2016-2017学年人教版高中英语选修11测试 Unit 2 Detective stories 单元综合测评2 Word版含答案.doc

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2016-2017学年人教版高中英语选修11测试 Unit 2 Detective stories 单元综合测评2 Word版含答案.doc
Can You Imagine How Hard It Would Be To Read?
Sentences likethis?Every one of us gets so used to punctuation marks that not many of us give them a second thought. Actually, the ancient Greeks wrote this way. The lack of punctuation marks probably didn't bother good readers, though. As they read, they just put pauses where they fit best. Also at this time, sentences switched directions. A sentence read from left to right. The next one read right to left, and then left to right again, etc. The ancient Romans sometimes punctuated like this: They·put·something·that·can·separate·words·in·a·sentence. The word punctuation actually comes from this idea and the Latin word puncture, which means a dot.
When the 5th century arrived, there were just two punctuation marks: spaces and points. The spaces separated words while the points showed pauses in reading. Then in the 13th century, a printer named Aldus Manutius tried to standardize punctuation. He always used a period for a complete stop at the end of a sentence. He used a slash (/) to indicate a short pause. Over time, that slash was shortened and curled, and it became the modern comma (逗号).
Since that time, other marks have enlarged the punctuation family. The exclamation mark (感叹号) comes from the Latin word io.It means “exclamation of joy”. The question mark originally started out as the Latin word questio, meaning question. Eventually, scholars put it at the end of a sentence to show a question.
Punctuation even keeps changing nowadays. New marks are coming into existence, and old punctuation marks are used in new ways. Take for example the “interrobang”. This 1962 invention combines the question mark and exclamation mark for times when writers want both. For example, “She did what!?” or “How much did you pay for that dress!?” Obviously, the interrobang is not widely used or recognized yet, but its invention shows that English is not yet finished with its punctuation.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。主要介绍了英文中标点符号的起源和发展。
1.From the first paragraph, we can know that ________.
A.good readers had trouble reading without punctuation marks
B.a sentence always read from left to right in ancient Greece
C.the ancient Greeks switched the direction of punctuation marks
D.the use of punctuation marks can date back to ancient times
【解析】 推理判断题。根据第一段最后两句“The ancient Romans sometimes ... which means a dot.”可推知,标点符号的使用可以追溯到古代。故答案选D。
【答案】 D
2.The passage is developed by________.
A.time        B.space
C.comparison D.importance
【解析】 篇章结构题。文章第二、三、四段开头第一句都与时间有关,由此可推知,本文是按照时间顺序来写作的。故答案选A。
【答案】 A
3.We can learn from the passage that________.
A.ancient Romans didn't use any punctuation marks
B.exclamation and question marks came from Latin
C.spaces and slashes were already used before the 5th century
D.Aldus Manutius first started to use commas
【解析】 细节理解题。根据文章第三段第二、四句可知,感叹号和问号都起源于拉丁语。故答案选B。
【答案】 B
4.What can be concluded from the last paragraph?
A.The combination of two marks will not work.
B.It takes time for people to accept new punctuation marks.
C.Old punctuation marks need to be standardized.
D.Punctuation marks are still changing today.
【解析】 细节理解题。根据最后一段第一句“Punctuation even keeps changing nowadays.”和最后一句中的“but its invention shows that English is not yet finished with its punctuation”可知,英语中的标点符号至今还在继续变化。故答案选D。
【答案】 D
Jackson Language School
Summer Opening and Closing Time
The Jackson Language School is open each day except Sunday. There is an English Corner also available from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the Bellevue Hall across from the school.
Class Size
Classes have a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 16 students in one class. Classes are equipped with earphones and an electronically controlled listening.
Teachers are all experienced and have a minimum of 2 years' experience and at least a certificate in teaching English as a second language. They are all available for tutoring if you need it.
The school is located 15 minutes from central London at 34 Inverleith Row, next to the Marks and Spencer shopping centre. It is near a bus stop and only a 5minute walk from the tube.
