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高中英语必修四强化练习:unit 5 section 1.doc
Unit 5 Section 1
1.________(tour) has developed rapidly in recent years in that country.
2.Animals in the nature ________ are being well ________(preserve).
3.The ________(attract) of the moon for the earth causes the tides.
4.________(deed) are fruits; words are but leaves.
5.He is ________(various) described as a doctor and a monster.
6.We saw the monkeys ________(swing) from branch to branch and playing in the tree.
7.We were all ________(amusement) at his foolish behaviour.
8.There is a river 300 miles in ________(long) in the province.
9.She likes ________(model) herself on her mother.
10.What's the ________(center) thought of this article?
答案:1.Tourism 2.preserve;preserved 3.attraction 4.Deeds 5.variously 6.swinging 7.amused 8.length 9.modelling 10.central
1.(2014·合肥高一检测)________team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships.
A.No matter what B.No matter which
C.Whatever D.Whichever
答案:D 考查主语从句。句意:星期六那场比赛无论哪队获胜都将参加国家锦标赛。 而no matter what, no matter which只能引导让步状语从句,故排除A、B两项;再根据句意“无论哪一队”,可知选D项。
2.—The excellent student is said to have studied in Germany last year.
—________ he speaks German so fluently.
A.No need B.No problem
C.No wonder D.No doubt
答案:C 考查情景交际。句意:——据说这位优秀的学生去年在德国学习。——难怪他德语说得那么流利。There is no need to do sth.没必要做某事;no problem没问题;(It is) no wonder (that)...难怪……;There is no doubt that...毫无疑问……。结合句意及用法选C。
3.Many ________ goods in the store have been attracting many customers.
A.generous B.various
C.obvious D.curious
答案:B 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:这家商店很多各种各样的商品一直以来吸引着很多顾客。various“不同的;各种各样的”,符合句意。generous“慷慨的;大方的”;obvious“明显的;显而易见的”;curious“好奇的”。
4.(2014·衡阳高一检测)As is well known,Dragon Boat Festival and the custom of eating rice dumplings are ________ to us Chinese.
A.official B.unique
C.alone D.various
答案:B 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:众所周知,端午节和吃粽子的风俗是我们中国人特有的。unique“独一无二的;仅有的”;be unique to“是……特有的”,为固定搭配。official 官方的;alone 独自的;various不同的;各种各样的。
5.While our city tearing down old buildings to change its appearance, many citizens are suggesting ways to ________ the historically important architecture.
A.spend B.develop
C.preserve D.protect
答案:C 考查动词词义辨析。句意:在我们城市推倒旧房改建期间,很多市民建议保护历史性的重要建筑。preserve“保存;保留”,符合句意。spend花费;protect保护;develop发展。
6.The toys are ________ after the fairies of some cartoons, which are attractive to the children.
A.taken B.looked
C.modelled D.gone
答案:C 考查动词词义辨析。句意:这些玩具是模仿一些卡通里的精灵制造的,非常吸引孩子们。be modelled after“根据……模仿;仿造”,符合句意。take after(在外貌、性格等方面)与(父母等)相像;look after照顾,照料;go after追求,追逐。
7.(2014·大连高一检测) Unlike traditional ________ parks, theme parks often want to teach visitors something.
A.agency B.airline
C.altitude D.amusement
答案:D 考查词义辨析。句意:不同于传统的娱乐公园,主题公园往往给人们以启迪。agency代理处;airline航空公司;altitude海拔;amusement娱乐,消遣。根据句意可知应选D。
8.With her mother pushing her, the little girl sitting on the swing ________ higher and higher.
A.swung B.flew
C.climbed D.jumped
答案:A 考查动词词义辨析。句意:妈妈推着,坐在秋千上的小女孩越荡越高。swing“摇摆;摆动”,符合句意。
9.________ the operation should be performed now or later, it depends very much on the patient's conditions.
A.If B.That
C.When D.Whether
答案:D 句意:不管是现在做这个手术还是以后做,这主要取决于病人的身体状况。whether... or...,不管是……还是……。根据句意,选D项。
10.(2014·台州高一检测)—Are you familiar ________ the music?
—Yes. The music is very familiar ________ me, but I can't remember when and where I heard it.
A.with; with B.to; to
C.with; to D.to; with
答案:C be familiar with“对……熟悉;通晓”,多以人作主语;be familiar to“为……所熟悉”,多以事物作主语,人作宾语。
When our restaurant business failed, we headed north in a camping truck to Texas, hoping to have a “fresh start”.
At the __1__ of Palo Duro Canyon (峡谷) State Park, I__2__ a job advertisement hiring park hosts. The position offered a __3__, permanent campsite in the park, and __4__, the hosts served as a link between the park's guests and the rangers (护林人). It was the perfect solution: a rentfree place to reorganize our lives. We entered the park and I made an __5__ for the following day.
