a national key project”及其后的“by government funding(拨款)”可知。
7.From the last paragraph we know that________.
A.our government pays no attention to the elderly people
B.China has the world's largest elderly population
C.Chinese elderly people prefer to be looked after by robot caregivers
D.robots are the best friends for the lonely elderly people
答案:B 细节理解题。由最后一段第三句“China has the world's largest elderly population with 159 million people over 60, accounting for 12 percent of its total population.”可知。
8.Which of the following is true according to the passage?
A.Robot caregivers will appear in the market in 2 or 3 years.
B.Robot caregivers can help elderly people to everything.
C.The robot needs some technology from western labs.
D.The robot is expected to be bought by every people.
答案:A 细节理解题。由第二段“We are working on testing the exact functions and ways to reduce the cost in preparations for an expected market launch of the robot in two to three years”可知。
9.The author wrote the passage to________.
A.advertise a robot caregiver to the elderly
B.tell China elderly not to worry about their life
C.explain how robot caregivers work in the future
D.introduce a newlydeveloped robot caregiver
答案:D 主旨大意题。综合全文可知,本文讲述了一种可以照顾孤独老年人生活的机器人即将面世以及与其相关的测试、成本、功能、技术、前景等。