Students on student visas are expected to attend regularly. Students who are absent more than 60% of the time will be reported to the Student Office. Moreover, if students attend less than 80%, they will not be able to get a certificate from Jackson Language School. It is also required by the Student Office for a visa extension.
Home Stay
You are able to stay with a British family if you request so. Jackson has a home stay program that matches students with families according to their own requirements and needs. While generally no problems occur, students may move from a home stay household if he or she gives a 2week written notice to the home stay family school.
Language Policy
As the course is an immersion (沉浸式) program, students are expected to speak English the entire time they are at the school. If they speak any language other than English at the school, they may be asked to leave the school for a day.
【语篇解读】 本文是一则广告,主要介绍的是一所语言学校的暑假班的招生信息。
5.If you attend more than 80% of your classes,________.
A.you will be likely to get a certificate
B.you will not obtain a visa extension
C.you may be reported to the Student Office
D.you may not be able to get a certificate
【解析】 推理判断题。根据Attendance部分中的“Moreover, if students attend less than 80%, they will not be able to get a certificate from Jackson Language School.”可知,如果学生上课的时间少于总量的80%,就无法获得结业证书。由此可推断,如果学生上课的时间超过总量的80%,就可能会获得结业证书,故A项正确。
【答案】 A
6.The students are expected to speak English________.
A.part of the time while at the school
B.the entire time they are at the school
C.no matter when they want to
D.when they are in a home stay family
【解析】 细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“students are expected to speak English the entire time they are at the school”可知,这个学校希望学生在学校的全部时间都说英语,故B项正确。
【答案】 B
7.At Jackson Language School,________.
A.you can't move out of a home stay family
B.you can't take part in an English Corner
C.you can turn to a teacher when you need to be tutored
D.you can study in a class less than 10 students
【解析】 细节理解题。根据Teachers部分中的“They are all available for tutoring if you need it.”可知,在这个学校,如果需要辅导的话,学生可以向这个学校的老师求助,故C项正确。
【答案】 C
What are you going to do if you are in a burning house? How will you escape? Do you know how to save yourself? Please read the following passage.
Escaping a fire is a serious matter. Knowing what to do during a fire can save your life. It is important to know the ways you can use and show them to everyone in the family, such as stairways and fire escapes, but not lifts.
From the lower floors of the buildings, escaping through windows is possible. Learn the best way of leaving by windows with the least chance of serious injury.
The second floor window is usually not very high from the ground. An average person,hanging by the fingertips will have a drop of about six feet to the ground. It is about the height of an average man. Of course, it is safer to jump as hort way than to stay in a burning building.
Windows are also useful when you are waiting for help. Be sure to keep the door closed. Or smoke and fire may be drawn into the room. Keep your head low at the window to be sure you get fresh air rather than smoke that may leak(渗漏) into the room.
On a second or third floor, the best windows for escape are those that open onto a roof. From the roof a person can drop to the ground more safely. Dropping onto cement (水泥) might end in injury. Bushes(灌木丛) and grass can help to break a fall.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。主要讲的是我们如何在火灾中逃生,给我们提供了自我保护的方法。
8.It is important to________.
A.put out the fire in the burning house
B.know the ways to escape the fire
C.jump off a burning house
D.keep the door closed
【解析】 细节理解题。从第二段第三句“It is important to know the ways you can use and show them to everyone in the family”可知,你知道哪些方法可以使用并把它们介绍给家里的每一个人是很重要的。故选B。
【答案】 B
9.It is possible to escape through the windows if________.
A.there are some bushes on the ground
B.you are strong enough
C.you live on a lower floor
D.you have a long rope
【解析】 细节理解题。从第三段第一句“From the lower floors of the buildings,escaping through windows is possible.”可知,从建筑的低楼层的窗户里面逃出来是可以的。故选C。
【答案】 C
10.Which of the following escaping ways is NOT right?
A.You can escape though stairways.
B.You can choose fire escapes.
C.Escape from the windows that open onto a roof.
D.Use a lift to come down at once.