The park was __6__, so it took us some time to find an available site. That evening, as we finished our dinner, my wife saw two large skunks (臭鼬) walking toward our table. We __7__ climbed onto the table and, for the next four hours, waited for them to __8__ our camp.
Having survived that night, we were __9__ that everything else would be all right. The next day we met with the people who ran the park. They explained our__10__ and gave us a beautiful campsite.
That evening, __11__, we learned about the canyon __12__. They were strong and cold, rocking our little camping truck violently, and we lay __13__ in the dark until the winds died away.
__14__ the weeks that followed, we learned to survive in our truck and __15__ the little money my wife __16__ by substitute teaching. Building a successful business and then losing it had left very little time for building a successful __17__. For a time after our business __18__ I thought I might lose my family as well.
Living in the tiny __19__ with no television, we sat close together reading and talking. One evening, standing under a jeweled sky, I found myself __20__ for all the hardships. We had walked the trails and climbed the canyon walls. We had become a family!
1.A.back B.edge
C.centre D.entrance
答案:D 由本段最后的信息We entered the park 可知 ,我们是在公园的入口处看到的广告。back背部,后面;edge边缘;centre中心;entrance入口。D项符合语境。
2.A.sponsored B.published
C.noticed D.answered
答案:C 由语境可知,此处很显然表示“我们在公园的入口处无意当中注意到有则广告要雇佣看公园的人”。sponsor赞助;publish出版,发行;notice注意,尤指“无意当中注意到”;answer回答。由句意可知C项正确。
3.A.safe B.free
C.convenient D.beautiful
答案:B 由本段倒数第二句话It was the perfect solution: a rentfree place to reorganize our lives. 可知,此处营地是永久免费的。safe安全的;free免费的;convenient方便的;beautiful漂亮的。故B项正确。
4.A.in return B.in time
C.in short D.in turn
答案:A 提供永久的、免费的营地;作为回报,这看公园的人得充当公园的游客和护林人的联系者。in return作为回报;in time及时,总有一天;in short简言之;in turn反之。由语境可知A项正确。
5.A.attempt B.agreement
C.appeal D.appointment
答案:D 由语境可知,显然作者是看到这则广告,很感兴趣,所以第二天就预约了。attempt尝试;agreement同意,赞成,协议;appeal吸引,呼吁;appointment约会,预约。make an appointment 预约,符合语境。
6.A.crowded B.dangerous
C.ideal D.quiet
答案:A 由后半句so it took us some time to find an available site可知,公园很拥挤。crowded拥挤的;dangerous危险的;ideal完美的;quiet安静的。
7.A.repeatedly B.immediately
C.eventually D.calmly
答案:B repeatedly重复地;immediately立刻,马上;eventually最后,终于;calmly镇静地,冷静地。由前半句信息my wife saw two large skunks (臭鼬) walking toward our table可知,看到两个大的臭鼬朝我们的桌子走来 ,我们肯定害怕,因此马上就跳上桌子,故B项正确。
8.A.attack B.leave
C.pass D.search
答案:B attack攻击;leave离开;pass经过;search寻找。我们跳到桌子上很显然是要等臭鼬离开,故B项正确。
9.A.satisfied B.determined
C.confident D.aware
答案:C satisfied满足的,满意的;determined有决心的;confident自信的;aware清楚的。由前半句Having survived that night可知,我们很自信其他一切都会好起来的,故C项正确。
10.A.responsibilities B.requirements
C.circumstances D.conditions
答案:A responsibility责任;requirement要求;circumstance环境,情况;condition条件。由第二段信息the hosts served as a link between the park's guests and the rangers可知,此处表示“我们要承担的责任”,故A项正确。
11.A.moreover B.therefore
C.meanwhile D.however
答案:D moreover此外,况且;therefore因此;meanwhile与此同时;however然而。前一段提到我们遇到经营公园的人,他们给我们介绍了我们的责任,给了我们一个漂亮的营地;而后面显然是我们我们了解到的一些事情,前后表示转折关系,用however,故D项正确。
12.A.winds B.snows
C.woods D.trails
答案:A wind风;snow雪;wood木头,小树林;trail足迹。由后半句信息They were strong and cold, rocking our little camping truck violently以及 until the winds died away可知,此处指的是“大峡谷的风”,故A项正确。
13.A.shaking B.quarrelling
C.mourning D.aching
答案:A shake颤抖;quarrel吵架;mourn哀悼;ache痛。由语境可知,风猛烈地刮着,显然是我们躺在黑暗中颤抖,故A项正确。
14.A.After B.Between
C.During D.Beyond
答案:C after在……之后;between两两之间;during在……期间;beyond在那边,超过……的范围。由语境可知,此处表示“在接下来的几周里”,表示“在……里,在……期间”,用during,故C项正确。
15.A.give away B.hand out
C.live on D.put aside
答案:C give away 捐赠,泄露秘密;hand out分发;live on靠……生存;put aside存钱。由句意可知,在接下来的一周里,我们学会了在卡车上生存,学会了靠妈妈当代课老师挣的一点钱生存,故C项正确。
16.A.borrowed B.earned
C.posted D.raised
答案:B borrow借;earn获得,挣得;post 邮寄;raise升高,筹集。earn money为固定搭配,意为“赚钱,挣钱”,故B项正确。
17.A.business B.career
C.family D.image
答案:C business生意;career事业;family家庭;image形象。由后边那句I thought I might lose my family as well可知,此处表示“生意成功然后又失去了就使得我们几乎没有时间来经营一个成功的家庭”,故C项正确。
18.A.started B.failed
C.expanded D.declined
答案:B 本句与文章开头一句话When our restaurant business failed,相呼应,指“我们生意失败”。 start开始;fail失败;expand拓展;decline衰退。
19.A.truck B.park
