2018版高中英语(人教版)选修9同步练习题:Unit 2 Period Ⅱ Warming Up & Reading 学业分层测评3.doc

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2018版高中英语(人教版)选修9同步练习题:Unit 2 Period Ⅱ Warming Up & Reading 学业分层测评3.doc
1.May God have ________(怜悯) on your soul.
2.There was an upward________(趋势) in oil shares yesterday.
3.How will they judge which is likely to be ____________(可靠的)?
4.He reduced his needs to the minimum by ____________(简化) his life.
5.Please keep this sheet in a safe place for ________(查阅).
6.Amy made an ________(笨拙的) gesture with her hands.
7.There was________(无处) to hide.
8.The list is arranged in a ________(随意的) order.
9.Your future in the company is ________(安全的).
10.A scientist must be ________(精确的) in making tests.
【答案】 1.mercy 2.tendency 3.reliable 4.simplifying 5.reference 6.awkward 7.nowhere 8.random 9.secure 10.precise
Ⅱ.阅读填句 【导学号:15680036】
Training for a marathon requires careful preparation and steady,gradual increases in the length of the runs.__1__,buy the bestfitting,bestbuilt running shoes you can find.No one can say which brand will work best for you or feel best on your feet,so you have to rely on your experience and on the feel of each pair as you shop.When you have found shoes that seem right,walk in them for a few days to doublecheck the fit.__2__.As always,you should stretch(伸展)at least ten minutes before each run to prevent injuries.
During the first week,do not think about distance,but run five minutes longer each day.__3__,it is wise to take a day off to rest.But during the next week,set a goal of at least a mile and a half per run.__4__.After two weeks,start timing yourself.__5__.Depending on the kind of race you plan to enter,you can set up a timetable for the remaining weeks before the race.
A.After six days
B.For a good marathon runner
C.Before you begin your training
D.With each day,increase the distance by a half mile
E.If they still feel good,you can begin running in them
F.Time spent for preparation raises the quality of training
G.Now you are ready to figure out a goal of improving distance and time
【答案】 1-5 CEADG
Recently,we went on a vacation for a week that involved visiting four different parts in the sunny and warm climate of the Caribbean.There were __1__ of laughter,fun,and great food.It's a__2__thing when you go away that each day of the vacation also __3__ to the end and a return to work.
It was twelve years since we went on a vacation,so this vacation was viewed with expectation of a great break away from my daily routine.And,we weren't __4__.
But there was something very different about this vacation compared to those when we worked in a cooperative__5__.The main__6__ was that when we returned,when the vacation was rapidly drawing to a close,we didn't have the same feelings of __7__stress and dread(恐惧).
In this most recent vacation,it wasn't that we__8__enjoy the various fun and new activities,the breakaway from routine,the pleasure of touring different countries and cultures,the__9__to do what we wanted when we wanted,or the leisurely__10__of each day that was significant.What was significant was that we didn't __11__dread the last day of vacation.You see,we knew that we were__12__what we love to do not what we had to do.
The feelings experienced in the last couple of days of vacation were viewed with the same joy as the very first days.In previous times,the last days of vacation were dreaded.We experienced a mounting(日益严重的)__13__of stress__14__we knew that a return to our field of employment was “work” and not,__15__that we loved and thoroughly enjoyed.
The __16__is this:If you do what you love,it doesn't matter__17__that a vacation has to end.If you love what you do you will not__18__yourself wishing for even a few more days of vacation,or wishing that you could__19__enjoying this vacation for much,much longer.A love of what you do__20__you back like a magnet.
【语篇解读】 外出旅行时人们在行程即将结束时往往会产生恐惧感,其原因是他们又要重新回到自己不喜欢的工作岗位上。但如果所从事的是自己很喜欢的工作,那么人们会不会还有这种恐惧感呢?
