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Unit 5 单元综合技能训练
21.(2014·重庆,6)I can't tell you ________ way to the Wilson's because we don't have ________ Wilson here in the village.
A.the; a       B.a; /
C.a; the D.the; /
答案:A  本题考查冠词。句意:我不能告诉你去Wilson家的路,因为我们村里没有一个叫Wilson的人。第一空表示去Wilson家的路,为特指,故用定冠词the;第二空为a+姓氏,表示某一个姓……的人,故A项正确。
22.(2014·泉州高一检测)The policeman ________ to the car and tried to find out whom it ________.
A.got close; belonged
B.got closely; was belonged to
C.got closely; belonged to
D.got close; belonged to
答案:D 考查固定搭配。句意:警察走近那辆车,想搞清楚那辆车属于谁。get close to固定搭配,走近,靠近;belong to属于,不及物动词短语,无被动语态,也不用于进行时,故选D。
23.My boss is really ________. He is often seen working in his office far into the night.
A.openminded B.hardworking
C.selfconfident D.warmhearted
答案:B 考查构词法。句意:我的老板是努力工作的。他经常被看见在办公室里工作到深夜。openminded心胸开阔的;selfconfident自信的;warmhearted热心的;hardworking努力工作的,符合句意,故选B。
24.The father as well as his three children ________ skating on the frozen river every Sunday afternoon in winter.
A.is going B.go
C.goes D.are going
答案:C 句意:在冬天的每个星期天下午,这位父亲和他的三个孩子去结冰的河面上滑冰。当as well as连接名词或代词作主语时,谓语动词应与前面的名词或代词在数上保持一致。由时间状语every Sunday afternoon可知,本句为一般现在时,故应选择C项。
25.Now,the world's focus is all on ________ it is that the global economy will come back to normal.
A.why B.what
C.where D.when
答案:D 考查名词性从句与强调句。句意:如今世界关注的焦点都集中在究竟何时全球经济才能恢复正常(的问题上)。________ it is that the global economy will come back to normal是介词on的宾语从句,同时从句中出现了强调句型“it is...that...”,由句意可知被强调部分为时间状语。
26.Her parents put a lot of effort into getting her ________ to a key school.
A.accepted B.received
C.announced D.admitted
答案:D 考查动词词义辨析。句意:她的父母花了很大的气力使得她被重点学校录取。be admitted to被录取到……,符合句意。accept接受;receive收到;announce宣布。
27.He hasn't slept at all three days. ________ he is tired out.
A.There is no point B.There is no need
C.It is no wonder D.There is no way
答案:C 考查固定句式。句意:他三天根本没有睡觉。难怪他筋疲力尽。There is no point没有意义;There is no need没有必要;There is no way不可能/绝不;It is no wonder=No wonder难怪,符合句意,故选C。
28.We stood there ________ at the ________ sight.
A.frightened; frightening B.frightening; frightening
C.fright; frightening D.frightening; fright
答案:A 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:看到那可怕的情景,我们恐惧地站在那儿。形容词frightened修饰人;frightening修饰物,故选A项。
29.The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only ________, but students became more interested in the lessons.
A.saved was teachers' energy
B.was teachers' energy saved
C.teachers' energy was saved
D.was saved teachers' energy
答案:B 句意:电脑应用于教学,结果不但老师省了力,而且学生也对教学更感兴趣了。并列连词not only... but also 连接两个句子,not only位于句首时,含有not only的分句用部分倒装,即将be/助动词/情态动词提到主语前面。
30.It is reported that only a(n) ________ of young people like to watch news. However, most like to watch entertainment shows.
A.lot B.number
C.minority D.amount
答案:C 考查名词辨析。由后一句“然而,大部分年轻人喜欢看娱乐节目”可知前一句所说的应为少数年轻人喜欢看新闻。a minority of少数,符合句意,故选C项。a lot of许多,后面跟可数或不可数名词;a number of许多,大量,后面跟可数名词;an amount of许多,大量,后面跟不可数名词,这三项与句意不符。
31.Thanks to Bill Gates, a wonderful “window”________ people can surf the Internet freely has been created.
A.that B.which
C.where D.when
答案:C 考查定语从句。句意:多亏比尔·盖茨,人们可以自由浏览网页的一个绝妙的“window”被创造出来。where在定语从句中作状语。
32.Li Na is famous ________ an athlete ________ her achievements in tennis.
