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Unit 3 Section III 课时训练
1.Could you tell us what’s for______(甜点)?
2.He covered her mouth to stop her from______(尖叫).
3.A large______(数量)of water has been wasted by the factory.
4.It’s wellknown that his father is a very________(真诚的)person.
5.I was very sad______(真正地)to hear of your father’s death.
in a rude manner,take a chance,it is wellknown that,as for,in rags
1.______your hope of winning the first prize,I don’t know about that.
答案:As for
2.Even in New York there are still many people______.
答案:in rags
3.Come on!It’s not worth ______ at all.
答案:taking a chance
4.Don’t treat that old man______ though he owes you some money.
答案:in a rude manner
5.______the present American President Obama is a black man.
答案:It is wellknown that
1.My parents always let me have my own______of living.
A.way         B.method
C.manner D.fashion
解析:句意:我的父母一直让我拥有自己的生活方式。a way of doing sth.“做某事的方式”。
2.______you,I wouldn’t like to hear you gossip behind others.
A.As from B.As of
C.As for D.As if
解析:句意:至于你,我不想听到你在别人背后说三道四。as for至于;关于。
3.Studying abroad needs______money,which is impossible for his parents to afford.
A.a large number of B.a great many of
C.a large amount of D.quite a few
4.College students are free to study______them.
A.no matter what interests
B.no matter which interests
C.whatever interest
D.whatever interests
5.—How did you find James Cameron’s new film Avatar last night?
A.Oh,wonderful indeed!
B.I went to the cinema alone.
C.First by train and then by ship.
D.A guide showed me the way.
解析:句意:——昨天晚上你觉得James Cameron的新电影《阿凡达》怎么样?——噢,真的很好。四个选项中只有A项符合句意。
6.If we keep wasting so much energy,the______are that our oil wells will dry up and the environment will be destroyed.
A.problems B.difficulties
C.questions D.chances
解析:句意:如果我们一直浪费这么多能源,很可能油会用光,环境会遭到破坏。the chances are that...意为“可能……”。
7.The lawyer seldom wears anything other than a suit ______the season.
A.whatever B.wherever
C.whenever D.however
解析:本题考查“疑问词+ever”结构引导的让步状语从句。句意:不论是什么季节,这位律师只穿一身西服而不穿其他的衣服。whatever在句中引导的是一个省略了的让步状语从句,完整形式为:whatever the season is,whatever在句中用作表语。wherever“无论何处”;whenever“无论何时”;however“无论如何”,其后通常接形容词或副词。
8.After losing $20,000 on my last business,I’m not______ this time.
A.taking a chance B.taking away
C.taking on D.taking off
解析:考查动词短语辨析。take a chance“冒险”;take away“拿走”;take on“呈现,雇用”;take off“起飞;脱下”。由题意可知A项正确。
9.It was rude______you to stare at the foreigner when he passed by just now.
A.of B.for
C.with D.to
解析:考查句型“It is rude of sb.to do sth.”“某人做某事是粗鲁的”。故A项正确。
10.Walking in the street,I often see beggars______ rags.
A.in B.on
C.with D.at
解析:句意:走在街上时,我经常可以看到衣衫褴褛的乞丐。in rags“衣衫褴褛”,为固定搭配。
11.______money is spent decorating the house last year.
A.A huge amount of B.A large number of
C.A great many D.Quantities of
解析:句意:去年装修房子花了大量的钱。a huge/large amount of“许多,大量”,修饰不可数名词,作主语时谓语动词用单数,符合句意。a large number of修饰可数名词复数;a great many修饰可数名词复数;quantities of修饰可数或不可数名词,作主语时谓语动词用复数。
12.Your table tennis is excellent. I ______ to your superior skill.
A.blow B.bow
C.board D.bless
解析:句意:你乒乓球打得真好,我甘拜下风。bow“鞠躬”,bow to sb./sth.“向……鞠躬致敬”,符合句意。
13.Believe in me,please!She______in the classroom last night.
A.stays B.is staying
C.did stay D.has stayed
14.______is known to us all that the 2012 Olympic Games will take place in London.
A.It B.What
C.As D.Which
解析:that前面没有is,由此可知题干是“It is known that...”句型,it是形式主语,that从句是真正的主语。
15.(2011江西高考)Please call my secretary to arrange a meeting this afternoon,or______it is convenient to you.
A.whenever B.however
C.whichever D.wherever
解析:句意:请叫我的秘书在今天下午安排一个会议,或者无论你什么时候方便(都可以)。this afternoon是时间状语,or连接两个并列的时间状语,所以用whenever“无论何时”引导时间状语从句。
Mark Twain was a great writer.He was from the USA.He was born in 1835.He was also a famous speaker.He was famous for his sense of humour.Many people liked to listen to him talk because he liked to tell some interesting stories to make people laugh all the time.

