2016-2017学年高二英语新人教版选修6课时同步训练:Unit2《Poems》(第3课时) Word版含解析.doc

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2016-2017学年高二英语新人教版选修6课时同步训练:Unit2《Poems》(第3课时) Word版含解析.doc
人教版·选修6 Unit 2 Poems 3. Grammar: 虚拟语气Ⅱ
1.His casual clothes were not a____________ for such a formal occasion.
2.If you are lost in the woods,it’s very handy to have a c________ with you.
3.A l________ is a person who is in charge of or works in a library.
4.They promised to love each other f________.
5.After a few minutes,our eyes got used to the ____________ (黑暗).
6.We __________ (交换) our opinions about the event at the meeting.
7.She won a ____________ (奖学金) to study at Oxford University.
8.Knowing that they had arrived safely took a ________ (负担) off my mind.
9.The exhibition was __________ (举办) by the Society of Culture.
10.The ________ (暖和) of the fire made us sleepy.
11.He made me a promise not to give away where it was hidden.
He made me a promise not to ________ ________ where it was hidden.
12.He is likely to go to Hainan by air.
________ ________ ________ ________ he will go to Hainan by air.
13.Hang on a minute—he’s coming.
________ ________ a minute—he’s coming.
14.I happened to meet an old friend in Paris.
I met an old friend in Paris ________ ________.
15.He was ill,but he still went to the library for reading.
________ ________ ________ ________,he still went to the library for reading.
16.Whenever he returns to his hometown,he always goes to see his old teacher.
________ ________ ________ he returns to his hometown,he always goes to see his old teacher.
He ________________ a scream in the crowd.
May I ________________ this ballpoint pen,please?
It ______________________ to watch such boring programmes.
Her book ____________________________ ten languages.
________________________,you would have caught the bus.
22.He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball;otherwise,he ____________________ (score) a goal.
23.She loves the boy as if she ________ (be) his mother.
24.You __________________________ (not make) such a serious mistake if you had followed my advice.
25.If I had studied hard,I ________________ (win) the scholarship now.
26.If I ________________________ (not catch) by something,I would have come to your party yesterday.
27.The picture exhibition bored me to death;I wish I ________________ (go) there.
28.The teacher advised us that we ________________ (pay) more attention to our pronunciation.
29.If it __________________ (not be) for the help of our teacher,we should not have made so much progress.
30.If I should see him tomorrow,I ________________ (invite) him home.
31.Look at the terrible situation I am in!If only I ________________ (take) your advice!
A friend of ours was walking down a deserted Mexican beach at sunset. As he walked along, he began to see another man __32__ the distance. As he grew nearer, he noticed that the local native kept __33__(lean) down,picking something up and throwing it out into the water.
As our friend approached even __34__(close), he noticed that man was picking up starfish and, one at __35__ time, he was throwing them back into the water.
Our friend looked __36__ (puzzle) and said, “Good evening, friend. I was wondering what you are doing.” “I am throwing these starfish that __37__(wash) up onto the shore back into the ocean. You see, it's low tide right now. __38__ I do not throw them back into the sea, they would die up here from lack of oxygen.” “I understand,” our friend replied, “__39__ there must be thousands of starfish on this beach. You can't __40__(possible) get to all of them. Can't you see that you can't possibly make a difference?”
The local native smiled, bent down and picked up yet __41__ starfish, and as he threw it back into the sea,he replied,“Make a difference to that one!”
No poem should ever be discussed or “analyzed”,until it has been read aloud by someone,teacher or student. Better still,perhaps,is the practice of reading it twice,once at the beginning of the discussion and once at the end,so the sound of the poem is the last thing one hears of it.
All discussions of poetry are,in fact,preparations for reading it aloud,and the reading of the poem is finally,the most telling “interpretation” of it,suggesting tone,rhythm,and meaning all at once. Hearing a poet read the work in his or her own voice,on records or on film,is obviously a special reward. But even those aids to teaching cannot replace the student and teacher reading it or,best of all,reciting it.
I have come to think,in fact,that time spent reading a poem aloud is much more important than “analyzing” it,if there isn’t time for both. I think one of our goals as teachers of English is to have students love poetry. Poetry is “a criticism of life” “a heightening of life”.It also deserves a place in the teaching of language and literature more central than it presently occupies.
