英语选修8人教版单元测试及答案#高考英语课时训练:BOOK 8 Unit 2 Cloning.doc

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英语选修8人教版单元测试及答案#高考英语课时训练:BOOK 8 Unit 2 Cloning.doc
(2012·广东潮州月考)The hole in the Earth's ozone layer (臭氧层)has until now protected Antarctica from the worst effects of global warming.But scientists have warned that as the hole closes up in the next few decades,temperatures on the continent could rise by around 3℃ on average,with melting ice contributing to a global sea level increase of up to 1.4 metres.
In the past decades the western Antarctic has seen rapid ice loss as the world has warmed,but the other parts of the continent have,paradoxically,been cooling,resulting in a 10% increase in ice in the seas around the region.This is because the hole in the ozone layer has increased cold winds in Antarctica,making much of the continent surface colder than usual.
But now that the gasses that cause the ozone hole have been banned,scientists expect the hole to repair itself within the next 50 to 60 years.By then the cooling effect will have faded out and the Antarctic will face the full impact of global warming.This means an increase in average air temperatures of around 3℃ and a reduction in sea ice by around a third.
The biggest threat to the continent comes from warming seas.Robert Johnson,a scientist who monitors Antarctica ice sheets,said,“The ice sheets in Antarctica are hundreds of metres thick.But once warm ocean waters start flowing underneath,the ice will begin thinning and could break up very quickly.” Thinning ice sheets cause ice to break away from the continent and to melt even faster.Escaping ice from western Antarctica has already resulted in a 10% rise in global sea level in recent decades.
Johnson believes that international action to reduce global warming is required immediately or it may be too late.“Everything is connected—Antarctica may be a long way away but it is an important part of the Earth's system,” said Johnson.“It contains 90% of the world's ice,70% of the world's fresh water and that is enough,if it melts completely,to raise sea levels by 63 metres.”
Even in a worsecase situation scientists don't expect the ice to entirely disappear,but predict that,because of the melting ice sheets,average sea level rise will be around 1.4 metres higher by the end of the century.
【语篇解读】 本文主要描述了由于臭氧层的破坏,南极洲冰层正处于加速融化的危险中。科学家认为南极冰层不会完全消失,但海平面会随着冰层的融化而上升。
1.The underlined word “paradoxically” (in Paragraph 2) most probably means “________”.
A.rapidly      B.approximately
C.contradictorily D.apparently
【解析】 词义猜测题。首先,选项词义要牢记;其次,划线词所在句中的but为推断关键,划线词应理解为相反地。
【答案】 C
2.What is the effect of the hole in the ozone layer on Antarctica?
A.It is making much of the continent colder.
B.It is causing the ice to melt faster.
C.It is making the effects of global warming in the region worse.
D.It is reducing the amount of water in Antarctica.
【解析】 细节理解题。从第二段最后一句“This is because the hole in the ozone layer has increased cold winds in Antarctica,making much of the continent surface colder than usual.”可以得出答案。
【答案】 A
3.What do scientists think is the biggest danger facing Antarctica?
A.Rising sea levels.
B.Warming sea water temperature.
C.Water pollution.
D.Growing ice sheets.
【解析】 细节理解题。从第四段第一句“The biggest threat to the continent comes from warming seas.”可得出答案。The biggest threat对应the biggest danger。
【答案】 B
4.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A.Antarctica contains most of the world's fresh water.
B.The average temperature has increased by 3 degree centigrade in recent decades.
C.Antarctica is currently experiencing the full effects of global warming.
D.Ten percent of Antarctica's ice has already been lost.
【解析】 细节理解题。(或通过常识亦可判断),从第五段最后一句“It contains 90% of the world's ice,70% of the world's fresh water.”可得出答案。
【答案】 A
5.The BEST title for the passage is ________.