A.for; for B.as; for
C.for; as D.as; as
答案:B 考查固定搭配。句意:李娜作为一名运动员因在网球方面取得的成就而出名。be famous for因……而出名;be famous as作为……而出名,故选B。
33.As many as five courses are provided, and you are free to choose ________ suits you best.
A.whatever B.whichever
C.whenever D.wherever
答案:B 句意:提供了多达五门课程,你可以自由选择任何一门最适合你的。所选项引导从句作choose的宾语,并在从句中作主语,意为“随便哪个”,因前一分句提供了选择范围,故选B项。whatever意为“什么都”,无范围限制,在从句中作主语或宾语;whenever和wherever在宾语从句中作状语。
34.If you are worried that the tickets will be sold out, you can buy one ________.
A.in time B.in advance
C.on time D.from time to time
答案:B 考查短语辨析。句意:如果你担心票会卖完了,你可以提前买一张。in time及时;on time按时;from time to time不时地;in advance提前,符合句意,故选B。
35.—If you keep on breaking the rules, you will be fired.
—________? I don't care.
A.How come B.Why not
C.What if D.So what
答案:D 考查情景交际。答句句意:那又怎么样?我不在乎。how come怎么会;why not为什么不呢;what if倘若……发生会怎么样;so what那又怎么样。由句意可知D项正确。
America's first zoo opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1859. Each year about fifty million people visit__36__in the United Sates.
In the past, zoos kept animals in small cages. There was__37__but the animal, its food and its waste. The Bronx Zoo in New York City led the way to better__38__. It designed exhibits to provide more__39__. The idea to creat settings more like nature__40__to other zoos.
One of the leading__41__zoos is in San Diego, California. The San Diego Zoological Society__42__the zoo. It also operates the San Diego Wild Animal Park where more than 2 000__43__live on about eight hundred hectares. Visitors learn about efforts to save and__44__rare animals like the California condor(秃鹫). This bird__45__three meters across with its wings spread.
In 1987, researchers__46__the last known California condors in the wild to put them into breeding(饲养)programs. Today the__47__of California condors has grown to 2045. That was the number as of last month. The San Diego Wild Animal Park__48__almost half of them. Many of the condors have been__49__into the wild. They live__50__in California but also in parts of Arizona and Mexico.
Some people believe it is__51__to keep animals in zoos. They say most of the animals in zoos are not endangered. So they question the__52__for programs to raise these animals in captivity(囚禁). They also argue that animals can__53__in zoos.
And, in some cases, zoos__54__. A number of American zoos have stopped showing__55__. These huge animals need lots of space, a mild climate and other elephants to live with.
36.A.parks B.zoos
C.theaters D.colleges
答案:B 本文的主题为zoo,可推测此处为visit zoos。
37.A.everything B.anything
C.nothing D.something
答案:C nothing but“仅仅”,为固定搭配。相当于only。
38.A.food B.places
C.climate D.conditions
答案:D 前两句谈的是动物居住的恶劣条件;推测出后面则是针对这种情况所做的改善。conditions包含了A、B两项。
39.A.fantasy B.tourism
C.amusement D.freedom
答案:D 前两句提到:动物园把动物养在狭小的笼子里,除了它们吃的食,就是排的便。四个选项中,只有D项的freedom算是对small cages的改善。
40.A.spread B.expanded
C.reached D.advanced
答案:A “为动物创设自然环境”的做法也传播到了别的动物园。spread“传播”,符合句意。expand “伸展,扩大”,常用来表示规模或面积的扩大;reach vt.,其后不需要跟介词;advance“前进”,不符合句意。
41.A.British B.Japanese
C.American D.Australian
答案:C 根据其后的California(加利福尼亚)可知这是美国的动物园。
42.A.earns B.operates
C.provides D.supports
答案:B 下一句中的also operates暗示答案为operate; earn“赢得,挣得”;provide“提供,供应”;support“支持”均不合语境。
43.A.animals B.plants
C.condors D.elephants
答案:A 因为是动物园,所以是“动物”居住的地方。
44.A.defend B.guard
C.watch D.protect
答案:D 根据第三段的描述可知,秃鹫在动物园里得到了有效的“保护”和繁殖。protect“保护”指保护或防御某人或某物不受伤害;defend“保护,保卫”,强调以武力或其他保护措施来保卫家园;guard“守卫,警惕”,指非常小心、警惕地保卫或守卫,以使某人或某物不遭危险、攻击等。
45.A.measures B.is measured
C.weighs D.is weighed
