2017-2018学年高中英语人教版必修1练习:Unit2 Section Ⅲ 课时跟踪检测 Word版含解析.doc

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2017-2018学年高中英语人教版必修1练习:Unit2 Section Ⅲ 课时跟踪检测 Word版含解析.doc
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1.Believe_it_or_not,_I saw my most favorite movie star.(believe)
2.Don't make the same mistake_as_you_did last time.(do)
3.He missed the first bus and that was because_he_got_up late this morning.(get)
4.There was a_worried_expression on her face.(worry)
5.The film is more interesting than_we_expected yesterday. (expect)
1.The professor can't be from the US, because he speaks English with a strong Australian ________.
A.voice        B.spelling
C.accent D.identity
解析:句意:这位教授不可能是美国人,因为他说的英语带有浓重的澳洲“口音(accent)”。accent指“人说话的口音”,而voice指“声音”,诸如人的说话声、歌声或笑声;spelling “发音”;identity “身份”。
2.Father used to be a football fan, but as time went on, he ________ lost interest in sports and games.
A.frequently B.actually
C.fluently D.gradually
3.The American girl has a good ________ of Chinese and can express herself freely in the language.
A.item B.series
C.command D.usage
解析:句意:这个美国女孩汉语水平很高,能自如表达。have a good command of “(对某种语言)掌握得好”。
4.I've asked several people what happened, but no one will give me a ________ answer.
A.loose B.native
C.latter D.straight
5.You can tell from the ________ on his face that he didn't do very well in the exam.
A.communication B.appearance
C.feeling D.expression
解析:考查名词词义辨析。communication “交流”;appearance “外表”;feeling “感觉”;expression“表情;表达”。句意:从他脸上的表情你可以看出来他这次考试没考好。
6.Running from Gansu Province to Hebei Province, the Great Wall is ________ as one of the eight wonders in the world.
A.forecast B.realized
C.recognized D.supposed
解析:后半句句意:长城被公认为世界八大奇观之一。be recognized as ...“被公认为……”。forecast “预测”;realize“意识到”;suppose “认为”,可构成be supposed to be/to do ...短语。
7.Have you really realized the part computers have ________ in the daily life?
A.made B.given
C.caused D.played
解析:句意:你真的意识到电脑在我们日常生活中所起的作用了吗?part是先行词,此处是特指,故用了定冠词the, computers have ________ in the daily life是定语从句,要用play构成“play a part in ...”短语。故选D。
8.Duty is an act or a course of action that people ________ you to take by social customs, law or religion.
A.persuade B.request
C.instruct D.expect
解析:句意:职责是人们根据社会习惯、法律和宗教希望你做的事情。expect sb. to do.“期待/希望某人做某事”,符合题意。
9.— According to my grandma, it is a good idea to eat chicken soup when you have a cold.
— ________, scientists agree with her.
A.Sooner or later B.Once in a while
C.To be exact D.Believe it or not
解析:句意:“从奶奶那儿得知,感冒的时候喝鸡汤是个好主意。”“科学家也这样认为。” D项“信不信由你”,符合语意。
10.If you give me another chance, I believe I can ________ your expectations.
A.come up to B.come out
C.come over D.come in
解析:考查动词词组。come up to“比得上;达到”;come out“出版;发表”;come over“顺便来访”;come in“进来”。句意:如果再给我一次机会,我相信我会达到你的期望。
My husband has been in hospital for quite a while.What's worse, I am out of __1__ so I have learned to live a life with very little.
Last Sunday I went to the __2__ near my home with my friend and one of my neighbors there said to me, “I know you must be having a __3__ time.” I just smiled and said, “I'm okay. I have two dollars and I have food at home, __4__ I'll be fine.”
I __5__ think that what I have is what I have and it is up to me to make __6__ of it carefully.
Then she said, “Can I __7__ your bag?It looks so beautiful.” I said, “Okay.”
Just then someone __8__ me.“I'll be right back,” I said to the woman.When I __9__, she thanked me and gave back my bag.Then she left with what she bought.
On my way home my friend who was driving said, “I thought you told me you didn't have any __10__?” I replied, “I don't.”
She said, “Oh yes, you do!” I told her I only had two dollars, but still she __11__ I had money.
“Look at your __12__,” she said.“There's a hundred dollar bill sticking out of it.”
Though I didn't __13__ what she said, I looked down.I was so __14__! There actually was a hundred dollar bill that seemed to have fallen __15__ my bag!
I looked at her, very surprised, and said, “I don't know where that __16__ from! I have no __17__ because I certainly did not have a hundred dollars!”
I thought and thought for days after that, then I __18__ it must have been the lady who asked to have a look at my bag.How __19__ of her! And what a wonderful __20__ to receive when you are down to your last two dollars!
