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Unit 4 Sharing
课时1 Warming Up & Reading & Comprehending
Ⅰ. 单词拼写
1. The secretary has made the ________(安排) of a time and place.
2. They built a________(平台) in the trees from which they could watch the animals unobserved.
3. As usual, he stood his ________(扫帚) behind the door after he finished cleaning the room.
4. The farmhouse is ________(遥远的) from any other building.
5. These facts are ________(有关的) to the case.
6. He didn't ________(参加) in the game as a result of his illness.
7. Education is a ________(特权) in many countries.
8. Seize the chance, ________(否则) you will regret it.
9. ________(文书工作)consumed much of the committee’s time.
10. All the ________(剩饭)ought to be warmed up before eating.
1. She continued to care for her father ________ to the time of his death.
2. If you have time, pay a visit ________ the local museum.
3. I tried to lead the discussion back ________ the main issue.
4. ________ exams approaching, it’s a good idea to review your class notes.
5. He had to buy a new sofa for his son to sleep ________.
6. Bob told Jess he wanted to share his life ________ her.
7. Some animals have a remarkable ability to adapt ________ changing environments.
8. Community schools provide good quality education______ children who would ________ have no opportunity
to attend school.
9. You can use the cars ________any special occasion.
10. Walking is beneficial ________ our health.
1. 我确实告诉你了,但是你忘了。
I ________ ________ ________, but you have forgotten it.(tell)
2. 我盼望着不久收到你的信。
I look forward to ________ ________ ________ in the near future.(hear)
3. 他在海滨度假,并天天去参加冲浪运动。
He spends holiday at the seashore, and goes to ________ ________ ________ every day.(participate)
4. 听了他对这部电影的评论,我真想去看。
Having heard what he had said about the film, I ________ ________ ________ ________ ________.(die)
5. 他无法适应这个大都市的忙碌的现代生活。
He ________ ________ ________ ________ the whirl of modern life in this big city.(adjust)
6. 她低着头坐在那里。
She sat there ________ ________ ________ ________.(bend)
7. 过马路时,你一定要小心。
________ ________ ________ ________, you must be careful.(cross)
8. 我们正忙着做圣诞节的准备。
We are busy ________ ________ ________ Christmas.(arrangement)
= 4 \* ROMAN IV. 完形填空
The spirits of giving
Two weeks before Christmas, two girls were walking down the street, laughing on some ice that remained from a recent snow. Merrily they shared what they hoped to  1  from Christmas.
They stopped to talk to an old man named Harry, who was on his knees  2  weeds around a large oak tree. He wore a pair of  3  garden gloves. His fingers were sticking out of the ends, blue from the  4 .
Harry told them he was getting the yard in  5  as a Christmas gift for his mother, who had died several years before. His eyes  6  with tears. "My mother was all I had. She loved her  7  and her trees, so I do this for her at Christmas."
His words  8  the girls and soon they were down on their hands and knees helping him  9  around the trees. When they were finished, Harry pressed a quarter into each of their hands and said, "I wish I could  10  you more, but it’s all I’ve got right now."
The girls had often passed his house, and as they  11  on they remembered that the house was always  12 . No decorations to add cheerfulness were anywhere in sight. Harry sat behind curtain windows, looking  13 .
The quarter in one little girl’s palm seemed to burn a hole of guilt  14  they walked on. The next day she called her friend and they  15  to put their quarters in a jar marked "Harry’s Christmas Present". Then they began to seek out small jobs to  16  more. Every nickel, dime and quarter they earned went into the jar.
Two days before Christmas, they had enough money to buy new  17  and a card. Christmas Eve found them  18  Harry’s doorstep singing carols. When Harry opened the door, they presented him with the gloves wrapped in pretty paper and a  19  pumpkin pie a mother had just baked. With  20  hands he tore open the paper from the gloves, and then to their surprise, he held them to his face and wept.