1.A.moments    B.possibilities
C.situations D.ways
【解析】 那是有欢笑、快乐和美食的时光,所以用moments。possibility可能性;situation形势,情况;way方法,手段。
【答案】 A
2.A.typical B.bitter
C.wonderful D.funny
【解析】 根据上下文,作者认为外出度假本来是一件令人愉快的事情,但人们往往由于对度假结束以后重新走上工作岗位的恐惧而不能充分享受这种快乐,这是一件很奇怪的事情。funny在这一语境中的含义为“奇怪的,难以解释的”。
【答案】 D
3.A.comes up B.counts down
C.gives out D.dies away
【解析】 count down倒计时。人们在度假的同时在倒数距离假期结束,重新上班的天数。本句旨在表明人们对假期结束后重新上班所表现出的恐惧感。
【答案】 B
4.A.satisfied B.tired
C.disappointed D.optimistic
【解析】 由下文内容可知,作者对最近的这次旅行感到很满意,没有失望之情。
【答案】 C
5.A.situation B.condition
C.state D.environment
【解析】 environment环境;in a cooperative environment在协作的环境下。
【答案】 D
6.A.advantage B.problem
C.difference D.drawback
【解析】 根据上文的something very different判断,此处应使用difference(差异,区别)。
【答案】 C
7.A.approaching B.relieving
C.bearing D.overcoming
【解析】 当假期结束回来的时候,我们没有以往那种走近压抑和恐惧的感觉。approach(时间或空间上的)接近,靠近。
【答案】 A
8.A.necessarily B.thoroughly
C.abundantly D.smoothly
【解析】 thoroughly在文中的含义为“彻底地,完全地”。
【答案】 B
9.A.opportunity B.desire
C.possibility D.right
【解析】 做我们想要做的事情的机会。opportunity机会。
【答案】 A
10.A.pattern B.pace
C.lifestyle D.atmosphere
【解析】 根据上文的leisurely(悠闲的,慢悠悠的)判断,此处所传达的信息为“每天悠闲的生活节奏”。
【答案】 B
11.A.yet B.still
C.also D.even
【解析】 重要的是,甚至在假期的最后一天,我们也没有感到恐惧。even含义为“甚至”。
【答案】 D
12.A.returning to B.submitting to
C.turning to D.heading for
【解析】 结束旅行后重新回到……,所以用return to。submit to屈服于;turn to求助于;head for朝……前进。
【答案】 A
13.A.number B.knowledge
C.sense D.awareness
【解析】 我们越来越感到压抑。a sense of是固定短语,含义为“……感觉”。
【答案】 C
14.A.although B.and
C.because D.if
【解析】 根据上下文判断,空格后面陈述的是原因。
【答案】 C
15.A.anything B.everything
C.nothing D.something
【解析】 根据所处语境判断,此处是说“而不是我们所喜欢并且能得到充分享受的事情”,所以用something。
【答案】 D
16.A.lesson B.idea
C.point D.solution
【解析】 文章接下来对全文进行总结。point在这一语境下的含义为“关键”。
【答案】 C
17.A.in the least B.for a moment
C.after all D.at the most
【解析】 如果做自己喜欢的事,假期结束一点儿关系也没有。in the least用于否定句中表示强调,含义为“一点儿也不”。
【答案】 A
18.A.let B.find
C.make D.catch
【解析】 如果喜欢自己所做的事,你就不会发现自己在不知不觉地期望假期能多几天。find oneself doing sth.是固定搭配,用于表达“发现自己不知不觉地在做某事”。
【答案】 B
19.A.maintain B.risk
C.keep D.stop
【解析】 根据下文的for much,much longer进行判断。keep doing sth.继续或持续做某事。
【答案】 C
20.A.draws B.holds
C.pushes D.welcomes
【解析】 根据下文的like a magnet(像磁铁一样)判断,此空应使用draw,像磁铁一样把你吸引过来。
【答案】 A
Ⅳ.阅读理解 【导学号:15680037】
One Sunday,Mark decided to go sailing in his boat with his friend Dan,but Dan happened to be away.Dan's brother John offered to go instead though he did not know anything about sailing.Mark agreed and they set out to sea.
Soon they found themselves in a thick fog.Mark was sure they would be hit by a big ship.Fortunately he saw a large buoy (浮标) through the fog and decided to tie the boat to it for safety.As he was getting onto the buoy,however,he dropped the wet rope.The boat moved away in the fog carrying John,who did not know how to use the radio.He drifted (漂流) about and was not seen until twelve hours later.
Mark spent the night on the buoy.In the early morning he fell asleep.He was having a bad dream when a shout woke him up.A ship,the Good Hope,came up and he climbed onto it and thanked the captain.The captain told him that John had been picked up by another ship and the ship's captain had sent out a message.“Without the message I would not have found you on the buoy,”he said.
【语篇解读】 本文是记叙文。主要介绍Mark与Dan的兄弟一块去进行帆船运动的经历。
1.Why didn't Mark and Dan go sailing together?
A.Dan asked his brother to go instead.
B.Dan was in some other place.
C.Mark was in some other place.
D.Mark would like to go with John.
【解析】 推理判断题。根据第一段提到的“but Dan happened to be away.”可知B正确。
【答案】 B
2.Mark tried to tie the boat to the buoy so that ____________.
A.he could spend the night on it while John was looking for help
B.he and John could go sailing again when the fog cleared
C.it wouldn't be hit by other ships
D.he might be picked up by a passing ship
【解析】 推理判断题。根据第二段第二、三句可知Mark担心被其他船撞到,所以发现浮标后把浮标系到船上是为了避免被其他船撞到。
【答案】 C
3.What made it possible for Mark to be found on the buoy?
A.John told people where to look for him.
B.John radioed to the Good Hope to get him.
C.He shouted when he caught sight of the Good Hope.
D.The captain saw him as the fog cleared.
【解析】 细节理解题。根据文中最后两句可知答案。
【答案】 A
4.The word “he” in the last sentence refers to ________.
A.the captain that got the message
B.the captain that sent the message
【解析】 推理判断题。根据倒数第二句可知。
【答案】 A
3.他宁愿在楼下见我,而不愿在楼上。(rather than)
4.哪怕失败,我也要试一下。(even though)
5.游客在十月份开始逐渐减少。(the number of)
【答案】 1.You may rely on it that he'll come to meet you. 2.You did lose your temper that day,but it doesn't matter. 3.He would prefer to meet me downstairs rather than upstairs. 4.I will have a try even though I should fail. 5.The number of tourists starts to tail off in October.