答案:A 根据其后的量词meters可知不是重量,故排除C、D两项;这里的measure表示状态而不是动作,故不需要使用被动形式。
46.A.shot B.found
C.caught D.spied
答案:C 由后半句“为了把它们纳入饲养计划”,可见是把他们“抓起来”。shoot“射杀”;find“找到”;spy“窥探,秘密监视”不合语境。
47.A.production B.population
C.audience D.visitors
答案:B 根据下一句中的the number可知选population“人口数”,这里指秃鹫的数量。production“生产”;audience“观众”;visitors“参观者”。
48.A.bought B.sold
C.raised D.killed
答案:C 这里的raise表示“饲养”。
49.A.kept free B.built up
C.moved off D.set free
答案:D 根据其后的into the wild可知选set free“释放”,即许多秃鹫已经被放回大自然。keep free“让……自由”;build up“逐渐增强,开发”;move off“离开”,均不合句意。
50.A.not just B.rather than
C.not until D.more than
答案:A 与后面的but also构成搭配的只有A项。not just....but also...“不但……而且……”。
51.A.kind B.cruel
C.funny D.considerate
答案:B 本段主旨是反对把他们关到动物园里,因此这么做是“残酷的”。kind“仁慈的”;funny“滑稽的”;considerate“考虑周到的”,均不合语意。
52.A.belief B.origin
C.need D.importance
答案:C 句意:他们质疑把这些动物关押起来的“必要性”。belief“信任,信仰”;origin“起源”;importance“重要性”均不符合上下文的逻辑关系。
53.A.suffer B.comfort
C.injure D.starve
答案:A 用来说明主题句“Some people believe it is__31__to keep animals in zoos”的只有suffer“痛苦”。故排除与此主题相反的B项;injure“伤害”;starve“饿死”都是suffer的一部分。
54.A.remain B.react
C.disagree D.agree
答案:D 根据其后列举的停止展览大象的例子可以看出,在某些情况下,动物园对这种观点是“赞同”的。
55.A.birds B.elephants
C.monkeys D.eagles
答案:B 根据下一句中的“These huge animals...other elephants”可知,此处指称为“庞大的动物”的大象。
Harry Potter Theme Park
Universal Orlando Resort (奥兰多环球影城度假村) is opening a Harry Potter theme park that will let fans visit many of the locations in the books and movies that endeared (使受钟爱) the boy magician to millions.
“The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”is set to open at Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in late 2009, complete with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,the Forbidden Forest,and Hogsmeade village.
“The plans I've seen look incredibly exciting, and I don't think fans of the books or films will feel disappointed,”said author J. K. Rowling, who has been working with a creative team to make sure the park resembles the books and films.
“More than a dozen artists led by Stuart Craig, the production designer of the movies, have set up houses in the studio where the movies are being filmed to make sure every detail is considered,”said Scott Trowbridge of Universal.
The park will let visitors view the famed locations in Rowling's magical world, like Dumbledore's office in Hogwarts and the shops in Hogsmeade. Some locations may be in upcoming (即将出现的) books.
Many tourists outside the theme park said the experience would boost its appeal to younger audience.
Trowbridge said while there would not be any character looking alike at the park, fans wanting to see Harry Potter and his magical friends wouldn't leave disappointed.
“This is Harry's world,”said Trowbridge. “Every fan wants to have an encounter (相遇) with the stars of the show.”
The Harry Potter book series has been translated into 65 languages with more than 325 million copies sold in over 200 territories around the world.
56.The Harry Potter theme park will ________.
A.give the visitors beautiful natural view
B.give the visitors a lot of books
C.let the visitors experience many of the locations in the books and movies about Harry Potter
D.let the visitors see lots of animals
答案:C 细节理解题。根据第一段可知,C项正确。
57.What's the opinion of J. K. Rowling about the Harry Potter theme park?
A.She thought it was a failure.
B.She didn't think highly of it.
C.She thought that the fans of the books or films would feel disappointed.
D.She thought it would be popular with the fans of the books or films.