1. A. makeB. prepareC. getD. ask
2. A. pullingB. movingC. plantingD. burning
3. A. newB. tornC. beautifulD. worn
4. A. workB. coldC. anxietyD. pain
5. A. styleB. fashionC. shapeD. form
6. A. closedB. openedC. blinkedD. filled
7. A. yardB. sonC. houseD. present
8. A. scaredB. touchedC. threatenedD. inspired
9. A. lookB. waterC. weedD. show
10. A. thankB. inviteC. helpD. pay
11. A. walkedB. talkedC. continuedD. argued
12. A. messyB. shabbyC. cleanD. tidy
13. A. dullB. sillyC. lonelyD. friendly
14. A. thoughB. ifC. becauseD.as
15. A. agreedB. hopedC. managedD. attempted
16. A. supportB. earnC. receiveD. give
17. A. trousersB. glassesC. glovesD. socks
18. A. inB. onC. withD. for
19. A. sweetB. deliciousC. warmD. fancy
20. A. roughB. freezingC. thinD. trembling

Ⅰ. 单词拼写
1. arrangement 2. platform 3. broom 4. remote 5. relevant 
6. participate 7. privilege 8. otherwise 9. Paperwork 10. leftovers
Ⅱ. 用适当的介词或副词填空
1. up  2. to  3. to  4. With  5. on 
6. with  7. to  8. for; otherwise  9. for  10. to
Ⅲ. 完成句子
1. did tell you 2. hearing from you 3. participate in surfing 4. am dying to see it 