【解析】 细节理解题。从第二段最后一句“such as stairways and fire escapes,but not lifts”可知,逃脱时可以选择楼梯和太平梯,但不能是电梯。故选D。
【答案】 D
11.Open the window so that________if the building is on fire.
A.you can get fresh air
B.you can call for help
C.you can easily jump off
D.you can be seen first
【解析】 细节理解题。从第五段最后一句“Keep your head low at the window to be sure you get fresh air rather than smoke that may leak(渗漏)into the room.”可知,保持你的头在窗户下,以保证让新鲜空气进来而不是让烟渗进房间。故选A。
【答案】 A
The holidays don't have to be hard on your waistline. We asked past winners of NBC's The Biggest Loser how they keep the weight off.
1.Don't let the weather stop you.
“The winter was freaking me out-I was afraid I wouldn't be able to exercise.So I'm learning to play ice hockey! To keep yourself going,find things that are fun for you.”
—Helen Phillips,season 7
2.Get back up after you fall.
“I lost 214 pounds on The Biggest Loser,but eventually the weight started to creep back on because I stopped making the effort later. I had to remember:Going back to the gym is not a punishment-it's something I do because I care about myself.”
—Erik Chopin,season 3
3.Make it easy to measure.
“All my serving utensils are measured. It's not obvious,because they're really beautiful, but I have the option of tracking what I'm eating. That helps me be smart about it.”
—Ali Vincent,season 5
4.Remember that age is just a number.
“Before I went on the show,I sat on the couch and lived my life vicariously through the TV. Now, in addition to ice hockey,I've tried kayaking and I've become a runner-and I'm 50 years old! If you want to lose weight,ask yourself,‘is it that I can't or that I won't’ ?”
—Helen Phillips
5.Set small goals,and celebrate when you reach them.
“I needed targets, different things to go for on a daily basis-a distance on the treadmill or a weight goal. Without them, I wasn't celebrating myself enough, and I got really good at beating myself up.”
—Ali Vincent
6.Squeeze it in.
“When I'm in the grocery store, I'll do lunges up and down the aisles. In the checkout line, you could do squats. I used to worry about what people thought of me, but I don't care any more. I know I'm going to get the_last_laugh.”
-Ali Vincent
【语篇解读】 这是一篇说明文。文章主要讲述的是NBC(美国全国广播公司)播出的《超级减肥王》节目的冠军们对减肥后身材的保持所提出的建议。
12.Who advises us to go back to the gym often after losing weight?
A.Helen Phillips.   B.Erik Chopin.
C.Ali Vincent. D.No one.
【解析】 细节理解题。根据第三段“Get back up after you fall”.标题下的“Going back to the gym is not a punishment-it's something I do because I care about myself.”可判断选B。
【答案】 B
13.According to the passage ,we can infer The Biggest Loser is (a place to)________.
A.exercise yourself
B.lose weight
C.a grocery store
D.an ice hockey club
【解析】 推理判断题。根据第一段中“We asked past winners of NBC's The Biggest Loser how they keep the weight off.”和第五段中“Before I went on the show...”可判断这是一个减肥节目,因此选B。
【答案】 B
14.Ali Vincent wants to advise us to________.
A.sit on the couch and live our life through the TV
B.track what we are eating all the time at home
C.set small goals and celebrate when we succeed
D.get really good at heating ourselves up sometimes
【解析】 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段Set small goals,and celebrate when you reach them.标题及下面的“‘I needed targets,different things to go for on a daily basis’”可判断选C项。
【答案】 C
15.What does the underlined part “the last laugh” refer to?
A.Succeeding in losing weight.
B.Succeeding in doing squats.
C.Worrying about other people.
D.Garing about anyone else.
【解析】 词义猜测题。根据全文所讲述的关于减肥方面的建议可判断,“笑到最后”是指减肥成功。
【答案】 A
Taking good notes is a timesaving skill that will help you to become a better student in several ways.__16__Second, your notes are excellent materials to refer to when you are studying for a test. Third, notetaking offers variety to your study time and helps you to hold your interest.
