2018版高中英语(人教版)必修2同步练习题:Unit 2 Section Ⅱ 学业分层测评.doc

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2018版高中英语(人教版)必修2同步练习题:Unit 2 Section Ⅱ 学业分层测评.doc
1.What is it ________ made him so angry?
2.That's ________ I want to know.
3.Let us combine our two firms against our ______(compete).
4.How does one gain ____________(admit)to the Buckingham Palace?
5.One of the secrets of good health is ________(regularly)exercise.
6.We want some ____________(volunteer)in the hospital.
7.You should take ____________(responsible)for what you said.
8.They attended a party ________(host)by the president of the company.
9.We held a heated discussion on the ________(base)of fact.
10.Would you like to join us in ________(sing)?
【答案】 1.that 2.what 3.competitors
4.admission 5.regular 6.volunteers
7.responsibility 8.hosted 9.basis 10.singing
1.It was in the park where an accident happened to the old man.
2.I'm sorry for that I said.
3.I could never forget the day when I joined in the Party.
4.The criminal has admitted to put the time bomb inside the railway station.
5.We've replaced the old adding machine for a computer. 【导学号:97892039】
【答案】 1.where改为that 2.that改为what
3.去掉in 4.put改为putting 5.for改为with
Eddie has lots of hobbies, but he loves baseball best.So it is his __1__ sport.Eddie plays baseball on a team every year in the spring.He loves to go to baseball __2__.
Every day when it is __3__, Eddie's father throws a baseball to Eddie in the backyard.This is the time of day that Eddie __4__ best.He enjoys spending time with his father and he loves practicing baseball.
Eddie __5__ baseball cards throughout the year.He and his father visit the __6__ and buy cards for Eddie's collection.Eddie spends hours with his baseball cards.He arranges them in different __7__, and trades them with other baseball __8__.
One day, Eddie's father came home with two tickets to __9__ the Atlanta Braves play the next Saturday.Eddie was so __10__. He counted down the days on the calendar.
Finally it was the day of the game.Eddie and his father __11__ to Atlanta early in the morning. Before they watched the match, they __12__ the Braves' museum at the stadium and saw a short movie __13__the history of the Atlanta Braves.Eddie enjoyed seeing the museum.
They ate __14__ at the stadium, and soon it was time for the game.
The game was exciting. Eddie tried to __15__ every move the players made.__16__ he watched carefully and practiced a lot, he might just be on one of those baseball cards some day!
__17__ the game, Eddie and his father drove home.They talked about the game. They talked about which __18__ were the best, and which __19__ were the most exciting. Eddie went to sleep that night still __20__ of baseball. His dreams were filled with images from his very special day.
【语篇解读】 本文主要说了Eddie热衷于棒球运动,以及父亲对其爱好的帮助。
【解析】 根据上一句中的“he loves baseball best”可知,棒球是他“最喜欢”的体育运动。
【答案】 B
【解析】 根据上一句中提到的“他每年春天都加入一个队打棒球”和第二段最后一句中的practicing一词可知“他喜欢练习打棒球”。
【答案】 A
【解析】 根据下文中的in the backyard以及常识可知,打棒球应该是在天气较好的日子里。
【答案】 C
C.learns D. wants
【解析】 全文主要叙述了Eddie酷爱棒球,所以打棒球的时候是他最喜欢的时间。
【答案】 B
【解析】 根据下一句中的collection可推知,此处指他喜欢收集棒球卡片。
【答案】 C
【解析】 根据空后的buy cards可知,这里指他们到商店里去买。
【答案】 D
【解析】 此处指“他把收集到的卡片分类整理”。group“类别,种类”,符合常理。
【答案】 D
【解析】 Eddie是一个棒球迷,所以这里指他和其他的棒球迷互相交换棒球卡片。
【答案】 B
【解析】 由上文的two tickets可知,此处是指去“看”下周六Atlanta Braves的比赛。此句为see sb.do sth.结构。
【答案】 A
【解析】 Eddie是个棒球迷,能有机会去看精彩的棒球赛,他当然很“兴奋”。
【答案】 B
【解析】 根据最后一段第一句话中的drove可知,他们是开车去的。
【答案】 D