答案:D 细节理解题。根据第三段中J. K. Rowling说的话可知,她对该主题公园非常有信心,故D项正确。
58.Which of the following is right?
A.A dozen artists have set up houses in the studio.
B.The production designer of the movies is Stuart Craig.
C.All of the locations are in the books now.
D.The experience would reduce its appeal to younger audience.
答案:B 细节理解题。根据第四段第一句知A项错误;B项正确;根据第五段最后一句知C项错误;根据第六段知D项错误。故选B项。
59.The Harry Potter book series ________.
A.is popular in 65 countries
B.has only 325 million copies around the world
C.is to the old people's taste
D.is a great success
答案:D 细节理解题。根据最后一段知,《哈利·波特》书系列取得了辉煌的成功,故A、B两项错误。根据第六段知,C项错误,故选D项。
Disney decided to build his park in California, and in 1952 he began to buy land. This proved to be a difficult task, since the land he wanted was owned by no fewer than twenty families. In 1954, he sent four members of his staff around the United States looking for ideas at establishing amusement parks. The only idea on which they found general agreement was that Disney was insane. Owners of other parks said it was impossible to succeed without dangerous rides or using methods that were at least a little dishonest. However, Disney went on with his plans for a clean, safe park, which he decided to call Disneyland.
At last Disneyland was built and opened to the public. Very quickly, it came to be regarded as one of the wonders of the modern world.
Disneyland was a personal satisfaction to Disney. It expressed his ideas of all that is true, good and beautiful in this world. He never tired of visiting the park himself, of expanding it or improving it. Even today, Disneyland is kept spotless(无污点的). Every night, every street and walkway is washed, and workers with knives get down on their hands and knees to scrape out(刮去) chewing gum dropped by visitors.
Disney himself didn't live long enough to visit his Florida park. Death came in December 1966. On the day of his death, this headline appeared in the New York Times:
Walt Disney, 65, dies on coast
Founded an empire(帝国)on a mouse
He was a dreamer who had worked hard to make his dreams come true, and he had brought joy to millions.
60.From the first paragraph, we can see ________.
A.Disney's hard effort proved to be useless
B.some people gave great support to Disney
C.the owners of some parks showed jealousy(嫉妒)to Disney
D.Disney was not influenced(影响)by others' disagreement at all
答案:D 推理判断题。由第一段可知,别人都认为迪斯尼的做法是不会成功的,但他还是继续自己的计划。
61.In the first paragraph, the word “insane” can be replaced by ________.
A.excited B.mad
C.kind D.interested
答案:B 词义猜测题。 由下一句中的impossible可知,别人都认为这是不可能的。因此insane的含义应和B项mad(疯了)是一致的。
62.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
A.In 1954 Disney began to buy land to build his park in California.
B.From the investigation of four members of his staff, his idea was very acceptable.
C.Disney died after he built his Florida park.
D.Disney is a good example for those who like to dream and work hard to realize it.
答案:D 细节理解题。根据最后一段“He was a dreamer who had worked hard to make his dreams come true,and he had brought joy to millions.”可知,迪斯尼为那些有梦想,而且通过努力去实现梦想的人树立了榜样,故答案选D。
Drayton Manor in the UK first opened its gates to the public in October, 1949, as an inland pleasure resort and was originally just a normal park with tea rooms, boat rides and a pet's corner. Since then it has grown to become the UK's leading familyrun theme park and the fourth most popular theme park in the UK. The park's motto is “Family Run for Family Run”.
Drayton Manor Theme Park stands in an area of 280 acres and boasts 36 rides in total, including 4 roller coasters and 3 water rides. Within the park is a 15acre zoo which houses over 100 species of animals. Drayton Manor is proud to be the first in the world for some of its rides. For instance, the Apocalypse is the world's first standup tower drop ride and G Force is the world's first X Car Coaster (apart from its original design in Germany).
If you fancy a camping holiday at Drayton Manor, there is a 75pitch camping and caravan(宿营拖车) site with onsite facilities such as toilets, showers (for the disabled, too), and security. Not only are you situated on the park itself, but you are also close to a large number of other local attractions and facilities.