You will want to take notes during classroom discussions and while reading a textbook or doing research for a report.__17__ Whenever or however you take notes, keep in mind that notetaking is a selective process.__18__The following methods may work best for you.
●Read the text quickly to find the main facts and ideas in it.
●Carefully read the text and watch for words that can show main points and supporting facts.
●Write your notes in your own words.
●Note any questions or ideas you may have about what was said or written.
As you take notes, you may want to use your own shorthand(速记). When you do, be sure that you understand your symbols and that you use them all the time.__20__
A.Use words, not complete sentences.
B.There are three practical notetaking methods.
C.You must write your notes on separate paper.
D.Otherwise, you may not be able to read your notes later.
E.You will also want to develop your own method for taking notes.
F.That means you must first decide what is important enough to include in your notes.
G.First, the simple act of writing something down makes it easier for you to understand and remember it.
【语篇解读】 本文主要说明了记笔记的好处、如何记笔记以及记笔记的注意事项。
16.G 根据“Second, your notes are excellent materials to refer to when you are studying for a test. Third, notetaking offers...”可知这里想说“首先……”,故选G。
17.E 根据第二个空的前后句可知,这里想说“你可能想形成自己记笔记的方法”,故选E。
18.F 根据“Whenever or however you take notes, keep in mind that notetaking is a selective process.”可知,这里想说“那就意味着你必须首先决定在你的笔记中,要包括些什么重要内容”,故选F。
19.A 根据“As you take notes, you may want to use your own shorthand(速记).When you do, be sure that you understand your symbols and that you use them all the time.”可知这里想说“用词,不用完整的句子”,故选A。
20.D 根据“When you do, be sure that you understand your symbols and that you use them all the time.”可知,这里想说“否则,你可能在后来读不懂你自己的笔记”,故选D。
A year ago, my friend and I had gone to a nearby town to attend a wedding. After the reception, we were __21__for a bus to go back home. It was nine o'clock at night, and although many buses __22__, none stopped.
We waited for an hour and were getting__23__. We wouldn't be able to stay for all the __24__ because it was a weekday,and we both needed to __25__the next day. It was almost 10 p.m.when a family who had __26__the same wedding passed by in their car. Probably __27__ that we were waiting for some __28__of transport, they stopped and gave us a __29__ .
I was strongly affected by their kindness, and I expressed my feeling of being __30__to them.
When we reached our town,the family __31__ us at the nearest point where we could catch a shared auto to get back to the spot where we had __32__ our bike. On the __33__ ,a labourer stopped the auto. The __34__ saw his clothes and asked him whether he had money to pay the __35__.The labourer __36__ his head and said,“No.”On hearing this,the driver __37__ to take him. I remembered my own plight a few minutes earlier,and I told the driver to __38__ him to sit with us,as I would pay his fare.
What a(n)__39__opportunity to pass on the family's act of kindness! That night, I felt a lightness in my heart,and I went to sleep__40__,filled with joy about what I had done. May this chain of kindness continue!