语篇解读:在作者生活窘迫时有人偷偷地在她包里放了一百美元,这让作者非常感动。1.A.work B.order
C.mind D.breath
解析:从后面的so I have learned to live a life with very little可知作者努力用最少的钱来维持生活,所以判断她失业了。out of work“失业”。
2.A.hospital B.church
C.store D.school
解析:从下文的Then she left with what she bought可知作者去了一家“商店(store)”。
3.A.long B.difficult
C.free D.happy
4.A.or B.though
C.until D.so
5.A.never B.hardly
C.always D.also
解析:从下文可知作者不愿意接受别人的帮助,所以“一直(always)”认为有多少钱就过多少钱的生活,自己精打细算即可。make use of “利用”。
6.A.change B.use
C.sense D.trouble
7.A.see B.open
C.buy D.take
解析:从最后一段的“the lady who asked to have a look at my bag”可知,那个人要“看(see)”她的包。
8.A.understood B.greeted
C.called D.comforted
解析:从下文的ll be right back可知有人“叫(called)”作者,所以她出去了。
9.A.cried B.recovered
C.returned D.stopped
10.A.time B.money
C.food D.fun
解析:从下文的I told her I only had two dollars可知,作者和她的朋友讨论钱“(money)”的事情。
11.A.doubted B.imagined
C.expected D.insisted
解析:从上文的She said, “Oh yes, you do!”可知作者的朋友“坚持(insisted)”认为作者有钱。
12.A.bag B.pocket
C.car D.house
解析:从下文的There's a hundred dollar bill sticking out of it可知作者的朋友让作者看她的“包(bag)”。
13.A.hear B.believe
C.like D.remember
14.A.worried B.excited
C.shocked D.bored
解析:从下文There actually was a hundred dollar bill可推知作者很“震惊(shocked)”。
15.A.from under B.on
C.into D.out of
解析:从上文的There's a hundred dollar bill sticking out of it可知,钱快从包里掉出来了。
16.A.suffered B.came
C.escaped D.dated
解析:作者没有钱,所以不知钱来自哪里。 come from “来自”。
17.A.idea B.excuse
C.interest D.rest
解析:从上文I don't know where可知在此为I have no idea。
18.A.made B.wondered
C.realized D.noticed
解析:从上文thought and thought for days可知作者反复思考后“意识到(realized)”是谁送给她钱的。
19.A.kind B.glad
C.careless D.proud
20.A.letter B.invitation
C.visit D.gift
There are many useful suggestions and pieces of advice that can help one to improve English.Here are some useful suggestions and new tips to increase one's English language vocabulary.
Learning English vocabulary is about much more than just learning the right words.A broad grasp of vocabulary in the English language is based on understanding important expressions and “word combinations”, which means groups of words that often or always go together.
Learning a word will not help very much if you quickly forget it.Research shows that it takes from 10 to 20 repetitions (重复) to really make a word part of your vocabulary.Since most words are learned from how they are used in context (上下文), the more words one is exposed to, the better vocabulary one will have.Keep a writing pad close to you.When you read, pay close attention to the word you do not know, write the word down and try to figure_out its meaning from the context. Then look up the word in a dictionary.
Remember that if you do not use English words that you have just learned in conversation or writing, you will forget them very quickly.So the best way to learn new words effectively is just by trying to use them in conversation and writing.Remember also that practice is the key to fluent spoken English.
Building vocabulary is a lifelong task.Remember:“In the beginning was the word.”Your future could depend on how rich your vocabulary is.It will also determine the quality of your communication.
1.We can learn from the text that learning English vocabulary ________.
A.is just about learning the right words
B.is about remembering more and more words
C.doesn't need one to learn word combinations
D.needs one to understand important expressions
解析:细节理解题。根据文章第二段“A broad grasp of vocabulary in the English language is based on understanding important expressions ...”可知,提高英语词汇量要基于对重要表达方式的理解。故选项D正确。
2.What does the underlined phrase “figure out” in the third paragraph mean?
A.realise          B.recognise
C.understand D.imagine
解析:猜测词义题。根据文章第三段“... write the word down and try to figure out its meaning from the context”, figure out后接meaning可推知其意义为“搞清楚;弄明白”,故选项C正确。
3.The best way to learn new words is ________.
A.trying to use them while speaking and writing
B.writing them down over and over again
C.always looking them up in the dictionary
D.reading them loudly over and over again
解析:细节理解题。根据第四段“So the best way to learn new words effectively is just by trying to use them in conversation and writing”可知学习新单词最好的方法就是将其用在写作和对话中。
4.What is the text mainly about?
A.How to enrich your English vocabulary.
B.How to have a good conversation in English.
C.Why context is important in learning English.
D.How to improve the quality of communication.