2016-2017学年高二英语新人教版选修7课时同步训练:Unit5《Travellingabroad》SeactionⅠWarmingUpandReading Word版含解析.doc

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2016-2017学年高二英语新人教版选修7课时同步训练:Unit5《Travellingabroad》SeactionⅠWarmingUpandReading Word版含解析.doc
Unit 5 Travelling abroad
1. Warming Up and Reading
1.Her name is well known in ________ (学术) circles.
2.Now that you are able to take up arms and defend your ______ (祖国), we are all proud of you.
3.I did a lot of work on that book. It annoys me that the editor never ________ (承认) it.
4.Professor Blair is giving a series of ________ (演讲) on Einstein's theories.
5.The two newspaper reports totally ________ (反驳) each other.
6.saw three camp beds, two of which were ________(占据).
7.Seated behind a wooden desk, he examines my passport and ________ (签证) .
8.Could you let me see a rough ________ (草案) of your report?
9.Now you can watch your favorite movies in the ________ (舒适) of your own home.
10.It's a children's book, but I ________ (推荐) it to everyone.
World travel has moved on to a new level as new websites spring up to enable travelers to plan their trips online. Virtual tourism is the latest name of the game and although relatively new, has seen some tourism websites grow to host over one-million users.
Typically, this development features a website that contains the answers to almost any tourism question. Tips and information are not provided by a single source, such as the website host, butrather from travelers themselves-often in the thousands. This has proven to be exceptionally beneficial for would-be travelers who are seeking information on questions such as where to find the best museum or beach; whether it is better to tour Brussels with a bicycle or on foot; and which exchange rate bureaus are available in Italy. Questions about food and restaurants; tourist spots; safety; accommodation; and others are all answered. In addition, posted tips promote better preparation, such as what to pack when heading for Sicily.
Apart from the useful tips, visual images and virtual tours have also been made available. If you'd like to visit the Eiffel Tower, it's a good idea to view the surrounding areas; to pick a safer train route; or to know that it's very close to the Seine River and that a walk along it would enhance the experience.
Virtual tours have sprung up globally. In South Africa, John Gore established the Virtual Tour Guide in November last year. On his blog, Gore was quoted a saying, "The world is panoramic(全景的). "We are able to tum our heads and look in all directions and get a feel for where we are, but the typical photograph cannot show or describe that experience completely. " However, there is an answer-technology makes it possible to share the world around us in a 360-degree panoramic way, which really makes the viewer feel as though he or she is really there.
11. Why is virtual tourism more and more popular?
A. Online games are more and more attractive
B. Many new websites appear and develop fast.
C. More and more people want to travel abroad.
D. It helps travelers save as much money as possible.
12. From the second paragraph we know______________________ .
A. we can solve any problem on websites
B. websites offer all the tips and information
C. we can get all our questions answered online
D. we can get many tips about tourism on websites
13. What does the underlined word "sprung up" in the last paragraph most probably mean?
A. Appeared.
B. Moved.
C. Competed.
D. Reduced.
14. What makes us see the world in a panoramic way?
A. Information.
B. Photograph.
C. Technology.
D. Virtual images.
I was appreciating my family photos on my computer, admiring my two beautiful babies when I found a disturbing scene: my laptop was in almost all the pictures.There was my daughter, 8 months old, playing at my feet while I was typing on the couch.There was my son, with a big transformer, on my left arms.
I’d heard about the Internet addiction before, but I always thought it was something only limited to playing too much World of Warcraft (a computer game) day and night.Now, it seemed my Internet-habit is slowly but surely crossing the line.Sometimes I find myself up at midnight, surfing the Web while my family are sleeping.I read news, keep up with friends and write my blog … just for something to do.
It turns out that I’m not the only mama who is addicted to the computer.These moms are contributing to a growing global addiction.There’s a movement among psychiatrists (doctors who specialize in mental diseases) to recognize the Internet addiction as an official mental disorder.And a recent Stanford University national survey found that 14 percent of Internet users find it hard to stay away from it for several days at a time; 9 percent try to hide their—unnecessary Internet use from their loved ones; 8 percent admit they use the Web as a way to escape problems.
You’re likely not the kind of addict who doesn’t bathe and abuses drugs to help her stay up for more online time.You may have noticed, though, that going online has become a necessary part of your life, which, at least, means a box of clothes go unwashed.It may also mean you’re missing much time with you baby—something you probably do care about.
15.From Paragraph 1, we can conclude that _______.
A.the author was busy taking care of her babies
B.the author’s job had something to do with computers
C.the author was not good at taking photos of her babies
D.the author looked after her babies while using the computer.
16.The author used to think that the Internet addiction is ________.