A.Our planet in danger
B.Antarctica melting away
C.Action plan to save Antarctica
D.Let's save the ozone layer
【解析】 标题确定题。先排除A,然后文中未提及任何挽救南极的措施同时未提到呼吁保护臭氧洞,排除C、D两项。全文论述的是南极洲正处于融化的危险之中,故选B。
【答案】 B
A.Sales Manager Requirements:
Minimum of 2year sales experience;
University/College degree;
Good command of English;
Excellent communication skills;
Customer service,teaching experience is preferred;
Basic office computer skills (Excel,Word,Email).
B.Project Management Assistant Requirements:
Good English and computer skills;
Related working experience is a must;
Strong team spirit.
C.English Teacher Requirements:
University degree or above in English major;
Eager to learn and openminded with creativity;
With deep understanding and respect for different cultures.
D.Marketing Assistant Requirements:
College degree or above with good English (speaking and writing) skills;
With basic ideas of sales and marketing;
Working experience is not necessary;
Good communication and presentation skills.
E.Accountant Requirements:
College degree or above in finance (金融学) area;
Good English and computer skills;
Good sense of finance management;
At least two years of experience as an accountant in an international organization is a must; Selfmanagement,hardworking,independent and able to deal with pressure.
F.Nurse Requirements:
College degree or above in medicine area;
Good communication and nursing skills;
Good sense of responsibility;
At least two years of experience as a nurse in a big hospital;Patient,careful,polite,hardworking.
1.Harry Evans graduated from the University of Oxford.At the university,he majored in English literature,and got a Bachelor's degree.
2.Jack Blunkett has been an accountant in an international company for four years after graduating from the Finance University,and he is good at English and computer.
3.Peter Hassle is a manager of an international company,and his duty is to sell the products of the company.
4.Thomas Wright got a master's degree.His spoken English is excellent,but he has no working experience.He is good at writing and communication.
5.Alice Elizabeth has worked in a Building Material Company for ten years,and she is expert in management.She can communicate in English very well.
申请者          申请职位
1.Harry Evans    A.Sales Manager
2.Jack Blunkett B.Project Management Assistant
3.Peter Hassle C.English Teacher
4.Thomas Wright D.Marketing Assistant
5.Alice Elizabeth E.Accountant
1.________ 2.________ 3.________
4.________ 5.________
【答案】 1.C Harry在大学攻读的是英语专业并且获得学士学位,C招聘的教师需要拥有英语专业本科或本科以上文凭的人士,二者相匹配。
2.E Jack在金融大学毕业后在一家国际公司当会计,他擅长英语和电脑。E招聘的是有良好英语水平和电脑技能的会计,而且需要在金融领域毕业的本科或本科以上人士。Jack比较合适。
3.A Peter是一家国际公司经理,他的职责是销售公司产品。A招聘的是销售经理,要求至少两年的销售经验,只有Peter是做销售工作的,符合要求。
4.D Thomas具有硕士学位,英语口语出色,擅长写作和交流,但是他没有工作经验。D招聘的是销售助理,要求大学毕业且具备良好的英语(写作和交流)技能,不需要有工作经验。Thomas可以参与招聘。
5.B Alice在建筑材料公司工作了十年而且是管理专家,能用英语很好地交流。B招聘的是项目管理助理,要求有良好的英语和电脑技能,有相关工作经验。Alice符合条件。
参考词汇:快速公交系统BRT 高架桥overpass
Dear Editor,
I'm writing to tell you about the road construction which is taking place in our city.
Yours truly,
Li Hua
I'm_writing_to_tell_you_about_the_road_construction_which_is_taking_place_in_our_city.Recently the local government has decided to broaden some narrow roads to build BRT,which has caused a heated discussion among the local people.
Some agree that we should carry out the construction project because it can solve some traffic problems and make our life convenient and comfortable.Besides,it helps promote the economy and improve people's living environment as well as the image of Huizhou as a modern tourist city in the northeast of Guangdong province.
But others believe that the construction work may cause air pollution and traffic jams may appear now and then.What's worse,the people who are against the construction think that the noise produced by the work will disturb people's peaceful life.