One day Mark Twain was going to a small town because of his writing.Before he was going to leave,one of his friends said to him that there were always a lot of mosquitoes in the town and told him that he’d better not go there.Mark Twain waved(摇动)his hand and said,“It doesn’t matter.The mosquitoes are not relatives of mine.I don’t think they will come to visit me.”
After he arrived at the town,Mark Twain stayed in a small hotel near the station.He went into his room,but when he was just about to have a rest,quite a few mosquitoes flew about him.The waiters felt very sorry about that.“I’m very sorry,Mr.Mark Twain.There are too many mosquitoes in our town.”One of them said to him.
Mark Twain,however,made a joke,saying to the waiter,“The mosquitoes are very clever.They know my room number.They didn’t come into the wrong room.”What he said made all the people present laugh heartily.
But that night Mark Twain slept well.Do you know why?That was because all the waiters in the hotel were driving the mosquitoes away for him during the whole night.
1.That day Mark Twain went to the town______.
A.to see one of his friends
B.because he wanted to do something there for his writing
C.because he was told there were a lot of mosquitoes there
D.to see one of his relatives
解析:从第二段的第一句话“One day Mark...because of his writing.”可知答案。
2.The waiters felt sorry because______.
A.they did something wrong to Mark Twain
B.their hotel was too small
C.the room was not very clean
D.there were quite a few mosquitoes in Mark Twain’s room
3.All the people present laughed heartily because______.
A.the mosquitoes were very clever and they didn’t come into the wrong room
B.the mosquitoes knew Mark Twain’s room number
C.Mark Twain gave the waiters some nice presents
D.Mark Twain made a joke
4.From the story we know that______.
A.no mosquitoes troubled Mark Twain during the night
B.the owner told the waiters to look after Mark Twain well at night
C.Mark Twain didn’t have a good rest that night
D.there were not mosquitoes in the hotel any longer
Ben Stiller was born on November 30,1965,in New York.He is the son of actor Jerry Stiller and actress Anne Meara.It’s not surprising that Ben Stiller has followed in his family’s footsteps.Ben’s parents made no real effort to keep their son away from the Hollywood lifestyle and he grew up among the stars.

In 1983,Ben attended the UCLA as a filmmaking student,but he left school after nine months with the aim of becoming a fulltime actor.Then he performed in the Tony Award winner,The House of Blue Leaves(1985).While working on the play,he shot a short The Color of Money.It was so funny that Lorne Michaels bought it and broadcast it on“Saturday Night Live”.
Ben made his big screen debut(初次露面)in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun in 1987.He soon stepped behind the camera to direct Back to Brooklyn for MTV.The network was impressed and gave Stiller his own show,“The Ben Stiller Show”.Unfortunately,the show was not successful,and he was soon out of work.
For a while,Ben had to settle for guest appearance work.While he was doing this,he saved up his money to make Reality Bites(1994).He both directed and performed in it.His first big budget(预算)directing job was Jim Carrey’s The Cable Guy(1996).Although many reviewers were impressed,Jim Carrey’s fans were not.
In 1998,There’s Something About Mary had pushed Ben into the mainstream(主流的)spotlight.In recent years,Ben has starred in such hit movies as Keeping the Faith and Meet the Parents.
Ben is an expert in comedy,and he knows how to get down when he needs to,making him one of America’s most popular performers now.
语篇解读:本文向我们介绍了好莱坞戏剧影星和导演Ben Stiller。
5.According to Paragraph 1,which of the following statements is NOT true?
A.Ben is about 45 years old now.
B.Ben’s parents hated him becoming an actor.
C.Ben was born into a family of acting.
D.Ben grew up among a lot of Hollywood stars.
解析:细节理解题。根据第一段“Ben’s parents made no real effort to keep their son away from the Hollywood lifestyle and he grew up among the stars.”可知他的父母没有刻意让他避开好莱坞的生活方式,由此可推断他们并没有不希望他将来成为演员,故选B项。
6.We can infer The Color of Money is most probably a short play that______.
A.made people think B.made people laugh
C.made people lost D.made people cry
解析:推理判断题。根据第二段的“It was so funny that Lorne Michaels bought it and broadcast it on‘Saturday Night Live’.”可推断The Color of Money是一个让人发笑的短剧。
7.People first saw Ben on the big screen in______.
A.The House of Blue Leaves
B.The Cable Guy
C.Empire of the Sun
D.Reality Bites
解析:细节理解题。根据第三段的“Ben made his big screen debut in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun in 1987.”可知应选C项。
8. All of the following about Ben Stiller are mentioned in the passage EXCEPI
A. his family background B. his education
C. his marriage D. his failure
解析:细节理解题.第一段提到了Ben Still。的家庭背景;第二段提到了他的教育;第三段的‘Unfortunately, the show was not successful, and he was soon out of work"提到了他的失败.文章并没有提及他的婚姻.