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。作者与朋友参加完婚礼后遇到了一家好心人让他们搭便车,后来他们替一位没钱的劳工付了车费,从而把爱心传递了下去。
21.A.visiting B.expecting
C.waiting D.guessing
【解析】 根据第二段首句“We waited for an hour...”可知,选C项。
【答案】 C
22.A.emptied B.gathered
C.promised D.passed
【解析】 根据下文的“none stopped”可知有公共汽车经过,但没有停。pass意为“经过”。empty作形容词时意为“空的”,但作动词时意为“倒空”,显然不合逻辑。
【答案】 D
23.A.hopeless B.puzzled
C.tired D.angry
【解析】 因为等了一个小时了,很多车经过但都没有停,因此“我们变得绝望了”。hopeless意为“绝望的,没有希望的”。
【答案】 A
24.A.noon B.morning
C.night D.afternoon
【解析】 根据第一段中的“at night”可知,该题选C项。
【答案】 C
25.A.appear B.stay
C.rest D.work
【解析】 根据上文的“...because it was a weekday”可知,第二天需要工作。
【答案】 D
26.A.joined B.attended
C.held D.observed
【解析】 根据下文的“the same wedding...”可知,此处表示参加同一个婚礼。参加婚礼要用attend。join“指参加某个组织并成为其中的一员”。
【答案】 B
27.A.hoping B.sensing
C.remembering D.insisting
【解析】 从下文的“they stopped...”可知,他们是察觉出我们正在等车才停下车的。
【答案】 B
28.A.means B.changes
C.ideas D.choices
【解析】 根据第一段中的“...we were waiting for a bus to go back home.”可知,我们正等着交通工具。means of transport意为“交通工具”。
【答案】 A
29.A.warning B.hand
C.help D.lift
【解析】 根据上文的“they stopped...”可知,此处表示“让我们搭便车”。短语give sb.a lift意为“让某人搭便车”。
【答案】 D
30.A.stressful B.kind
C.grateful D.lucky
【解析】 根据上文的“I was strongly affected by their kindness”可知,此处应是表达“感激”之情。grateful意为“感激的,感谢的”。
【答案】 C
31.A.paused B.dropped
C.threw D.helped
【解析】 从上文可知,参加同一个婚礼的一家人让我们搭便车。并且根据上文的“When we reached our town”可知,这家人让我们在最近的地点下车。动词drop意为“让某人下车”。
【答案】 B
32.A.parked B.repaired
C.bought D.changed
【解析】 此处应表示“我们停放自行车的地方”。动词park意为“停车”。
【答案】 A
33.A.average B.increase
C.spot D.way
【解析】 根据下文的“...a labourer stopped the auto.”可知,此处应是“在路上”。
【答案】 D
34.A.passenger B.driver
C.conductor D.owner
【解析】 从上文的“a shared auto”以及下文的“...and I told the driver...”可知,应该选B项。
【答案】 B
35.A.price B.salary
C.fare D.dollar
【解析】 根据倒数第二段中的“...as I would pay his fare.”可知,该题选C项。fare意为“车费”。
【答案】 C
36.A.shook B.nodded
C.raised D.buried
【解析】 根据下文的“...and said,‘No.’”可知,应该选A项。shake one's head“摇头”。
【答案】 A
37.A.offered B.refused
C.ordered D.planned
【解析】 根据下文的“I remembered my own plight a few minutes earlier,and I told the driver...”可知,司机拒绝让他乘车。
【答案】 B
38.A.advise B.forbid
C.encourage D.allow
【解析】 根据下文的“...as I would pay his fare.”可知,此处表示“我告诉司机允许他和我们坐在一起”。allow sb.to do sth.“允许某人做某事。”
【答案】 D
39.A.immediate B.terrible
C.luck D.funny
【解析】 根据上文的“I remembered my own plight a few minutes earlier”以及下文的“...to pass on the family's act of kindness!”可知,表示这个传递家庭友好行为的机会是即刻的。immediate意为“立即的,直接的”。
【答案】 A
40.A.tightly B.fast
C.happily D.firmly
【解析】 根据下文的“filled with joy”可知,该题选C项。happily“高兴地”。
【答案】 C
(2016·哈尔滨高三一模)How do learning habits influence learning results? It's useful and necessary to discuss learning habits. There is a famous 41.________ (say) “Good habits lead to good endings”, which shows the importance of habits.
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” also 42.________ (show) a healthy everyday habit helps to build up our body. Thus, good learning habits can help us gain great learning results, high scores and abundant knowledge 43.________ (include). At first, learning habits form our ways of thinking and attitude 44.________ the content of our learning. 45.________ (obvious), a good habit can help us to speed up to reach our destinations. As we can see, developing a good habit is so important that I would like to introduce one kind of good learning habits—keeping 46.________ learning diary every day. We can start the habit by 47.________ (write) a learning summary and remember to record something impressive and meaningful. Keep it in mind,48.________ gradually we will gain