A.using the web at midnight
B.keeping up with friends online
C.spending too much time online
D.being addicted to computer games
17.In medical terms, the Internet addiction is ________.
A.a personal life habit
B.a way to escape problems
C.an official mental disorder
D.the unnecessary use of the Internet
18.What does the author want to express in the last but one paragraph?
A.Many women still can control their online time.
B.The Internet addiction influences housewives’ lives a lot.
C.Going online has become a necessary part of women’s lives.
D.Many people don’t realize that they are addicted to the Internet.
There is an old Spanish Proverb which states, “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week”.19I’d say, too many.Our dreams should not, and cannot wait.We have to go for them now! Here’s why.
Nobody likes to talk about death, but the reality is — everybody is going to die at one point.None of us know the day, or the hour.Therefore, today is all we have.Don’t go to your grave with unfulfilled dreams.Make the decision to go after every dream, big or small right now.
2.The world is waiting for your gift.
I know this may be hard to believe, but the world is waiting for YOU! Yes, YOU! 21 Sure, other people may be able to sing.But they’ll never be able to sing exactly like you.Sure other people can write, but they’ll never be able to write from the same perspective in which you write.Don’t deprive the world of your gift.It’s the oxygen that we need to survive.Thus, it is your responsibility to figure out exactly what your gift is, and use it to better your life and the lives of those around you.
You can dream about writing the great American play that you want, but it’s never going to happen unless you actually put pen to paper.You can dream about finding a cure for cancer, but it will never happen unless you actually go to school to become equipped with the necessary tools to find that cure.23They require you to get your head out of the clouds, and actually do the work to make them happen.Get to it!
A.You can’t let fear win.
B.Tomorrow is not promised.
C.In other words, dreams don’t work unless you do.
D.How many times have we put off our dreams until tomorrow?
E.You were born into the world with a unique gift, which nobody on this earth can copy.
F.Possibilities you never knew existed are waiting on you.
G.Unless you take the first step, your dreams will never come true.
Six months ago Xie Lei boarded a plane _____24______ London to complete a business qualification.______25______ she came to England,she lived with a host family,______26______ members always helped her.At the beginning she had to face such difficulties of daily life ______27______ how to use the phone,and how to pay bus fare.Besides,she also ______28______ (have) to face the difficulties of learning at the university.Studying there was quite ______29______ (differ) from studying in China and she needed some preparation first.She had to get ______30______ (use) to a new way of life,which took up all her concentration.It was ______31______ (benefit) as well as difficult for her to study in London.She learned ______32______ to fulfill Western academic requirements.Xie Lei also learned that as ______33______ student,she should not use other people’s work but try to express her own ideas.
Unit 5 Travelling abroad
1. Warming Up and Reading
1. academic 2. motherland 3. acknowledged 4. lectures 5. contradict
6. occupied 7. visa 8. draft 9. comfort 10. recommend
11. B细节理解题。根据首段中的“World travel has moved onto a new level as new websites spring up to enable travelers to plan their trips online.”可知,因为许多网站的出现,virtual tourism虽是新的事物,但已吸引了很多人。
14.C细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“...technology makes it possible to share the world around us in a 360 degree panoramic way...”可知C项正确。
15. D
16. D
17. C
18. B
16.D根据第二段always assumed I was something limited to socially challenged guys who played too much World of Warcraft (a computer game)可知作者过去认为网瘾仅仅指对电脑游戏的上瘾,故D正确。
17.C根据第三段There’ s a movement among psychiatrists (doctors who specialize in mental diseases) to recognize the Internet addiction as an official mental disorder.可知在医学上,网瘾是一种办公精神紊乱,故C正确。
18.B首先根据题干要求in the last but one paragraph为文章倒数第二段即第四段的内容,讲诉的是电脑是如何影响到家庭主妇的生活的。故B正确。
19. D
20. B
23. C
19.D根据上下文尤其是后句 I’d say, too many可知我们太多次推出自己的梦想。故选D。句意:多少次我们把梦想推迟到明天?故选D。
20.B根据本段everybody is going to die at one point.None of us know the day, or the hour.Therefore, today is all we have一句可知本段强调我们应该把握好今天,因为未来并不确定。故选B。
21.E根据本段Sure, other people may be able to sing.But they’ll never be able to sing exactly like you.Sure other people can write, but they’ll never be able to write from the same perspective in which you write两句可知本段主要是强调你本身所具有的独特优势,故选E。
23.C根据本段内容,尤其是最后一句Get to it!可知本段主要是号召大家要实现梦想就要立刻采取实际行动。
24.for 25.When 26.whose 27.as 28.had 
29.different 30.used 31.beneficial 32.how 33.a