【解析】 表示“参观”博物馆,根据下文的“Eddie enjoyed seeing the museum.”也可推知答案。
【答案】 A
【解析】 on表示“关于”,即有关Atlanta Braves历史的短小影片。
【答案】 A
【解析】 他们清晨出发,之后参观博物馆,观看短电影,显然时间已近中午了,所以应该是吃午饭。
【答案】 C
【解析】 此时是在观看比赛,所以他应该仔细观摩(watch)每个队员的一举一动,根据下文的“watched”也可得出答案。
【答案】 C
【解析】 表示“假设”,他希望自己勤加练习,有朝一日能成为棒球卡片上著名的棒球运动员之一。
【答案】 D
【解析】 表示“看完球赛后”。由“Eddie and his father drove home.”可知答案。
【答案】 D
【解析】 父子两人讨论比赛中哪些队员表现最好;其他三项显然不符合文意。
【答案】 C
【解析】 他们讨论比赛中哪些部分最精彩。其他三项均不符合语境。
【答案】 A
【解析】 Eddie在晚上睡觉时依然“想着”棒球。think of“想象,设想”。
【答案】 A
Montgomery County Special Olympics held its eighth yearly show of unified (联合的)basketball at Blessed Sacrament School. The gym was filled with cheerleaders (啦啦队队员), parents and friends.The walls were covered with posters made by thirdandfourthgraders at the school.And all the elementary, middle and high school unified teams were playing hard and having fun. Every basket, no matter which team scores, is cheered and celebrated.
Special Olympics support more than 20 unified games. What are unified games?They are programs designed for players with special needs. In the games, they play with kids who are volunteers, called unified partners. The special athletes are unable to play normally like other healthy kids, and some of them are wheelchair (轮椅) users.In basketball, the unified partners rebound (抢得篮板球),pass and sometimes push a special athlete's wheelchair. As Brian Ross,a seventhgrader at St. Albans School in Washington, says,“You just try to help and get everyone to take part.”
Some special athletes have come a long way to be where they are. Caleb Head is a 15yearold special athlete.When he started, Caleb would only stand at the door and watch. Then Caleb began to practice his shooting but still would not play in the games. Now Caleb runs up and down looking for his shot.
The special athletes are not the only ones who benefit (受益) from unified sports; the unified partners do, too. Marla Grusin, whose son Tyler is a special athlete, says every kid should come to a Special Olympics game. If they do, they will learn “to share the ball” and that the game “is not all about me”.
Not a bad lesson for any athlete.
【语篇解读】 本文是记叙文。文章描写了美国一所中学举办的联合篮球比赛的盛况,这是特殊奥运会的项目之一。
1.The first paragraph is about________.
A.the meaning of unified games
B.Special Olympics' development
C.the benefits of playing basketball
D.an exciting unified basketball game
【解析】 段落大意题。本段细致地描写了一场气氛热烈的特殊奥运会联合篮球比赛的盛况。
【答案】 D
2.Special Olympics are especially held for students who________.
A.are disabled
B.love cheerleading
C.know little about ball games
D.want to become a star player
【解析】 细节理解题。根据第二段的“They are programs designed for players with special needs...The special athletes...are wheelchair(轮椅)users.”可知,特殊奥运会主要是为了那些残障学生举办的。
【答案】 A
3.According to the text, Brian Ross is most probably________.
A.a cheerleader
B.a special athlete
C.a unified partner
D.a basketball teacher
【解析】 推理判断题。根据第二段的“As Brian Ross,a seventhgrader at St.Albans School in Washington,says,‘You just try to help and get everyone to take part.'”可知,Brian Ross是一位联合运动搭档。
【答案】 C
4.According to Grusin,taking part in Special Olympics games can help children________.
A.learn basic basketball skills
B.become more selfless
C.improve their health
D.get better grades
【解析】 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段的“If they do,they will learn‘to share the ball’and that the game ‘it not all about me’”可知,Grusin认为如果孩子们参加特殊奥运会,他们将学会分享,并且明白这不是一个人的运动。可见特殊奥运会能帮助孩子们变得更无私。
【答案】 B