A day at Drayton Manor is fun for all the family. Unfortunately, there are height restrictions on some of the rides. Children over 1.4 m can ride on all the rides by themselves. Children between 1.4 m and 1 m must be accompanied by an adult to enjoy some rides. There are several rides which children shorter than 1 m are not allowed to ride on. There are numerous places to eat and drink, so you will never need to go hungry. And for the smaller children at Drayton Manor, there is Robinson's Land which had some big events happening in 2010.
All in all, Drayton Manor has something for the whole family and is well worth a family day trip this summer. For opening times and ticket prices, check out Drayton Manor Home Page.
63.What's the best title for this passage?
A.The Zoo at Drayton Manor
B.A Family Day Trip to Drayton Manor
C.The First X Car Coaster in the World
D.Drayton Manor—a Popular Theme Park in the UK
答案:D 主旨大意题。通读全文,本文主要是介绍英国的一个大众喜爱的主题公园,故选D。
64.If Peter (1.5 m), Harry (1.2 m) and Jack (0.8 m) go to visit Drayton Manor,________.
A.Peter cannot ride on all the rides by himself
B.Jack can take all the rides if he is accompanied by his parents
C.Harry has to be accompanied by his parents on some rides
D.they have to bring water and food if they don't want to go hungry
答案:C 推理判断题。根据第四段的Children over 1.4 m can ride on all the rides by themselves.Children between 1.4 m and 1 m must be accompanied by an adult to enjoy some rides.There are several rides which children shorter than 1 m are not allowed to ride on.可知A、B不正确,C正确;根据There are numerous places to eat and drink,so you will never need to go hungry.可知D项错误。
65.We can know from the passage that ________.
A.there are no camping sites at Drayton Manor
B.Drayton Manor is very considerate when designing its camping site
C.there are no local attractions and facilities around Drayton Manor
D.Robinson's Land is specially designed for disabled people
答案:B 细节理解题。根据第三段第一句中的(for the disabled,too)部分可知,Drayton Manor在设计宿营地时考虑到了残疾人,可见其考虑周全。
66.You are most likely to find the passage in a ________.
A.biology textbook B.travel brochure
C.health report D.fashion survey
答案:B 推理判断题。通读全文可知本文主要是介绍英国的一个主题公园,最有可能出现在旅游小册子上,故选B。
Six Flags over Texas at Arlington was a famous theme park in the United States,which turned out to be the beginning of many firsts.
In 1961, the founder Agnus G. Wynne, Jr. dreamed of building an entertainment park influenced by Disneyland. Wynne's dream took one year and 10 million dollars to complete. According to his son, David Wynne, “It was a combination of great foresight (先见之明), great luck and a lot of creativity.”
The park got its name from the six flags flown over the State of Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, Texas, Confederate States of America, and the United States of America. The name choice was a direct reflection (反映) of the State of Texas and its history.
Agnus G. Wynne,Jr. sold the park and his other parks to Tierco in 1971. Tierco transformed (改造) them into Premier Parks,Inc. before finally using the name Six Flags Theme Parks,Inc. in 1998.
The park was divided up into six parts representing each flag. The admission was $ 2. 75 for adults. Six Flags over Texas has enjoyed several firsts in business. It is also famous for its longdistance roller coaster and the first freefall ride.
The creation of Six Flags over Texas was a big part of the growth of the City of Arlington, Texas and the entire Dallas area. The park made the area a vacation spot and quickly made a large financial impact. The park easily achieved its goal of 2 million visitors every year.
67.Agnus G. Wynne,Jr. came up with the idea of building an entertainment park ________.
A.when he saw the success of Disneyland
B.before his son provided 10 million dollars
C.after he considered it carefully for one year
D.because he was proud of the history of Texas
答案:A 细节理解题。根据第二段中第一句In 1961, the founder Agnus G. Wynne, Jr. dreamed of building an entertainment park influenced by Disneyland可知,A项正确。
68.The theme park has owned the name of Six Flags over Texas for ________ years.
A.40 B.30 C.13 D.10
答案:C 细节理解题。根据第四段知,最后确定用这个名字在1998年,现在是2011年,故为使用这个名字13年。
69.It can be inferred from the text that the State of Texas ______.
A.was developed by people from six countries
B.has six different flags as a symbol
C.is made up of six different parts
D.was ruled by six different governments
答案:D 推理判断题。根据第三段可推知,得克萨斯在历史上先后被六个国家统治过。根据第二段第一句