2018版高中英语(人教版)必修3同步练习题:Unit 4 Section Ⅱ 学业分层测评.doc

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2018版高中英语(人教版)必修3同步练习题:Unit 4 Section Ⅱ 学业分层测评.doc
1.Some understanding of grammar is ________(fundament) to learning a language.
2.________(like)most people in the office who come to work by car,I usually by bus.
3.I consider that it is ________(harm)for students to play computer games too much.
4.Some ________(violence)scenes in the film were cut off when it was shown on television.
5.Our problems have ________(multiply)since last year.
6.He looked at me with a ________ (puzzle) look on his face.
7.Her name in ________(religious) is Sister Mary.
8.We can't ________(existence) without water and food.
9.You'll succeed ________ time if you keep on working like this.
10.The government has to close those small factories to prevent the water of the river from________(pollute).
【答案】 1.fundamental 2.Unlike 3.harmful
4.violent 5.multiplied 6.puzzled 7.religion 8.exist 9.in 10.being polluted
1.Nothing could prevent him to go out even though it's bad weather.
2.The plan can be prevented being carried out.
3.They didn't keep him expressing his views.
4.It is known that two multiplying by 4 makes 8.
5.There is no harm in take exercise after dinner.
【答案】 1.to go改为(from) going 2.being前加from 3.him后加from 4.multiplying改为multiplied 5.take改为taking
Of all the planets, none has captured the world's imagination like Mars.Its reddish color and changes in brightness over time make the planet an unforgettable sight.
In Cosmos,the television science series from the 1980s,scientist Carl Sagan talked about some traditional ideas about Mars.Some of these ideas are from the English science fiction writer H.G.Wells' The War of the Worlds.Others are from the mistaken science of Percival Lowell, the American astronomer who believed intelligent beings lived on Mars.Wells described Martians as threatening.Lowell imagined them as the hopeful engineers of great works.Carl Sagan said that both ideas influenced the public deeply.
Today, Mars continues to excite humans—not as the object of science fiction but of scientific study.Space scientists have collected a wealth of information from spacecrafts that have orbited, landed on and dug into the Martian surface.
The Smithsonian's “Mars Day” offered a chance for people of all ages to touch Mars, or at least a piece of it.Allison and Alycia from Silver Spring, Maryland,brought their children, Grace, Sam, Ryan and Emma.They heard about Mars and its geology from experts.They could see a test version of the Viking landers that reached Mars in July of 1976.They also saw meteorites (陨星) known to have come from the red, or reddish planet.Eightyearold Sam learned that the ancient description of Mars as red is not exactly right.He said,“It's actually orangish more than red and it's also kind of brown, too.”Emma is six.She learned about the volcanic activity that has shaped the surface of Mars.She said, “The closest thing to Mars—the stuff—is from volcanoes mostly.”
“Mars Day” offered Allison and Alycia's children a chance to learn more about a world that they are very likely to set foot on within their lifetimes.
【语篇解读】 在“火星日”,人们可以对火星有更好的了解和认识。
1.What is Paragraph 2 mainly about?
A.Why Martians were considered threatening.
B.Why Mars has captured the world's imagination.
C.What people generally thought of Mars in the past.
D.How H.G.Wells got the idea for his science fiction.
【解析】 段落大意题。通读第二段可知,这一段主要是讲人们关于火星的一些传统认识,故选C。
【答案】 C
2.It is implied in Paragraph 3 that ________.
A.today's space scientists still know nothing about Mars
B.today's space scientists are very interested in Mars
C.science fiction films are no longer set in Mars
D.space scientists haven't made any progress in knowing Mars
【解析】 推理判断题。根据第三段的“Today,Mars continues to excite humans—not as the object of science fiction but of scientific study.”以及后一句“Space scientists have collected a wealth of information...”可推断现在的航天科学家们对火星很感兴趣。
【答案】 B
3.Sam would probably agree that ________.
A.Mars is not really red
B.no meteorites have come from Mars
C.Mars cannot be described as a little brown
D.the ancient description of Mars' color is true
【解析】 细节理解题。根据第四段的“He said,‘It's actually orangish more than red and it's also kind of brown,too.’”可知Sam认为火星并不是红色的,而是橘黄色甚至带点褐色,故选A。
【答案】 A
4.What is the writer's attitude toward the idea that humans will set foot on Mars?
A.He thinks it may happen in this year.
B.He thinks it will always remain a dream.
C.He thinks it will come true within hundreds of years.