C.house D.camp
答案:A 前面几个地方提到truck,显然是生活在没有电视的小卡车里,故A项正确。
20.A.desperate B.ready
C.suitable D.thankful
答案:D desperate 绝望的,不顾一切的;ready准备好的;suitable合适的;thankful感激的,感恩的。由前半句we sat close together reading and talking以及后半句We had walked the trails and climbed the canyon walls. We had become a family! 可知,我们收获颇多,我感激我们所遇到的所有的艰难困苦,故D项正确。
Millions of people pass through the gates of Disney's entertainment parks in California, Florida and Japan each year. What makes these places an almost universal attraction? What makes foreign kings and queens and other important people want to visit these Disney parks? Well, one reason is the way they're treated once they get there. The people at Disney go out of their way to serve their“guests”, as they prefer to call them, and to see that they enjoy themselves.
All new employees, from vice president(副总管)to parttime workers, begin their employment by attending Disney University and taking “Traditions I”. Here, they learn about the company's history, how it is managed and why it is successful. They are shown how each department relates to the whole. All employees are shown how their part is important in making the park a success.
After passing “Traditions I”, the employees go on to more specialized training for their special jobs. No detail is missed. A simple job like taking tickets requires four eighthour days training. When one ticket taker was asked why it took so much training for such a simple ordinary job, he replied, “What happens if someone wants to know where the restrooms are, when the parade starts or what bus to take back to the campgrounds?... We need to know the answers or where to get them quickly. Our constant aim is to help our guests enjoy the park.”
Even Disney's managers get involved(包括在内)in the daily management of the park. Every year, the managers leave their desks and business suits and put on special service clothes. For a full week, the bosses sell hot dogs or ice cream, take tickets or drive the monorail(单轨车)and take up any of the 100 jobs that make the entertainment park come alive. The managers agree that this week helps them to see the company's goals more clearly.
All these efforts to serve the public well have made Walt Disney productions famous. Disney is considered by many as the best mass service provider in America or in the world. As one longtime business observer once said, “How Disney treats people, communicates with them, rewards them, is in my view the very reason for his fifty years of success... I have watched very carefully and with great respect and admiration, the theory and practice of selling satisfaction and serving millions of people on a daily basis, successfully. It is what Disney does best.”
1.The first day they come to disney parks, all new employees________.
A.begin by receiving onthejob training
B.must learn several jobs
C.begin as ticket takers
D.have already attended Disney University
答案:A 细节判断题。根据第二段All new employees, from vice president to parttime workers,begin their employment by attending Disney University and taking “Traditions I”。可知,所有的员工上岗前要进行在职培训,据此可知答案选A。
2.The main objective(目标)of the Disney employees is to________.
A.learn all parts of the business
B.see that their guests enjoy themselves
C.be able to answer all kinds of questions
D.keep the important guests happy
答案:B 细节判断题。根据第三段最后一句话Our constant aim is to help our guests enjoy the park.可知,他们的不变目标是让旅客在迪斯尼乐园玩得开心,由此可见B为正确答案。
3.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
A.Tourists learn the history of Disney in its entertainment parks.
B.Disney attracts people almost from all over the world.
C.Parades are regularly held in Disney's entertainment parks.
D.Disney's managers are able to do almost all kinds of work in the Disney's parks.
答案:A 细节判断题。根据第二段中的Here, they learn about the company's history...“they”指的是迪斯尼员工;再者选项B、C、D都是对的,故选A。
4.This passage is mainly about________.
A.how Disney's employees are trained
B.the history and traditions of the Disney enterprises
C.why Disney enterprises make a lot of money
D.the importance Disney places on serving people well
答案:D 主旨大意题。阅读全文可知本文从开始的总体服务描述到员工岗前培训、特殊工种训练、经理层每年一周的亲身体会,无不显示了迪斯尼在使游客满意方面给予了高度重视,故答案选D。