5. can’t adjust himself to 6. with her head bent 
7. While/When (you are) crossing the street 8. making arrangements for
= 4 \* ROMAN IV. 完形填空
1. C根据语境可知,快到圣诞节了,因此她们高兴地分享着希望得到的节日礼物。
2. A根据空前的on his knees可知,Harry正跪在那里拔草。
3. D从下文两个女孩给Harry买手套可推知,此处指他戴着一副破旧的手套。
4. B根据上文中的"Two weeks before Christmas"和"His fingers were sticking out of the ends"可知,当时已经是
5. C根据语境可知,此处是指Harry使这个院子处于一个良好的状态,即他收拾这个院子。
6. D根据语境可知,他的母亲已经去世了,因此他说话的时候眼里含着泪水。
7. A根据语境可知,他的母亲喜爱她的院子和树木。
8. B此处指听了Harry的话之后,两个女孩被打动了。
9. C根据第二段中的"     weeds around a large oak tree"可知,两个女孩帮助Harry除杂草。weed作动词,
10. D根据上文中的"pressed a quarter"可知,Harry告诉她们,他希望自己能多付一点,但是他没钱了。
11. A根据语境可知,此处指当这两个女孩继续走的时候。空后的walked on是信息提示。
12. B根据空后的"No decorations to add cheerfulness were anywhere in sight"可知,Harry家的房子一直很破旧。
13. C Harry家的房子很破旧,故可推知他坐在那里看上去是孤独的。
14. D当她们走着的时候,其中一个小女孩拿着钱感到愧疚,因为她知道即使Harry没钱也要感谢她们。
15. A其中一个女孩给她的朋友打电话,准备帮助Harry,最终她们都同意了帮助Harry的方法。
16. B根据空前的"seek out small jobs"可知,她们找一些小活是为了多挣点钱。空后的they earned是信息提示。
17. C根据下文可知,两个女孩攒够了钱,给Harry买了新手套和圣诞贺卡。
18. B结合空后的doorstep可知,她们来到了Harry的门阶处。
19. C根据空后的 "a mother had just baked"可知,这个南瓜派是一位母亲刚刚做的,因此应该是热的。
20. D根据空后的"he tore open the paper from the gloves, and then to their surprise, he held them to his face and
课时2 Learning about Language & Using Language
1. Today is the tenth________(周年纪念日) of the country’s independence.
2. They carried out s______ checks at the airport.
3. The organization d________ food to the earthquake victims.
4. After he studied abroad,he went on o______ the company.
5. The old couple were thinking of p______ a house in the country after they retired.
6. Everyone was asked to d______ a day’s pay for the miners killed in the accident.
7. The applause rose to a crescendo and cameras________(发出咔哒声).
8. The state encourages citizens to take part in________(无偿的)labour.
9. Mrs Roberts was a dressmaker, and she taught her daughter to s________.
10. The library has a c ________ of its books, arranged in alphabetical order.
1. We all ________ ________ ________ ________(为……干杯) the bride and the groom at the wedding.(toast的
2. I’d rather ________ ________(挨饿) than eat what that mean person offered me.(go)
3. If you ________ ________ ________ ________(需要) anything, don’t hesitate to let me know.
4. She ________ ________ ________ ________ (捐赠) 5,000 yuan to the Children’s Hospital.
5. The woman is ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(很容易相处).
6. ________(不是) that I’m unwilling to lend you a hand, ________(而是) that I’m too busy for the moment.
7. Do you know the girl ________ ________ ________ ________(站在树下的)?
8. The boy will make a lot of trouble ________ ________ ________(当一个人独处时).
9. I ________ ________ ________ (正在学习突然……) one of my old classmates made a call to me.
10. ________ ________(要是……该怎么办) he doesn’t agree?
Ⅲ. 阅读理解
I forced my two-inch heels on one foot at a time, then fought with my skirt and struggled out the door.
That morning I had a meeting with a major client with whom I had been working in the last few years. I met with my clients only once or twice a week. The rest of the time I worked in my home office. When my children were very young I could help with their school and after-school events. But as they grew, I began to question why I was working for a company whose practices did not mesh with(符合) my own more environmentally friendly belief. With each chat I started to feel less comfortable. Not to mention the stockings and suits.
I entered the meeting room. Instead of the normal marketing team, there sat Bob. He explained that the company had just hired a manager and my services would no longer be required.
I gathered my work and made my way home. Immediately, I went for a walk in the nature preserve and farm. Step by step I struggled with the unfairness. How ungrateful. How unfair.
I passed through the woods to the farm and nature center where I volunteered weekly. It was getting close to Halloween and we were planning the big fall weekend. One day a woman I had never met approached me.
"Good morning, I’m the new executive," she said. "You must be Jeanne. I was told that I had to hire you." She explained she was new to the area and needed someone with marketing and communication skills.
I was hesitant to accept the position. I would be making much less money than I did. On the other hand, I could wear whatever I wanted, walk to work and on occasion play with the goats.
I volunteered through the end of the year and then became part of the staff. I began to photograph and write human interest articles for the paper. This gave me new confidence to write less clinical essays. I started writing children’s books and began my first novel.
I had found new confidence and joy in working in an environment I loved with people I adored.
1. Why did the writer feel uncomfortable that day?
A. She met with a new strange client.
B. She couldn’t do what is related to the environment.
C. She wore some too tight clothes.
D. She couldn’t find time to care for her children.
2. While walking in the nature preserve, at first the writer felt _________.
A. she was glad to leave a boring company
B. she was afraid to make her clothes dirty
C. she wasn’t treated fairly by the company
D. she needed to look for another job
3. Why did the woman come close to the writer?
A. To have a chat on marketing skills.
B. To invite the writer to come for Halloween.
C. To expect the writer to be the farm manager.
D. To employ the writer to work on the farm.
4. What did the writer get from the new work?
A. Pleasure.B. Pressure.C. Honor.D. Good pay.
5. From the passage we can infer on the farm the writer ________.
A. worked as a volunteer for a year
B. needn’t wear formal clothes to work
C. wrote her first novel about children
D. often went out to play with goats outside
Mariah Bailey would like to make a difference with her dad and his organization Sidewalk Angels Inc. Mariah’s dad would go out on the streets to help the homeless in the community, and sometimes Mariah would go out with him. "After being with him on so many occasions, I started to get to know the people that he helped," Mariah said. "I started to learn about who they were as people and started building a friendship with them."
