高中英语必修四强化练习:unit 2 section 2.doc

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高中英语必修四强化练习:unit 2 section 2.doc
Unit 2 Section 2
1.(2013·合肥高一检测) The soldiers working in earthquakehit area have tried their best to save every possible life, risking ________ their own.
A.losing B.to lose
C.lost D.being losing
答案:A 考查动名词作宾语。句意:在地震袭击地区工作的战士们冒着失去他们自己生命的危险尽力地去拯救每一个可能的生命。risk后接动名词作宾语,意为“冒险做某事”,又由句意知这里是主动关系。
2.To improve our oral English, we should practice ________ it every day.
A.speak B.to be spoken
C.speaking D.to speak
答案:C 句意:为了改善口语,我们应该每天练习说英语。practice doing sth.练习做某事。
3.It is no ________ arguing with the stubborn man because he will never change his mind.
A.use B.help
C.time D.way
答案:A 考查动名词。句意:和那个固执的人争辩是没用的,因为他决不会改变他的主意的。It’s no use后接动名词作真正的主语,意为“做某事是没用的”,故选A。
4.When the little boy heard that his father couldn't help ________ the ticket to the football match,he couldn't help ________.
A.to get; crying B.getting; to cry
C.getting;crying D.to get;to cry
答案:A 考查动名词。句意:当这小男孩听见他的爸爸不能帮忙买到足球赛的票时,他禁不住哭了。can't help doing sth.表示“禁不住干某事”;can't help(to) do sth.表示“不能帮助干某事”,由句意可知选A。
5.________ let American people see the hope of their economic recovery.
A.The president took office
B.The president to take office
C.The president has taken office
D.The president's taking office
答案:D 考查动名词的复合结构作主语。句意:总统就职让美国人看到了他们经济恢复的希望。动名词复合结构作主语时其结构应为“名词所有格或形容词性物主代词+v.ing”。故选D项。
6.Even though the modern way of life is popular now, there are still some people used to ________ a life in an old fashion.
A.live B.to live
C.lived D.living
答案:D 句意:尽管现代生活模式现在已很盛行,但是仍有一些人习惯过着旧式的生活。be used to doing sth.意为“习惯于做某事”,其中的to是介词,故后接动名词,故选D。
7.—Why did Mary weep?
—She couldn't bear ________ like that before the whole class.
A.making fun of B.being made fun of
C.to be laughed at D.being made fun
答案:B bear后跟动名词作宾语。又因为主语和动名词之间为被动关系。故应用动名词的被动形式,所以选B。D项虽为被动。但漏掉了of,应排除。
8.He didn't drive to work today, for his car needs ________.
A.repair B.to repair
C.repairing D.being repaired
答案:C need作“需要”讲时,后跟动名词的主动形式表示被动意义,相当于不定式的被动形式。类似用法的词还有:want,require等。
9.(2014·长沙高一检测)We don't allow ________ here, but we can allow you ________ in the next room.
A.smoking; smoke B.smoke; smoking
C.smoking; to smoke D.smoke; to smoke
答案:C 考查动名词。句意:我们不允许在这儿吸烟,但是允许你在隔壁房间吸。allow后有sb.接to do不定式,意为“允许某人做某事”;没有sb.则接动名词,意为“允许做某事”,因此C是正确答案。
10.(2013·福建高考)________ basic firstaid techniques will help you respond quickly to emergencies.
A.Known B.Having known
C.Knowing D.Being known
答案:C 考查非谓语动词。句意:知道基本的急救技术将会帮助你对紧急情况快速作出反应。由谓语“will help”可知,此句缺少主语形式,且句中的“you”与动词“know”为逻辑上的主谓关系。故用动名词的一般形式作主语。
11.(2013·江苏高考)Shortly after suffering from a massive earthquake and ________ to ruins, the city took on a new look.
A.reducing B.reduced
C.being reduced D.having reduced
答案:C 考查非谓语动词。句意:在遭受大规模的地震和损失之后不久,那个城市就呈现出了崭新的面貌。and为并列连词,连接after后的两个宾语suffering from...和being reduced to...。be reduced to(doing) sth.使沦为,固定结构,故选C。
12.(2012·福建高考)China recently tightened its waters controls near the Huangyan Island to prevent Chinese fishing boats from ________ in the South China Sea.