I am not saying that every English teacher must teach poetry. Those who don’t like it should not be forced to put that dislike on anyone else. But those,who do teach poetry must keep in mind a few things about its essential nature,about its sound as well as its sense,and they must make_room in the classroom for hearing poetry as well as thinking about it.
42.According to the passage,to have a better understanding of a poem,the best way is________.
A.to discuss it with others
B.to analyze it by oneself
C.to hear it read out
D.to practice reading it aloud
43.What does the last sentence in the third paragraph imply (暗示)?
A.The teaching of poetry should have been much more stressed.
B.The teaching of poetry is more important than the teaching of any other subject.
C.One cannot enjoy life fully without an understanding of poetry.
D.Poetry is the foundation of all languages and literature courses.
44.The underlined phrase “make room” in the last paragraph can be best replaced by “________”.
A.build a booth
B.provide equipment
C.leave a certain amount of time
D.set aside enough space
45.Which is NOT true of the following according to the passage?
A.A poem should be discussed or “analyzed”.
B.All discussions of poetry are preparations for reading it aloud.
C.The writer thinks reading a poem aloud is much less important than “analyzing” it.
D.The writer thinks that teachers must make room in the classroom for hearing poetry as well as thinking about it while teaching poetry.
William Shakespeare wrote about thirty-seven plays and a large number of poems in his life.
The play Hamlet is considered to be the summit(顶点) of Shakespeare's tragedies. It was written in 1601~1602 and first published in 1603.
The action of the play is laid in medieval(中世纪的) Denmark. The king suddenly died. Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, within two months marries the new king, Claudius, brother of her husband
The son of the late king, Hamlet, returns from the university, where he has received his education. Heavy is the heart of the young man. The country is in a state of unrest. There is said to be war. He thinks his father was murdered but he does not dare to tell others. One night Hamlet dreams of his father. He talks with his father, who tells his son he has been murdered by his brother Claudius. Hamlet hates the murderer very much and he decides to kill Claudius.
The struggle between Hamlet and Claudius is increasing. Claudius pays close attention to Hamlet who pretends to have gone mad.
To expose Claudius, Hamlet thinks of a plan: a group of actors are engaged to perform a play which recalls his father's murder. When Claudius appears deeply affected by the performance and leaves the hall before the play is ended, Hamlet knows he is right. To get rid of Hamlet, Claudius sends off Hamlet to England with his two men, who used to be Hamlet's friends and now are ordered to spy on him and kill him.
While at sea,Hamlet discovers a letter, in which Claudius orders the two men to kill him. Hamlet manages to escape from the ship and returns to his homeland, Denmark.
In the end,Claudius is killed by Hamlet. His mother is poisoned and dies. If you want to know whether Hamlet is alive or not, please read the play or see the film.
46.Hamlet is thought to be ________.
A.the best of the plays written by Shakespeare
B.one of the plays written by Shakespeare
C.the best poem written by Shakespeare
D.one of the best poems written by Shakespeare
47.The story took place in ________.
A.England B.France
C.Germany D.Denmark
48.As soon as Hamlet returned home, he thought that his father ________.
A.died of disease
B.killed himself
C.was murdered by his uncle
D.was killed in the battle field
Most drinks stating that they are fruit-flavored(水果味道的)contain no fruit at all, while most of the rest contain only a small quantity of fruit, according to a study carried by the British Food Commission.
"Shoppers need to check the labels(标签)before buying drinks, though sometimes the actual content can be non-existent," said Food Commission spokesperson Lan Tokelove."Food production is highly competitive.49 It will increase profits, and consumers won't always realize they are being tricked."
Flavorings are focused on the flavors of natural food products such as fruits, meats and
vegetables, or creating flavor for food products that do not have the desired flavors.Researchers analyzed the contents of 28 strawberry-flavored products sold in stores. 50 Of the 11 products that did contain strawberries, five of them contained less than one percent real fruit.In addition, each juice box contained nearly eight teaspoons of sugar.
51 Let's take jam as an example. Some strawberry-flavored jam was labeled as containing no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, but it contained absolutely no strawberries at all.
52 Consumers have the rights to know clearly about what they have bought.Under current UK law. Food packages do not have to distinguish between natural and artificial flavoring. "Describing a product as strawberry flavor and covering the surface of the packed with pictures of strawberries is misleading. 53 Unfortunately, it is also legal and widespread," Tokelove said.