While Mariah’s dad liked to do his good deeds, Mariah thought that she would like to start something similar that was better known to raise even more awareness. After years of making a difference, her organization, Trending Change, was officially launched in October 2013 through her dad’s organization.
How does a 12-year-old girl start her organization? Well, for Mariah, she gave up everything she would have received for Christmas and used the money to start Trending Change. Now Mariah has helped countless numbers of people feel loved and comforted through her organization.
Over the last year, Mariah has done a few campaigns, raising over $1,100. Her big goal for last December was to provide blessing bags for hundreds of homeless people in Myrtle Beach. Each blessing bag not only had daily necessities, but Mariah also added notes to each bag reminding each person that they were loved and she would be there for them until things got better.
"My goal is to let the homeless know that they have not been forgotten and that they are loved," Mariah said. For people who are homeless, there are a few outlets for them to find food and a shelter. However, no one at these homeless shelters is obligated(有义务的) to show compassion. "Sometimes people are starving for more than food. Sometimes they are starving for love."
6. We can learn from Paragraph 1 that Mariah _________.
A.didn’t stay at home every day
B.made friends with the homeless
C.got along well with her father
D.helped people that she knew well
7. What did Mariah do in order to start her organization?
A.She donated her own savings.
B.She asked for help from her teachers.
C.She tried her best to make much money.
D.She gave up everything she had at home.
8. Why did Mariah send notes to the homeless?
A.To remind them to work hard.
B.To tell them to learn to help others.
C.To persuade them to accept her gifts.
D.To encourage them to be confident about life.
9. Which of the following would be the best title for the text?
A.Mariah Does Well at School
B.A Generous Father
C.Mariah Supports Her Father Firmly
D.Mariah Helps the Homeless with Love
Ⅳ. 语法填空
One Sunday morning in August I went to a local music festival. I left it early because I had an appointment  1 (late) that day. My friends walked me to the bus stop and waited with me  2 the bus arrived. I got on the bus and found a seat near the back, and then I noticed a man  3 (sit) at the front. He  4 (pretend) that a tiger toy was real and giving it a voice. He must be  5 (mental) disabled.
Behind him were other people to  6 he was trying to talk, but after some minutes  7 walked away and sat near me, looking annoyed.
I didn’t want to be laughed at for talking to him but I didn’t like leaving him 8 his own either.
After a while I rose from my seat and walked to the front of the bus. I sat next to the man and introduced myself. We had  9 amazing conversation. He got off the bus before me and I felt very happy the rest of the way.
I’m glad I made the choice. It made  10 of us feel good.

1.anniversay 2.security 3.distributed 4.operating5. purchasing 
6.donate 7.clicked 8.voluntary 9.sew 10.catalogue
1.drank a toast to 2.go hungry 3.are in need of 4.made a donation of 
5.easy to get along with 6.Not;but 7.standing under the tree 
8.when left alone9. was studying when 10.What if
Ⅲ. 阅读理解
1. B【解析】考查细节理解。根据第二段中的"I began to question why I was working for a company whose practices did not mesh with(符合) my own more environmentally friendly belief"可知,作者发现自己不能从事自己喜欢的环保方面的工作,因此她感到不舒适。