A.attacking B.having attacked
C.being attacked D.having been attacked
答案:C 句意:中国最近加紧了对黄岩岛附近海域的控制以保护中国的渔船在南海海域不被袭击。prevent... from doing保护……免受……,根据句意可知“保护渔船不被袭击”,故from后为being done。
13.(2012·北京高考)One learns a language by making mistakes and ________ them.
A.corrects B.correct
C.to correct D.correcting
答案:D 句意:人们在犯错误并改正它们的过程中学习一门语言。correcting them和making mistakes是并列的动名词短语,作介词by的宾语。
14.It's no use ________ without taking action.
A.complain B.complaining
C.being complained D.to be complained
答案:B 句意:光抱怨而不采取任何行动是没用的。此句应为考查句型“It is no use doing sth.”,此结构中需用动词ing形式作真正的主语,it为形式主语。
解题关键:准确记忆句型It is no use doing sth.做某事没用。
15.I had great difficulty ________ the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant.
A.find B.found
C.to find D.finding
答案:D 句意:在那家餐厅,我花了很大力气才从菜谱上找到合适的食物。have difficulty(in) doing sth.为固定结构,意为做某事有困难。
解题关键:have difficulty/trouble (in) doing sth.为固定结构。
1.It is no use ________(cry) over the spilt milk.
2.We succeeded in ________(finish) our paper ahead of time.
3.Have you finished ________(read) the book?
4.________(collect ) information is very important to businessmen.
5.Tom could not help ________(jump) with joy on hearing the good news.
6.I should say sorry to Kate,for I regret ________(refuse) to help her that day.
7.Everybody was made unhappy because he insisted on ________(give) up that plan.
8.It is not worthwhile ________(see) the movie for the second time.
答案:1.crying 2.finishing 3.reading 4.Collecting 5.jumping 6.refusing 7.giving 8.seeing
1.This book __________________________________ again.(worth)
2.We must try to __________________________________.(avoid)
3.People ________________________________________ that foolish man.(help)
4.I shall never __________________________________________________. (forget)
5.We don't ______________________________________________.(allow)
6.____________________________________________________ killing him for his property.(waste)
7.It is ______________________________________________.(worthwhile)
8.Mary is _____________________________________________.(consider)
9.Would you _________________________________________?(mind)
10.Everyone was ___________________________________.(forward)
答案:1.is worth reading 2.avoid making the same mistakes
3.couldn't help laughing at 4.forget seeing the famous writer
5.allow smoking in the office 6.Wasting a person's time is the same as 7.worthwhile making the experiment
8.considering changing her job 9.mind opening the door 10.looking forward to returning home
There are lots of insects that farmers hate. But there also are some they like. They protect crops against damage from other insects. A good example is the lady beetle, which is also known as the ladybug(瓢虫).
Lady beetles are a natural control for aphids(蚜虫). Lady beetles are red, orange or black. They often have black spots, though some have light colored spots. Different kinds of lady beetles have different numbers of spots. There are lady beetles with four, five, seven and fourteen spots.
Many of the wellknown kinds of lady beetles come from Asia or Europe. They now are common throughout the United States.
American scientists imported one kind of lady beetle, the multicolored Asian lady beetle, as early as 1916. They released them as an attempt to control some kinds of insects. Over the years, the beetle has become established, possibly helped by some that arrived with imported plants on ships.
Experts say over 450 kinds of lady beetles are found in North America. Some are native to the area. Others have been brought from other places. Almost all are helpful to farmers.
The Asian lady beetles now in the United States probably came from Japan. The Asian lady beetle eats aphids that damage crops like soybeans, fruits and berries.
In the southern United States, Asian lady beetles have reduced the need for farmers to use pestkilling poisons on pecan trees. This popular tree nut suffers from aphids and other pests that the lady beetles eat.
But some people say the Asian lady beetle has itself become a pest. They worry that the lady beetles may eat their lateautumn fruit crops.