D.He thinks it may happen in the following decades.
【解析】 推理判断题。根据末段的“a world that they are very likely to set foot on within their lifetimes”可知作者认为人类在接下来的几十年内就有可能登上火星。
【答案】 D
Today we had an American family, the Robinsons, for Sunday dinner.Mr. Robinson is my mother's coworker.
Mr.and Mrs.Robinson and their two young __1__ came at about 6:00 p.m.Mrs.Robinson gave Mum a bunch of fresh flowers, __2__ color, freshness and their good will.Mum did the __3__ and it was left to ourselves to get to know each other.The two girls Judy and Annie and Xiao Hong had __4__fun with our little cat.
Mrs.Robinson is much __5__ than her husband.There was a moment of embarrassment when Granny asked about her __6__.Mum was about to apologize __7__ Mrs.Robinson laughed and said it was quite all right and that she had been here __8__ enough to know it's the Chinese custom.She __9__ told us that she was 32, though her husband was 52.
And of course they entirely __10__ the dinner.Like a perfect Chinese hostess, Mum and especially Granny __11__ stuffing(填) them with food and urging them to eat and to drink, apologizing all the time that it's a homely meal.__12__,Mrs.Robinson said to Mum,“In the West any hostess would be proud of such a feast instead of apologizing for it, and we don't urge the guests to eat or drink.__13__ so many good things before me, I certainly don't need any urging.The __14__is how to prevent myself overeating.” We all __15__ laughter at that.
When they __16__ to leave, they thanked us not only for the excellent dinner, but for giving them such a nice __17__.Besides, they insisted on giving every one of us a hug and a kiss,__18__ did embarrass me.But I think Granny was really __19__ when they kissed her.
It's surprising how a little good will on both sides can __20__ language and cultural barriers.
【语篇解读】 作者一家热情招待了来自美国的Robinson一家,双方对对方的美好祝愿打破了语言和文化障碍。
1.A.sons   B.babies
【解析】 第二段最后一句提到两个女孩Judy和Annie,由此可知Robinson夫妇带来的是两个“女儿”。
【答案】 C
【解析】 Robinson夫人送给作者的母亲一束鲜花,“带来”了色彩、清新和他们的美好祝愿。
【答案】 A
【解析】 根据and之后的并列分句可知应该是作者的妈妈作了介绍。
【答案】 C
【解析】 三个女孩非常喜欢作者家的小猫,享受着“无穷的”乐趣。
【答案】 D
【解析】 根据第三段最后一句可知她比她丈夫“年轻”得多。
【答案】 B
【解析】 第三段作者讲述了关于“年龄”的小插曲,由第三段最后一句Robinson夫人回答的内容可知当作者的奶奶询问她的“年龄”时,有片刻的尴尬。
【答案】 B
【解析】 作者的母亲正要道歉,这时Robinson夫人大笑起来,说这没什么。此处when表示“在那时”。
【答案】 B
【解析】 她在这里已经生活了很“久”,知道这是中国的习俗,因此她并不介意。
【答案】 C
【解析】 她“坦率地”说出了自己以及她丈夫的年龄。
【答案】 A
【解析】 根据第四段倒数第三句可知客人们非常“喜欢”这顿晚餐。
【答案】 C
【解析】 作者的妈妈和奶奶不停地让客人们吃东西。keep doing sth.表示“不停地做某事”。
【答案】 D
【解析】 根据后面Robinson夫人说的话可知中西方文化的不同之处,空处表示转折关系。
【答案】 A
【解析】 分析句子结构可知,此处应是with复合结构。
【答案】 B
【解析】 问题是如何不让自己吃过量。question和problem都可以表示“问题”,但前者表示“疑问”,后者表示“难题;困难”。
【答案】 D
15.A.broke outB.gave off
C.burst intoD.set out
【解析】 大家都因此大笑起来。burst into laughter表示“突然大笑起来”。
【答案】 C
【解析】 客人们吃完晚饭后“起身”准备离开。
【答案】 D
17.A.day B.time
【解析】 因为Robinson一家只是在作者家吃晚餐,故应该只是待了一段时间。
【答案】 B
【解析】 这里是非限制性定语从句,which指代前面的内容,在从句中作主语。
【答案】 C
【解析】 当他们亲吻作者的奶奶的时候,作者觉得奶奶真的很感动。
【答案】 A
【解析】 令人惊奇的是,双方的一个小小的美好祝愿就能“打破”语言和文化障碍。
【答案】 D