2. C【解析】考查细节理解。根据第四段的最后两句话可知,作者被公司解雇之后,为自己所受到的不公平的对待而生气,因此选C。
3. D【解析】考查细节理解。根据倒数第四段的第二句话可知,那个陌生妇女来到作者身旁,是告诉作者希望能够雇用她在农场上班。
4. A【解析】考查推理判断。根据最后一段中的"I had found new confidence and joy in working in an environment"可知,作者为自己作出的正确选择而高兴,因为自己从这里获取了快乐和自信。
5.B【解析】考查推理判断。根据倒数第三段中的"making much less money than I did. On the other hand, I could
wear whatever I wanted"可知,作者在农场上班后,虽然挣得钱少了,但是在穿着方面更加自由了。
6. B【解析】考查细节理解。根据第一段的内容,尤其是最后一句可知,Mariah和那些无家可归的人交了朋友。
7. A【解析】考查细节理解。根据第三段第二句中的"she gave up everything she would have received for Christmas and used the money to start Trending Change"可知,她捐出了自己的积蓄创建了Trending Change。
8. D【解析】考查推理判断。根据第四段最后一句中的"Mariah also added notes to each bag reminding each person that they were loved and she would be there for them until things got better"可以推知,她送给那些无家可归的人便条是为了鼓励他们对生活充满信心。
9. D【解析】考查标题判断。本文讲述了十二岁的Mariah创建慈善组织以帮助那些无家可归的人的故事,故选D。
Ⅳ. 语法填空
1. later考查词形转换。"我"离开得早是因为那天晚些时候有个约会。
2. till/until考查状语从句。"我"的朋友一直和"我"一起等,直到公共汽车来。
3. sitting/sit考查非谓语动词。notice sbdoing/do sth意为"注意到某人正在做某事/做某事"。
4. was pretending考查动词的时态。这里是描述过去的事情,再由and和后面的giving可知此处要用过去进行时。
5. mentally考查词形转换。此处disabled是形容词,应用副词修饰。
6. whom考查定语从句。 to    he was trying to talk 是定语从句,修饰先行词people,空前的to是介词,故此处用关系代词whom。
7. they考查代词。他们走开了,坐在"我"的旁边,看起来很生气。此处指代前面的other people,且在句中作主语,因此用they。
8. on考查固定搭配。"我"不想因为和他讲话而被人嘲笑,也不想留下他一个人。on one’s own单独,独自,是固定短语。
9. an考查冠词。conversation "交谈,谈话",在此为可数名词,其前应用冠词,又amazing是以元音音素开头的,故用an。
10. both考查代词。由上文中的"We had    amazing conversation."可知我们俩都很开心。故填both。
课时3 Grammar
Ⅰ. 用适当的关系词或介词+关系代词填空
1. Is this the factory ________ you visited last Friday?
2. This is the very house ________ I lived in 5 years ago.
3. The picture of the river brought the hours back to the old man ________ he worked as a soldier.
4. Luckily, we’d brought a road map without ________ we would have lost our way.
5. I have many friends ________ ________ some are foreign teachers.
Ⅱ. 用适当的关系词完成句子
1. Do you remember the year ________________(我们一起生活)?
2. That is the day ________________(我将永远不会忘记的).
3. The factory ________________(我们下周将要参观的) is not far from here.
4. Is there anyone in your class ________________(他的家庭在乡村)?
5. He isn’t such a man ________________(他过去的样子).
1.Some of the boys I invited them didn’t come.
2.Anyone who break the rules will be punished.
3.Children eat a lot of sugar often have bad teeth.
4.This is the house where we lived in last year.
5.This factory is that I worked in.
Ⅳ. 七选五型阅读理解
Many people believe that money makes the world go around. Others believe that money buys happiness. I do not agree with either idea.  1  Let me tell you about a person I once knew who liked to play card games for money. He liked to gamble.
My friend Bob always played with cold cash — only coins and dollar bills. Sometimes he would clean up. He would win a lot of money on one card game. He liked to tell me that one day he would break the bank.  2  Other times Bob would simply break even. He neither won nor lost money. But sometimes he would lose his shirt and lose all the money he had. When this happened, Bob would have to go in the hole. He would go into debt and owe people money.
3  In his job, he kept the books for a small business. He supervised the records of money earned and spent by the company. He illegally changed the financial records of the company, which permitted him to make some quick, easy money dishonestly.
4  He did not seem like a thief who would steal money. But some people will do anything for love of money.