Experts say Asian lady beetles may appear in large numbers in some years. But they say the insects are too helpful to be considered as pests.
1.What do ladybugs look like?
A.All kinds of ladybugs are of the same color.
B.Most of them are red, orange or black.
C.They each have the same number of spots on them.
D.Most of them have fourteen spots.
答案:B 由第二段第二句可知B项正确,同时排除A项;由第二段第四句可知C项错误;D项文中没有提及。
2.Asian ladybugs have been in the United States for______.
A.nine decades B.hundreds of years
C.half a century D.a century
答案:A 由第四段第一句可知自1916年至今应为90多年,但离一个世纪还有好几年,所以A项为最佳选项。
3.According to the passage the following statements are supported EXCEPT________.
A.there are more than 450 kinds of ladybugs in North America, including native ones
B.only some imported ladybugs are helpful to the local plants
C.soybeans, fruits and berries are favorites of aphids.
D.pecan trees are common in the south of America
答案:B 由第五段最后一句可知B项与文章内容相悖。其余选项所述内容都与文章内容相符。
4.According to the experts, ladybugs are________.
A.more helpful than considered as pets
B.more pests than helpful insects
C.helpful as well as destructive
D.are more destructive than helpful
答案:A 根据末段最后一句可知,专家的观点是瓢虫益大于弊,不应被视为害虫。
I never really paid much attention to one particular flower until this year. The tulip (郁金香). Yes,it is beautiful. It is one of the first signs of spring. Still,I can't say that I have attempted to add it to our garden simply because it has such a short lifetime.
Tulips are suitable to be gifts. So, the few we have in and around our house have come from the gifts given to us or the ones I have chosen for my wife like this year. Because the weather warmed very early, I wanted to buy something “springlike” to begin growing. I chose a small tulip already producing new leaves and gave it to my wife.
In a very short time it began growing. Because it was truly the first visible sign of spring for me,I paid more attention to it and I'm glad I did. Every morning it opened in response to the sun welcoming all that it had to offer. Every evening it closed. This went on without hesitation for days. Then one day I found it spread its flowers fully in the sunlight. I had never seen it in that way before. Out of curiosity I touched the flower and two leaves. I felt terrible. It was then that I realized that the flower had come to the end of its days. That was when I realized how much I had been missing by not paying more attention to the tulip.
Still,the most amazing part was that it really wasn't over yet. When I would see it as a gonetoosoon dead flower,it was already planning for a comeback. You see, the remaining leaves begin storing energy for future growth next year.
5.The author wouldn't add the tulip to their garden before because ________.
A.it was an expensive plantB.it needed special care
C.it had a short lifetimeD.it took a lot of space
答案:C 细节理解题。根据第一段“... I can't say that I have attempted to add it to our garden simply because it has such a short lifetime.”可知,作者不愿在花园种郁金香主要是因为它的生命太短暂。
6.The author paid more attention to the tulips because ______.
A.they were more beautiful than other flowers
B.they were in flower earlier than other plants
C.the flowers smelt sweeter than others
D.they needed to be watered more times
答案:B 推理判断题。根据第三段第二句可知,作者之所以关注郁金香,是因为它是春天到来的最早迹象。可以推断,郁金香开花要早于其他植物。
7.What is the feature of the tulip?
A.It opens in the day and closes at night.
B.It opens at night and closes in the day.
C.It opens both in the day and at night.
D.The time of its being open is long.
答案:A 细节理解题。根据第三段“Every morning it opened in response to the sun welcoming all that it had to offer. Every evening it closed.”可知,郁金香的特征是白天迎着太阳打开花瓣,晚上又将花瓣合上。
8.What does the tulip look like before the end of its life?
A.The flowers appear to be smaller and dead soon.
B.The dead leaves fall onto the floor.
C.The flowers become too dry to be touched.
D.The flowers spread to their fullest.
答案:D 细节理解题。根据第三段“Then one day I found it spread its flowers fully in the sunlight... It was then that I realized that the flower had come to the end of its days.”可知,郁金香在生命即将结束时花朵最为饱满。