A.The products which contain real fruit are popular with people.
B.Even products advertised as more natural often contained no fruit.
C.They found that about 60 percent of them didn't contain any fruit at all.
D.If companies can cut their costs by using flavoring, they are likely to do so.
E.It is important and necessary to demand a small amount of flavoring in the products.
F.Actually the product contains just a tiny percentage of strawberry or even no fruit at all.
G.The Food Commission suggested all flavors used in a product should be listed on the packaging.
人教版·选修6 Unit 2 Poems 3. Grammar: 虚拟语气Ⅱ
appropriate 2.compass 3.librarian 4.forever 5.darkness 
6.exchanged 7.scholarship 8.load 9.sponsored 10.warmth
11.let out 12.It is likely that 13.Hold on 14.by chance
 15.Although he was ill 16.No matter when
17.let out 18.try out 19.makes no sense 20.has been translated into 21.Had you come earlier
【答案】22.would have scored 23.were 24.wouldn’t have made 25.would win 26.hadn’t been caught 27.hadn’t gone 28.(should) pay 29.had not been 30.would invite 31.had taken
【答案】32.in 33.leaning 34.closer 35.a 36.puzzled 37.have been washed 
38.If 39.but 40.possibly 41.another
32.in in the distance为固定搭配,意为:在远处。
33.leaning keep doing sth. 继续做某事。
34.closer even修饰比较级故用closer。
35.a  one at a time 一次一个,为固定搭配。
36.puzzled 由系动词look可知,这里指our friend的表情,puzzled与looked构成系表结构。
37.have been washed  these starfish与设空处为被动关系,故用现在完成时的被动语态。
38.If 由后文的they would die up here from lack of oxygen可知,设空处用if引导条件状语从句。
39.but 前后句之间是转折关系故用but。
40.possibly  修饰动词短语get to用副词possibly。
41.another 设空处之他弯腰捡起来另外一条鱼。
【答案】42. C 43.A 44.C 45.C
42. C 推理判断题。前两段分析在诗歌欣赏中阅读的重要性,第三段首句则点明主题“...that time spent reading a poem aloud is much more important than...”。
43. A 推理判断题。副词also和比较结构足以说明诗歌教学本应该得到强调和重视。
44.C 语义猜测题。既然诗歌欣赏中阅读如此重要,教诗歌的老师一定要在课堂上给学生“预留阅读时间”。
45. C 细节理解题。从第三段第一句可得出答案。

【答案】46. A 47.D 48.C 
46.A细节理解题。由第二段中“The play Hamlet is considered to be the summit of Shakespeare's tragedies.”可知选A。
47.D细节理解题。从第三段第一句“The action of the play is laid in medieval Denmark.”可知选D。
48.C细节理解题。从第四段中“He thinks his father was murdered but he does not dare to tell others.”可知选C。
【答案】49. D 50.C 51.B 52. G 53.F
49.D这是五题中最简单的一道。选项中的costs 和profits都与金钱,属于同一范畴概念。另一层对应是逻辑上的,空格前面讲到竞争力大,空后讲到能增加利润,又不让顾客发现。所以他们会通过添加其他香料来节约成本。属于我们前面总结的解释型逻辑关系。
50 .C 从数字60 percent,空后11和空前的28可以推出此空与数字有关。再从空中的them和空后的the 11 products可以推测前面提到了products.这属于数字线索。
51. B Even products advertised as more natural often contained no fruit.这道题是很明显的例证关系,由观点到例子的做题模式。从后句中的was labeled as containing no artificial colors, but it contained absolutely no strawberries at all.可得出后面是具体以草莓产品为例子,fruit对应strawberries, natural对应artificial,也属于同一范畴类,再从出题位置上,为段首,一般为总结性语言。
52.G 此题空后讲到顾客有权利,上面应该是权力机构的要求。也就是Consumers have the rights和The Food Commission是同一范畴词汇对应;第二层对应为:选项中的空后的clearly和空中的should be listed on the packaging.为对应关系。
53. F 此题有两层对应。第一层对应是:空格后面的,strawberries是和空中的strawberries第二层对应是:misleading和空中的Actually tiny percentage of strawberry属于例证关系。